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Tired of being a tool? Crime is here to fulfill all of your wildest dreams. Now you can show everyone just what kind of person you really are.
Three different levels of Crime give you the variety you're looking for to make BIG money fast!
A Crime: the easiest but least profitable.
B Crime:
for a player with slightly bigger balls.
Crime: the biggest risk, but the haul could set you for life!

If you're lucky, your crimes will victimize your opponents. Steal their money, cars even their identity... "Mug and cut out the tongue of a "Future Is TECH graduate. Take on their identity. Option to steal ANY diploma."

But watch out! The more Crimes you commit the more likely that you're going to get caught and you do not want to find yourself in prison. Sitting there, watching the game go on without you. You could be there for just one turn, or you could be stuck there for several turns. And the Bad Reputation can stick with you far after your time is served.
Either way you'll find that once you've tried it you'll have a hard time resisting your next opportunity to profit from evil!

32 different crimes, each card hand crafted and cleverly written to tempt even holiest of game players.