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Yesterday evening, neighbors stood by and watched as 18 year old "Boy X" was banished from home by his parents. The troublesome teenager found himself clinging to a lawn ornament pleading for mercy; none was to be found.

"YOU CAN'T MAKE ME GO! YOU'RE KILLING ME! HELP! NOOO!!" These were the cries heard throughout the community. An eye witness described the eviction as "Long overdue". Other residents of Runway's End trailer park described "Boy X" as a "delinquent" and said "Sometimes he'd leave Rock & Roll music on past 9pm curfew". Another resident claimed "He wore dark clothing and bandanas in the summertime".

Presently "Boy X" is camped outside of his parents bedroom window negotiating his exile.
(Story continued on gameboard).

Neighbors say they would have guessed him to be preteen from his display which included; sobbing, belly aching and pouting, followed by a wetting of the pants.
Playing Crisis™ Crisis is a board game for 2 or more players (more than 4 players should team up for even more fun!).

The Crisis™ gameboard measures approximately 26" X 11"

It's premise? A humorous play on real life at it's most pathetic. Crisis™ dares to expose what life is really like (Unlike another more popular boardgame that we'll refrain from naming).
Players get to experience tech school, military training and sucky jobs while dabbling in illegal activities, gambling and screwing over opposing players.
The jokes range from sarcastic and morbid to downright demented.
There is no foul language in Crisis™ but some cards do deal with adult subject matter.
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