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Prepare yourself, we don't call the game Crisis™ for nothin'.

If there's one thing that's unavoidable, it's Crisis™. Around every corner awaits another.
Some are bad...
"You are accused of suspicious behavior in the men's restroom at work. Lose 1 job & 2 Reputation cards."

Some are very bad... "Frustrated by the long lines at "The World of H2O", you ignore the OUT OF ORDER sign on waterslide. Shoot out head first into empty pool. Break spinal column. Damages $1,600 and lose 2 turns in hospital."

And there are even Crises that could be considered, well, good.
"After mopping your basement apartment with ammonia/ bleach solution, all 75 residents upstairs mysteriously perish. In a brave rescue attempt, you manage to save a litter of kittens who survive with only minor brain damage. Collect $150 reward "Hero of the Month and gain 1 Rep card."

Mr. X is convinced that he's jinxed.

With every Crisis™ comes the option of Crime. Desperate situations call for desperate measures and if you've found yourself in the midst of a Crisis™ penniless and uninsured, options are few. The excitement never stops and the decisions you make are crucial.
50 original Crisis cards, each one hilarious as it is horrible. Crisis
™ will prove to be the most pleasurable misery you've ever experienced.