"I'd like to thank my fans."

Send in your fan mail, include a picture, and if it's interesting enough, I'll post it.


Here are some more of my very favorite pieces of fan mail.

Where to begin? I think it's a combination of the replies you gave to your hate mail and that picture of you in the upper left-hand corner of the main page that have prompted me to send my very first "Fan Mail" ever. It puts a smile on my lips and a funny feeling in my gut just knowing you're out there somewhere. Just when I had lost my faith in the search for a guy who pleases the eye as well as the intellect, I stumble upon your site. I'll be visiting often.


The saddest thing happened at the end of your email. It told me "Unable to display image". Please Dee, I have to know. For some reason your words of praise and admiration intrigued me so. Try to resend your picture and I will continue making your dreams come true on my pages.


Sorry to hear my image didn't come through for you. I'll try sending it as an attachment. Hey, I'm in a giving mood so I'll send two for your viewing pleasure. Thanks for actually replying. Oh, one more thing ... you've gotten under my skin in such a way that I'd be happy to wear a "Bob Shirt." Let me know where I can get my hands on one so I can start making my insecure boyfriend ask ridiculous questions as soon as possible... ;)



"My site is www.ieatanimals.com :o)"

Hi Bob,

I love your site, I have had a link to it on my site since I first found you about 6 months ago. If you would add a link from yours to mine I sure would appreciate it. My site is www.ieatanimals.com :o) not much there now but one of these days I will be unbusy enough to add more to it.

Cheers Rob

Some people call him Freak, some call him Monkey Boy or Slackass Monkey Boy, but his name... is Rob.

Rob hates being called Goth!
Rob hates bad drivers, old people, rich people, racism and people that live in America who can't speak English... and popsicles!
Rob hates being called "Goth"! Just because he wears black, blue or purple does not mean that he is Goth. They just happen to be his "fave" colors. Sure, he listens to Goth, but he also listens to jazz, techno, rap, rock, alternative, punk and, if you believe it, a little country (I don't believe it!).

Rob thinks Pamela Anderson is HOT!
Rob used to work at a radio station.
He got "discovered" when he was reading a poem in his freshman English class. Two weeks later Rob was on the air at a 100 watt Pissant radio station. He played whatever he wanted. Fuck the FCC! He has a lot to say about the local alternative radio station WHFS. He hates them!
Now he's a security guard.

Quit calling him Goth!

One of 30 pictures of Rob's dog.

He's got a ton of pictures of his dog Daisy on his web site. 30 or so. Don't worry, more are on the way!

Rob is divorced and has a 9 year old daughter (No pictures of her to be found). She lives with her mother and he hardly ever sees her, mostly keeping in touch via email. He also has 9 tattoos and a pierced nipple. He doesn't care what anyone says, piercings are cool... in moderation. Too many are NOT cool. Just like "Tats" (street slang for tattoos), too many are not cool.

With Rob, you'd never know he had so many tattoos unless he told you, or if you saw him shirtless. He's probably going to be getting another tattoo this summer.
Rob also has a webcam so that you can keep up to date with his "goings on". Last but not least, Rob has made a 1980s song quiz on his web site. There are 222 quotes from 222 different 80s songs and you have to guess the 222 artists and song titles.
That really sounds like fun!

Rob collects Hot Wheels and other toys.
This is a picture of Rob in front of the giant Hot Wheels car (Rob is on the left) with his friend Scott at the 1998 Hot Wheels Collectors Convention - Annaheim, California October '98.

There are very few things in this world that I fear. One of the things that petrifies me however, is this life that Rob is living. There are pictures here of the townhouse that Rob has just bought (I guess that means he's stuck with it). Cushy, beige, wall to wall carpeting, eggshell white interior and cabinets spread as far as the eye can see. Pictures of his car are coming soon. You people will just have to be patient!

I understand the need to feel like you're doing something with your life and thinking that you're interesting enough to entertain complete strangers. However, there should be warnings on pages where you'll be downloading multiple interior shots of somebody's townhouse and over 2 dozen snapshots of the same dog, doing nothing.

OK, here's the link that you asked for Rob.

Dear Bob,

I just saw your site today, and it is the best thing I've seen in a long, long time. I have always had a problem with the "Christian thing." These so-called Christians have always managed to make me feel as if I should be burning at the stake or something. I often have people coming up to me and handing me "Jesus saves" literature (I must have a look that says "condemned soul" or something). Anyway, I hope that you can see this photo I sent, because it's kind of dark. It should get my message across.


Send your FAN MAIL with a picture and if it's interesting enough I'll post it.
" I'd rather have the fate of my religion than to believe I may go to a hell."

I just read your e-mail on www.normalbobsmith.com. I am certain that you live in the United States due to the fact that you use AT&T @home. I am also wondering if you understand the freedom that our country holds dear. You stated in your e-mail that Jesus is 'our savior'. Does that mean he is my savior too? I'm a Buddhist and I don't see him in the writings of my teacher Buddha. Does this mean that what I believe is wrong? Am I going to your hell? I'd rather have the fate of my religion than to believe I may go to a hell. At least I'll be reborn to live again. Did you know that Christians used to invade other countries in the name of Christianity? Do you know what that meant? It meant they would invade countries so they could 'convert the heathens'. What that truly meant was putting the natives in 'missions'. Those that did not comply with the conversion were usually then killed. Those that wished to live were then forced to become Christians. Quite often, specifically in Africa, they were forced to forgo their native language and customs. I have read your book The Holy Bible and must have missed the part where God asked your people to do this. Yes, maybe Bob did go a little far with the Jesus dress up doll but I can honestly say that I doubt I would be offended if he had a Buddha dress up doll. I'd like to see Buddha go snorkeling (he needs the exercise). In this life there is too much time wasted on anger. I feel soooo offended about this and that! You don't see in front of congress complaining that I want all paper currency changed because it says 'in god we trust'. I'm half American Indian. I believe that this land was stolen from under my feet in the name of Christianity for the Queen. And get this, Christopher Columbus was actually Jewish. Under the banner of God the white-man came to the land my ancestors called home and slaughtered, raped, pillaged, and (of course) converted the original people of this land. Yet I'm not spazing about the Atlanta Brave's with there tomahawk chop or the spastic dancing of the Illini's mascot. It's okay to laugh at life a little. It's not as if he really has Jesus on his web-site and you are dressing up the real thing. I also have some reservations about a mother letting her 5 year old child on the Internet. It would seem to me that your five year old would never be at this site unless you don't supervise him or her. I have found that pornography is more offensive than Jesus. But that just may be me.


Lose my email address.
Thank you,

Wow, great uneducated response. You have proven my point.