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For as long as I can remember since my site first began, Peter (aka Zooloo) has been a consistent contributor with related news articles, poignant philosophical of views, and helping me with grammar and spelling errors. Last week (Nov. 8th,' 08) I got the following letter from Peter. [See below]

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Subject: Fan mail from fledgling bad girl!
sarah fanmail

Hi Bob -
I just wanted to tell you how much I've been enjoying your site ever since I found it a few weeks ago. I was depressed and thought I'd do a google search for Jesus, thinking maybe I would turn to spiritual comfort, but I found you and remembered how much more fun it is to be intelligent and irreverant. I'm a former side show performer, a fledgling street punk, and maybe someday a Super Chick! That would be swell. Keep up the hilarious and encouraging work.

That's my bally photo. Ah, the memories ... the smell of corndogs frying in the cooling August night, the endless cacophany of midway rides, blasting out Shakira alternating with old pipe organ tunes, and of course, my sideshow family. I esspecially miss the bizzaro-world customers, such as the woman who complemented me as the most beautiful female impersonator she had ever seen (100% natural born woman, just so you know) and the man with the shaved head, covered with swasticas and eagles, with a half dozen small girls, all dressed in gingham and pigtails, hanging off his arms and legs.

So there you have it, a peek into my brain.

Happy Hell-i-days

Subject: Suburbia

So I went from that to your Movies reviews.... Thanks to YOU I watched Suburbia.... (dear GOD) WHY ,WHY did I do that to myself.
You really are evil ....

I don't know how MST3K did'nt get a hold of this Masterpiece of cinematic excrement. AT the start it even says Roger Corman, that man has more to do with shit movies than anyone ever, aside from Ben Stiller.

Your review of Passion of the Christ was great by the way....... Keep up the good work, I love reading your hatemail.

I can only imagine the humor that goes down simply from being around you dressed up like that, especially on the streets of NYC.

Love Sara Smith

[actual picture from my brain]

Subject: I like to dress up Jesus

Hello, Bob it is so fun dressing up Jesus did you know that?


Naja Thomas-Hussett najasuccess@yahoo.ca

Subject: Death of an Atheist

Hello Bob.
I've been getting a bit short of breath so I went to the doctor who sent me off for a chest x-ray.

I was told the results would take about a week so when the doctor phoned me the very next day it wasn't going to be good news. Since then I've had a CT scan and next week I'll may be having a lung biopsy.

If I do have lung-cancer words and phrases like "too late to do anything" and "abrupt" keep cropping up. In short don't buy me a Christmas present as I may not be around to receive it.

So what's this got to do with NBS? Well, faced with one's own mortality is a very interesting experience and there's certainly things to learn form it.

My "religious" feelings are and have never been strong but I think for you and many of your fans they have been. If confronted with the prospect of death it's would be easy to seek reassurance in the familiarity of a religion and as the religious are not above exploiting the weak and vulnerable how can their clutches be avoided?

The best thing you can tell people and what I'd recommend being central to what you tell others is "Which one?".

It's too easy to fall back on superstitious beliefs that were firmly indoctrinated in childhood and arguing/reasoning against them is giving them a reality and credibility they don't don't deserve.

"Which one?" avoids this path. Don't argue against specifics as it's too easy to get entangled.

"Which one?" puts them all into perspective. Focusing on one, the one true one you were lucky enough to be accidentally born into, gives it a reality it does not warrant.

If there was just one thing you could say to your fellow atheists say "Which one?". It could be more important and telling than you think.

With regards and sincere best wishes

zoo aka Peter

Christ, Peter. I'm so sorry to hear that. I can't imagine. Are you seriously saying there's a chance you have less than a couple months? Is this from smoking?

And are you saying that the urge find comfort in religion was there, but it was extinguished when you asked yourself the question "which one?" I just want to make sure I'm clear on your statement and where you are at present.

Please keep me up to date with the news of your situation if you don't mind. I really do hope the best for you, and if there's anything I can do just let me know. I plan on posting the emails.
Best regards, Bob


Yes there is a chance I may well be dead soon, I may not too but the prospect gives an opportunity to consider things in a different light.

At the moment the doctor's are saying "We don't know" which why I've the CT scan and will have a little bit of my lung removed on Thursday.

Yes it is from smoking, you think somebody would have mentioned it's bad for you :D

I didn't actually have an urge for religious solace but as you can imagine quite a few thoughts go through your mind rather quickly and "What's next" was one.

When it did cross my mind "Which one?" followed very quickly and I realised then that for somebody who had actually once believed in a god at a time like this it could become a time of doubt and "what if?"

It also struck me the answer of "Which one?" could be quite important to those people and help them steer clear of falling back into the comforting arms of superstition which is why I thought it worth mentioning to you as you're in a position to pass it on.

If you, or your fans, are ever confronted with doubt rather than churn over "Is the belief I was born to of any merit" which if ingrained from a young age could be difficult to dismiss rationally the simple answer is "Which one?".

Let's face it with religious people the buggers try to get you when you're down.

If I'm actually going to die soon or not is besides the point. We know we're going to die at some point but when something like comes along it give you a very different perspective, one that perversely enough I'm enjoying.

At the risk of sounding immodest I'm glad I'm not overly focused on "me". These emails are an example of that, it's occurred to me there's a useful point for others which is why I've written to you. If we can look beyond ourselves and our own narrow interests that's not bad is it.

(It does seem many religious types it's all "me, me, me" and the consideration for others is based on the prospect of reward or fear of punishment)

Sometimes we are confronted with our own self and if you can sincerely think "I like that person, warts and all, they're alright" then you haven't done too bad a job.

My attitude is that I don't really care about dying. I've enjoyed myself and by taking responsibility for my own actions means there are no issues to resolve, no-one I ought to apologise to or reconcile with. My house is in order partly because I haven't tried to hide behind imaginary friends and mainly because I've tried to be honest with myself and others.

It will be an awfully big adventure :)


PS. "Which one?" has removed any urge to find comfort in religion. Although I've only just realised this.

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