Letters from the Fans
...and one ex fan.

I was enjoying your site and thought you were a pretty respectable guy till I found this page. Do you really believe this BS?????
"Remember that it is our diversity and freedom of expression that the enemy hates so goddammed much."
Bob...It's not your freedom of expression that the enemy hate, it's the fact that the US represses people in the middle east and even causes them to DIE. But hey, gas is getting rather pricey these days so what can you do

Oh and here's another bit of crap you published, tho at least this one can be put down to naivety:
"Never before in American history has there been a tragedy as big as what occurred earlier this week (Tuesday 9/11/01)."

Yeah. Never mind the 1 million children already killed by US sanctions. Or the 1 million native americans killed to clear the way for the gold rush, or the X hundred thousand Philapinos killed at the turn of the century in a fight against US enforced christianity. Oh I forgot...they weren't white Americans so nobody cares. .

BOB...you seem to be a free thinker yet you've just shown yourself as scared to deviate from the mass opinion, or maybe just blinded by propaganda (doubtful). Either way, I'm genuinely dissapointed that your acting like just another crowd following fool.

Goodbye. I hope you enjoy pretending to be something you're not.

I'm also prepared to shock you with the news that I'm not antiestablishment, I eat meat and I think that we need policing. That should really make you angry!

So how exactly were you planning on avenging the crimes against the American Indian? Have you declared war on our ancestors? Perhaps we should all pack our bags and go back to Europe where we came from?

And as for those crybaby victims of 9-11, they'd better familiarize themselves with 3rd World living because defending our soil means hurting others, and that's just not fair!

Your idea of "free thinking" seems to involve not disagreeing with you. Or maybe it means that I can't agree with anyone because that'd mean I wasn't free thinking from those people I agree with? I like this country best Safsa Sadfa, and I also think if you're on a quest for a fair political stance that works you are forever doomed.

Pretending to be something I'm not.

hey bob,

gonna start off by saying that your site fucking rules! Every time i visit it i find something new to piss myself over. The hatemail is hilarious...middle america is, as one, a dumb fuck. And JesusDressUp is the work of a true genius. But the best thing about the site is how true all of it is. The whole 'Satans Salvation' thing. It's so fucking true. And you've proved how sexist, rascist, homophobic and bigoted the bible and christianity as a whole actually is. so well done bob, your site rocks....

kisses and lovebites dirty Violet Drop


I really like your coffee shop piece on the new hatemail page, with the drawings and everything. It would be cool if you could give something like that a bigger presence on your site. Like maybe have a blogger section, like so many sites seem to have these days, but give it that NBS coolness that you give everything. Or many at least have a coffe shop section, where you have you doodles nad you can wax poetic about what went on and how that ties into what is going on in your head. Also, I really like the Satan's Salvation Comic, great stuff!

You mentioned on another Hatemail page that you would be traveling soon...Well if you are near Austin, Tx before the 12th or after the 18th, then you're more than welcome to kick it at our house.

Keep up the good work!
Carl Johnson 3


My name is crunch and I am a marine stationed in jerusalem. This place is a real hell. I have been visiting your site for quite a while now. Those god damn jesus dress ups really crack me up. anyway, being here in jerusalem , I have been witness to some crazy religious stuff. I have showed your site to quite a few people and I always get the same response. "you're going to hell mack," well thanks is what I usually say. Maybe its because I went to catholic school, to include a catholic university that I find these pages interesting.

All my life i have been surrounded by jesus talk. It sure is funny how the jewish folks here despise jesus. A christian here is a rare find. Anyway, just wanted to say that i dig your site and will keep checking back for all that hate mail. If you ever talk to that stew guy tell him for me that he is one annoying fuck. Tell him if i ever see him in a coffee shop that isnt blown up here in jerusalem i will kick his annoying ass.

Later bob, Crunch

Hey, thank you for the email.
The fact that I'm reaching all the way out there blows me away.
I'd love to hear more details on what's going on... any sign of bin Laden?


No sign of bin laden but there is no shortage of terrorists here. We have a house where all the marines stay, there are only six here to provide security for the consulate. Well, a mere 100 yards from our house a suicide bomber blew up my favorite coffee shop. It was the latest one so if you follow the news from this shit hole you may have seen my house. We have a armored suburban that takes us through the west bank if need be. I get to meet all these diplomats that roll through here. I just wish I could waste a few terror makers once in a while. Believe it or not you cant pick a bar fight in this bastard country. Once they see my bald ass head and all my god damn tattoos, they think i am a superhero or something. Its funny to see jewish parents take their kids away from the mean tattooed man. There has been countless occasions where I have been out and the next thing you know there are dead bodies everywhere. Blood stains the streets of jerusalem. they dont show shit on american tv. Watch a canadian channel once, or go to this site.

I see this shit on seriously a daily basis. The jews sabbath is from friday sundown to saturday sundown. After the sabbath, they all like to go out on the town. They dont learn. 10 pm saturday, every saturday there are dead bodies. Then there are more tanks. A very annoying cycle.

On a good note, i think it might be in the hummos or water, but all the ladies here have enormous tits. it makes the time go by anyway.

keep on truckin',

Congratulations on a fantastic site. This is the sort of thing we really need at the moment, with everyone having a new-found belief in God due to the terrorist issue. If they run, he will hide them. I am losing sympathy for the people of America because of their reliance on an abstract idea to get them through a time of real trouble. The idea that Satan or human nature is responsible for the attacks and God is responsible for the good in the people who helped out that day is bizarre and incredibly naive, God has become a requisite for life in the US.

As a visitor to the country, I am sick to death of the banner-waving, God-loving, scared American people. The idea that the US is in any way the underdog in this situation is laughable. No one seems to mind that the US were dropping bombs on old folks' homes in Afghanistan, or that Georgie Boy said that God was on their side AND that they were "bringing the Wrath of Hell" with them to the Taliban and Bin Laden.

It's sickening to be here at the moment, where there has been a very real human tragedy which affected many people both in New York and abroad; but the lingering bad taste is that the living have admitted fear and run to a god to save, protect and help them.

Aren't you guys meant to be fighting against religious repression and archaic dogma?

Jonny Potts.

hey bob,
i'm just writing to say how much a love your site. i especially love the way you just throw your opinions up in the air and let people decide that they want about them instead of stuffing them up peoples asses until they bow before your supreme might and power.

Personally, i don't know what i believe. god just doesn't seem possible. i mean it seems more likely to me that punk monkeys on acid are roaming the streets hatching an evil plot to take over the world (or maybe i'm confusing them with jehovah's witnesses- go and get real job assholes).

Ok...anywayz. All i'm really trying to say (with as little asskissing as possible)is Go You Bob! You rock my socks.


How could I fail to adore something so gloriously cynical? A friend sent me the link to Jesus Dress Up (knowing that I'm the sort of odd bird who appreciates sacrilege), and I ended up wandering around the rest of your site with increasing amusement with each new page. That is, until I came upon the link to Stewart Lane Ellington's page. It was then that harmless amusement turned to horror.

As you have no doubt observed from my email address, I am a student at Reed College. The pain! This is the sort of person this fine institution produces? His art is just the sort of pretentious crap with no meaning that I detest. No wonder I find so many Reedies to be so irritating. Never have I been so glad that I'm a bio major; I like to think that we science types at least go on to do something more significant than cut and paste.

Keep up the good work,
Laurel Black.


I can't thank you enough for Jesus Dress Up, it's fucken hilarious...

I'm sending you a naughty pic... is it naughty enough to get me into Hollywood Dress Up? ;>)


(password given)

Hehehe....thank YOU! I LOVE Hollywood Dress Up... can't decide if I like the Star Trek uniform or the Charlie Brown outfit better... *lol*

Your devoted fan,



jesus dress up has become a hit with my friends and i, especially during our computer classes. (teacher:"cody, that is NOT appropiate!")

so yay the funness.

im wondering if there are any other 14 year old antichrists out there. most of my friends are 16 or older, and i am very unfortunate to be trapped in a grade where most of the people are, well, preprogrammed morons who i will have to deal with while my 17 year old friends are in COLLEGE next year. and damn if i meet people online, many of them seem to like little girls. a bit too much. apparantly, the intelligence rate for young teens is relly insanely LOW.

but i am done complaining. really.
yay @ your site. good job. funnn.
and if you ever get really really bored, and want to take part in some halloween festivities, every year the local church holds a "haunted house" where they warn young people about the dangers of satanism and being a wicca. ouch. so of course, my friends and i go. you even get to shake hands with jesus at the end. really.he said that he was praying for me. did jesus ever tell anyone else that? does he pray to his dad?

by the way,if you would like, my site is www.anglefire.com/weird2/spooki
check it out, if it pleases you.

hApPy tRaILs!!

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