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The job market and the reality of your sad resume

Fact is, you need a job. Welfare isn't paying the bills, you need to improve your reputation and get insurance too. If you're too much of a coward to do Crime or weasel your friends, this is your answer.

Being employed not only gets you cash but also Good Reputation. With Good Reputation comes borrowing potential, and with full time work come health insurance. You're going to need that!

You can have up to one full time and one part time job sitting in front of you at one time. Your work is who you are. And the jobs we have waiting for you fit your qualifications exactly. So dig in!
"Salesman of Second Hand Socks and Men's Briefs" or a "Freeway Roadkill Retriever" or the ever coveted "Low-budget Oral Siphoning Septic Drainer".

Borrow on your Good Reputation

As you play the game other job offers may come. You can then pick and choose, moving your sorry ass up that ladder of "success". Not good enough? There's always Welfare. Sure it's only got a $30 paycheck but the health insurance is free! Go ahead, quit your jobs, get on Welfare and maybe start a life of Crime. It's all up to you.

32 different career opportunities all with that hilarious twist you've come to expect... and the job combinations are endless!