You'll have to excuse me,
I've been all hyped up on this "Satan's Salvation trivializing of God's Good Word" lately. You see, when I get all hyped up on something my only choice is to succumb completely to it. I feel that I've finally broken the code and now the meaning of life is clear and precise. The same thing happened when I first heard of the Onion Magic Blossom Maker.

You've heard about the Pray for Satan's Salvation Campaign right? It's been all the talk! The power of prayer can accomplish even the most unimaginable feats... all you have to do is BELIEVE! Nothing is impossible!
Do you hear me?! NOTHING!! HA HA HA HA HA!

I apologize but as I've said, I'm having trouble containing myself.
So let's move onto the fan mail...

For a change of pace
I've decided to hunt down fans of mine through various search engines. I've stolen their images and mercilessly linked them without their permission.
Let's see what happens.

Quite surprisingly I found the lovely Misty Nielsen linking me in a Yahoo Personals page.

What are you doing there
Misty?... and thank you for the link.

Misty Nielsen

The striking (but married) Evil Kitty had this to say:

"I love this site. This guy is very talented very sarcastic and that is enough there to love the site. Going to his site you get to see Neurotic Christians trying to battle him. Its a losing battle as you can see for yourself. This is also the home of the Dress Up Jesus section. A must have for all into Messiah fantasies. "

Thank you Vanessa.

I'm a page that she LOVES so nyah!


I was completely struck by this red head.... and the link for me was for free.

Thank you Amanda

There was no picture to be found of Vera Flame but with an intriguing name like Sexy Slut, it isn't very hard to imagine.

Vera Flame

If there was a such thing as a "higher" being, it would be you Normal Bob. People got to get there head out of the clouds and realize there ain't no heaven.

No, I am not a Super Chic from space. I like sitting on my bed in my clothes that is falling apart writing poetry and drawing. I think blowing bubbles is a pure waste of time. I am not interested in anything unless it is remotely sexy because I will be not married and the Lord Jesus Christ will never be my savior.


I sorta ride the fence between your views and those of typical Christianity. But my question for you is.... Why do you capitalize the G in God when you respond to email etc? Just curious :) Cheers!


Because that's His name. Like Phil Donahue.


When you responded to this email, you wrote: "Because that's His name."

Why did you capitalize His? The reason I say is I get the feeling you don't believe in God at all but, when you type God, its capitalized, when you refer to God as Him, Him is capitalized. I don't know weather its just good grammar or not, but if you say "the Indians believe in a god of rain" the G would be lower case. But if you say our God, even when not referring to His name in the same way you would Phil Donohue you capitalize it. Not harping on you, just find it interesting. You also say you don't know what happens when you die, which makes me think you may have just a little open mind about haven, and hell, and so forth. Anyhow, just bored. I do like the website, I think God probably has a since of humor about these sorts of things. Although my sister may keel over dead if she went to Cheers!


There are 4 reasons why I do this.

#1. It is proper English
#2. It's a habit I acquired while I was a Christian.
#3. I don't want there to be any question of who I'm talking about. If I say "Why is god so mean? Does he have a corncob up his butt?" there could be confusion of who I'm speaking of. Which god? Do you mean any god?
#4. There's something funny about having the respect to capitalize the name of God, but not enough respect to care about mocking His Son. I get a kick out of the irony.


I really appreciate your website. I went to a Catholic high school and can identify with many of your articles. I'm glad I found your site, it's refreshing. There are some girls in my dorm who have decorated their door with an "I love Jesus" theme. I think I'm going to print and make magnets out of your "Dress Up Jesus" site and rebel. Thanks for making a nervous and lonely college girl feel like she's not so much of a cynic.

Nicole French

I just looked at your site for the first time today. I am also atheist, and have been so for as long as I can remember. When I was four years old, I lived with my father. Even then, I remember sitting down before bed with him to say my prayers. Even then, at four years old, I thought the whole thing was a load of bullshit. I never understood how someone could just believe, or why someone would want to for that matter. I think it is so funny that people say "Faith is believing when common sense tells you not to." I mean, honestly sit and think about that. It's absolutely asinine.

One thing I would like to know is how many atheists there are. I go to a very small school (there are only 70 students in my class, but it is a public school), and live in a small town. We have eleven churches right in town. So as you can imagine, we have a lot of very religious people. Yet, I know personally that at least 7 people in my junior class are atheist. I am sure there are more than that, but obviously people who I am not good friends with are not going to tell me. There was one boy who admitted he was a few years ago, and the rest of us saw the shit that he had to deal with and kept our mouths shut. I finally decided I don't care what everybody thinks. I tell everybody that cares to listen what I really think, and even some who don't.

My best friend is also atheist, but she has a very religious Catholic family. She keeps it a secret because she is afraid of what her family will think. It seems so unfair that if she wants her family to be there for her, and help her out with college and the like, that she has to pretend to be something she's not.

Cincinnati, Ohio.


Well Christine, I can assure you that there are many atheists out there. Probably more as you get towards the bigger cities. A mix of people, cultures and ideas tend to make people consider other options. A "one idea" town (like the one you're in) makes for mostly "one idea" people.

I suggest getting the hell out of that little town and to a more populated area ASAP! You'll never regret it and exposure to the real world will make you feel much more at home in your beliefs.

Thank you for the email,

Subject: Love your site.

I must tell you that you are doing a great service to society. I was raised catholic in a very conservative churchgoing community. I must say that the more learned I became, the more traveled and exposed, the more I thought that maybe Catholicism is not the way. Then as I went to college, I began to realize that the problem was not with Catholicism, but with religion itself. It acts as an opium for the masses. It gives them a perceived clarity of life and afterlife, filled with racism, double standards and contradictions.

Catholicism, for instance. I think that it is fine to make a mockery of Jesus, for in his name, the church has made a mockery of him. Thousands of people have been killed in the past in the name of the lord in so called "Holy Inquisitions". Millions of people have been made to believe in this farce, so that the church may get more political power. They don't care to save the so called "damned". They only care about the political pull and money that a large following begets. Jesus's teachings, by themselves, attest to a great thinker and philosopher. These are now prostituted beyond recognition in order to fill up the collection baskets using scare tactics. Open your eyes people. You do not need to believe a bunch of tall fantastic tales in order to live a successful, moral happy life. You only need to look within to find the answers.

Protect freedom of speech. Protect separation of church and state. Protect this site.

Rafael Sanmiguel

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