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OK, it ain't Harvard, but it's the only place that'll have you.

Welcome to Future Is TECH- Your future is in our school.

Here you will find the solution to your job woes. For a small tuition, ANYONE can go to school (You can even get a loan if you don't have the cash). It's what a Reputable player would do.

Borrow on your Good Reputation

You can become a TV/VCR Repair Person, Professional Dog Groomer, or a Dental Assistant just to name a few. These are the best jobs that Crisis has to offer.

Then, after graduation, you collect some Good Reputation and your new "classy" job. You can also take on part time jobs from the Help Wanted deck to supplement your income. Isn't life sweet?

There are 20 Future Is TECH movement cards in the deck and each one is original and hilarious!