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It's fun to stab your friends in the back!

Introducing the Weasel.
This is your time! Time to show everyone that you can't be screwed with. It's time to savor the sweet taste of revenge!

Crisis™ gives you the opportunity to "Weasel" your friends. Is someone farther ahead in the game than you? Did someone commit a Crime against you? Did another player take pleasure in your misfortune? Now you can make their life a living hell by becoming the Weasel.

Draw a card from the Weasel deck, then read it aloud to the player of your choice...
"It may be an affective way to determine the freshness of produce in the grocery store, but eating that grape is pilfering! Pay me off $___ or Pay up the $190 fine."

It is truly the lowest form of vengeance but it's oh so much fun!

The victim of your Weasel then has to decide whether to pay you off or simply accept the fine and pay that amount to the bank. There are many angles that can be taken when reading a Weasel card, so be strategic. Do you need the dough or would you just like the player to pay the highest amount possible? You can decide your price for not snitching.

The Weasel deck has 32 different scenarios, each one more conniving and evil than the last (or so it will seem to your victims).