Often I have trouble expressing my feelings on how much I actually care about all of you, so I just wanted to tell you (my fans) that I totally appreciate you all being a part of my life and how fulfilled you make me feel.

Thank you.
This page is dedicated to you.

I still don't understand why more of you don't send me pictures of yourself. You know you're going to pay! You know that it'll only lead to bad things!

Anyway, here ya go, some more interesting emails from people who lacked the courage to include a pic... so I have done the dirty work.

I have a funny story about your site. I go to college and I live in a dorm. The girls that live across the hall from me are soooooo religious and put up religious sayings all over the hallway and stuff. So, one day I was playing on your site, JesusDressUp.com (and thoroughly enjoying myself, by the way) and the girl across the hall popped her head in. Ever since she saw me dressing up her lord for fun, she will NOT talk to my roommate or I. She and her roommate think we're on drugs and they had the "Campus Crusade For Christ" call our room the other night 3 times trying to get us to go to some Jesus Will Save you shit. Anyway, I thought this was kinda funn.y :o)


Bob, I'm writing this to you to let you know that you ruined my life. About a week ago I was Mr Pete, a happily confirmed Catholic. I was searching the internet for some random praise of GOd's glory, when low and behold I came across Jesus Dress Up.com.

Morbid Curiousity dragged me over to NormalBobSmith.com. This is was the beggining to the end of my happy little self-actuallzed life. I began to compulsivley peruse the entire extensiveness of your site. I am ashamed to admit that I did not go to Church last sunday, nor do I plan on attending this Sunday or any Sunday ever again. I Passed Father O'Halloran at the Supermarket, and I started laughing.

You're insightful insights have left me with nothing to believe. So to you I say both Congratulations and Fuck You!

P.S. I will be ordering a Jesus Dress Up Magnet Set to Commemerate 21 wasted years of my life.

Good Day to you sir
Mr. Pete Flanagan

Subject: hey i love you!
Hey Bob:

My friend sent me the "dressing up Jesus" and I love it,I have all crazy things about Jesus in my room, I know a really bad joke about him,I will tell u it OK, Jesus walks into a hotel and hands the man behind the counter 3 nails and asks can u put me ^ for night!! LoL!! I love that joke

Well I just wanted to tell u that I love ur Website and that when I got the "dressing up Jesus" I put it in my favorites even b4 looking at it,

well bye
LoVe Ashley!

Your website is great! My favorite part is Satan's Salvation. I'm an atheist too.

For fun, I've pulled together "A World of Bob Smiths" on my own site.

Naturally, you're included. It becomes pretty obvious that a name doesn't have much to do with the sort of person one becomes.

Bob Smith
(if you're normal, the rest of us must be abnormal?)

Bob Dreams is my favorite.
You should pick yours!

My real true fans (ones who have included their pictures), I love you most of all.

Hey Bob, it's Melissa (who sent you an inspirational Satan's Salvation picture). Just wanted to let you know that I think the comic is looking great. The way you portray Jesus reminds me of every fundamentalist Christian that I've debated with: the "I'm right! So there! Look, see? Scriptural reference! I win!" Whilst the other side, Satan, remains calm and logical ... while still poking fun and subtly making jibes at their closed-mindedness.

And the things I didn't say earlier, when I sent you that pic. I'm a long time fan of your site ... I remember when your hate mail pages still numbered in the twenties. I admired your way

of dealing with stupid people, hardcore fundies, and even theists who incorporate scientific theory into beliefs only slightly Christian (those I find the hardest to stomp, they have covered a lot of ground in their vague explanations so that it's hard to poke holes).

My parents, although atheoagnostic, discourage my visiting your site ... they believe although it is okay to be an in-the-closet atheist, you should never tell anyone because they will burn you at the stake. I have tried telling them that I can defend whatever I believe in, but they are afraid "everyone at school" will hate me. Now, considering many of the people at my conservative private school, this might not be a bad thing. I'd like them off my back for the way I dress, just once (and I don't even TRY to get labeled "freak" ... it just happens as a side effect).

So anyway Bob, you are my beacon of light in a sea of ignorant, smelly darkness. You rejuvenate my atheism with a smile ever time I visit your site, and your fan mail shows me I'm not alone. Your intelligent ways of fending off hate mailers give me something to shoot for when I get attacked about my beliefs (unlike a lot of "harcore" atheists, I do not provoke, I only defend when provoked ... which is often. Once you are rumored to "hate God" in my school, it does not leave you alone). Keep working on your fabulous site, I know you've heard it all a million times, but it never hurts to get one more fan mail.

maladroitcomics.com ... shameless plug

Here are some new pictures, I recently got some uber-nifty contacts that I am not allowed to wear in school (uniforms, you know ... they fall into the category of "unusual adornment" ... just like everything else I wear ...). Keep up the good work, and thanks!

Im 14 i live in voorhees, new jersey, i've seen a lot of ur site, and even tho i dont agree with some of it, it's still good and my pics are attached

i duno i juss wanted to e mail u cuz ur kinda cute


Dearest Bobby,

Today I have stumbled across your site, and am greatly upset as it is better than mine. I enjoyed every aspect of it, especially your bald, red head.

The Super Chic page caught my eye, and I noticed that it doesn't say you have to be female to be one. Please note: I am not gay, but I am more feminine than most (tee hee). So... being as bored as I am i have decided to email you with my Super Chic info.

Super Style - I suppose, you could call me a glammy punky goth, but I don't like labels, as I am me and not some trendy impressionable teen that buys all their gear from Hot Topic. I make do with what I have. Magic Powers? Hmm... my semen tastes nutty, and I have the super power of perpetual boredom (yay!). On my cool-o-meter I am the coolest, all should bow down and worship the ground I defecate on. Well, I guess that's my feeble attempt at fame to be on your site.

hugs n' kisses

I figure I should introduce myself, I'm nads. I have nothing clever, interesting or witty to say. I was considering writing hate mail rather than fan mail, but I really enjoyed your site a lot. I REALLY enjoyed the satan's salvation part, and the jesus/god jokes are always fun.

Now I feel like I should kiss your ass (because you have such a cool website and fun sense of humor) but I'm really bad at it. Oh I just looooooove all the parts of your site, you must be a distant reletave of god or something to be that cool and thexay!!!! I don't deserve to be able

to live on the same earth as a being like you, I bow down to your supiorer wit and humor.

ps thats me in the picture in case you hadnt figured it out. I'd send a nudie pic, but not only do i not have one, but no one needs to see that. -

luv nads

I sent you fanmail a long time ago when i first discovered your site, upon revisiting i decided to write again. Its so great to see someone with opinions i agree with and with such a great sense of humor. If you were a bible thumping jesus freak and had the wit you do, you'd still be awesome.

Not only are you too fucking funny but you present in a manner thats intelligent enough for most people to appreciate.

I just read your review again for "Welcome Home Jellybean"-the first time i read it i linked everybody i knew to it because its so hysterical.

I know everyone is astounded by your opinions and they are great its refreshing to see someone else with them, but I'm more impressed by your unfailing humor.

Thanks so much again for making me smile and for being who you are. I love you!!!!!!!!

A person makes a page poking fun a Jesus and the Christians go nuts. Were they specifically put on this planet as entertainment?

Your web page is quite funny; I almost fell out of my chair reading the hate mail section. But I think the funniest part is all of the 'You will be condemned to hell, blah blah,' emails sent to you. I, myself, am pagan, so all of this has really got me laughing my ass off. Don't worry though. I'm praying for your soul, as well as all of this mis-guided (or at least confused) people who have flamed you. Praying to the Dark Goddess, the Father, as well as Asmodeus and Lucifer, that is. Someday Christians may even realize that Lucifer is the ruler of hell, not Satan. Look it up, you over-religous, under-educated zealous inquisitors; they're different entities.

Keep up the good work!

Subject: Your site fucking rocks!!!

Woo hoo!!!! Yay for being a lesbian and finding your site. Keeps me entertained when I'm not out buying new records (vinyl) or playing my drums. I love reading the hate mail you get. Some people are so stupid.

hehehe =D And all them damn Super Chics are HOT STUFF!!! Especially Elkie Cooper, Messy Stench and ROSI ACONITE is my fave! Her style is fucking awesome. You are fucking awesome!! [Image]Thats me on the right smiling becuz ur the best!


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