Bob it looks like even the cops are for the good news! I got this picture of an officer that read your flyer and kept it. He was asked to get it out of his pocket so that we could take a picture of him but he didn't want his face in it.

Well we all come around in our own good time.


Hey Bob,
Here's my GOD IS FAKE flier story. Basically I was just taking the L train from 8th Ave. to Union instead of skating cause of the whole broken skateboard situation, when I saw a religious dude preaching his bullshit.

So I listened for a little bit to see what he was saying but I got bored real quick so I just decided to leave. As I started to walk away I remembered that I had one of the god is fake handouts in my wallet so I was like I'll just give it to him and see what he does. At first he read the front and gave me a dirty look but when he realized I was still standing there after he had finished I guess he decided he was going to give me a piece of his mind. He called me a "little fucker" and told me that I was going to face the hell fires if I keep going on this road. I got a big kick out of that. anyways...


Subject: yeah baby!!
I'd like to say that all of you haters suck! im one of the teens who passes them out at Union Square. its fun and its hilarious to watch the peoples expressions. ive had people rip it up in my face,flip out, show me there jesus tattoos, or just be happy. i spend my days at Union Square cutting folding and passing them out. im the blonde chick. me and my friends Anto and Nikki will be making shirts and bracelets that say god is fake on them..... we are hoping to make some cash.... if you want to buy a god is fake shirt or bracelet contact bob and he'll let us know. hahahaha we are cool!


Union Square
Youth Defend
Their Turf

With a little help from my
anti-God propaganda

I have to give the Union Square kids credit. They've taken my "GOD IS FAKE" pamphlet/ agenda and made it into a way of life... if even for just a few days.
Union Square skaters
I couldn't have imagined a better, more efficient volunteer work force. From cut & fold to distribute & defend, these 15 year olds have totally impressed me with their enthusiasm.
Nikki, Cleo, Laura and Antonella prepare the good news.
Subsequently the folks at Union Square have been bombarded with the new flier by these adorable teens, which makes it even more fun for me. You see, the religious barkers set up their megaphones and amplifiers, aim them high at the lounging New Yorkers then break every noise pollution law with their gospel hymns and preaching. In response, the skater kids distribute the new flier to their audience saying something along the lines of, "Have you heard the news about God?"

leo shouted "Hey!" in the faces of passersby...
and of course it was darling.

The religious

It's a real treat for me (as you can imagine) and the facial expressions are priceless; shock, horror, laughter, confusion... Christ, what can I say? The darlings have truly worked their way into my heart. God bless 'em!

Their audience

These missionaries haven't a clue how puppy-eyed and fresh faced they appear. Then their teenybopper youth groups come face to face with the Union Square gang... the differences are dazzling. Kids growing up in the city (compared to those brought up in white bred bible belt) have such an advantage when it comes to social skills and problem solving.
It makes a suburban upbringing seem almost criminal.

Chris gives David a much needed drink of rain water,
because friends share.


Antonella shares the news with NY's finest.
So just a couple weeks ago when another one of these Christian jam sessions was taking place in the Square Venessa started screaming at the top of her lungs.... like Venessa does.

It didn't take long for one of them to work their way over to us and inquire about the disturbance.

After some debate and a frank piece of my mind the youth leader decided it would be a good idea to introduce some of his kids to a real live atheist.. me!

It was so cute how bashful they were at first. I started off assuring them "I'm safe. I'm not going to get angry and mug you, I swear."


So there I am with two of the cutest little Christian 15 year olds you ever laid your eyes upon. Blond haired and blue eyed, like baby deer, they were so timid and pure. You should have seen the fear in their eyes when a homeless man came up and asked for spare change. Oh man, and when Skater Bob used the "F" word you'd think he'd pulled down his pants and started talkin' out his asshole.

What was so neat for me was these kids had been taught that the dinosaurs were around during biblical times (stompin' around behind the crucifixion, there in Bethlehem for the birth of Christ... the works). I was delighted to see them so enthusiastic about this concept. It reminded me of my behavior at that time. See the emails I received from one of them on page 127 of Hate Mail.

The good news

Now you can imagine how these Union Square kids feel having these beliefs shoved in their face every weekend at the place where they always skate. I understand their plight... and my "GOD IS FAKE" retaliation seems to be just what the doctor ordered. Download it!

The girls make me a cake!

Slicing God






hello there! haha, the pamphlets were cuter than expected! and easy to use too! once i print out more, i shall deposit them at various locations (concert, store, church, etc). talk to you later! alicia

I find Your hate mail is most amusing, I hope one day I too will piss off as many people as you have, you have inspired my little corrupt mind into protesting against religion, I go to a catholic schoolŠ.but I do what I can, when everyone is praying I start to scream out strange obscenities and pretend to be possessed by a demon.

You are either a genius or insane possibly a mixture of both either way I find your sense of humour most comical.

The part I admire most about you is how you have made people think also how you engage in witty repartee.

By writing this letter to you I do not fear going to hell mostly because I do not believe in it, I canıt say itıs not there is no hell because that would make me as ignorant and hypocritical as the other people who send you mailŠI forgot the point.

Anyways, I love you
Kaitlyn Bridge

hows it going. i would liek to say that i just happened to stumble upon you page for the first time today and seriously, it tickled my funny bone. thats how funny it was, that it tickled an imaginary bone some much that i felt a tickling sensation.

i especially enjoyed the romantic confessions of a virgin prude. though only being 19, i could relate to your stories, except the strip club one, because i have never been to one unfortunately. i never realized that playing 7-Up was a way to find out which girls had crushes on you! dammit, i'm so stupid!.

i also thorughly enjoyed the way you mock the church so. i luckily wasn't forced into religion by my parents, but i still am affected by the church everyday with my coworkers and such. but that doesn't bother me. thats another topic entirely though. anyway. down with the church!

also i must say you are an awesome artist. i thoroughly enjoyed all of it.

so all in all your website has entertained me for hours on end. that is definately a plus, except for the fact taht you kept me away from playing dragon warrior on NES for a while, though im about to get to it right now.

thanks for the great site,

ps. i sent a pic of me being a tough jock and a pic of my now defunct band playing live N-JOY!

Dear Normal Bob,

You are officially my teenage masturbation fantasy, among other things... This is a lot coming from the virgin prude known as Karly to some and "What the Hell are You?!" to others. Your website is my bloody sanctuary, the perfect late-night finisher to a bad, or a good day for that matter. I dress up Jesus at least once a week, am currently reading through the hate mail, and, as a fellow aspiring(and rather young) artist, *gush* over your artwork. In all honesty, I would like to hunt you down and rape your mind. You are the zenith of all skinny white guys with exceptional style and fabulous hair and I would like you to be my friend.

This all comes from a sixteen year old girl who is fixated on all cult classics from the Rocky Horror Picture Show to The Sound of Music. Life is not complete until you meet a man in a skin-tight PVC neon yellow body suit who calls himself "Ray, a drop of golden sun".

My weekend activities, living in the middle of suburbia, include preparing for my role as Dr. Frank N. Furter at the local theatre, teasing my hair to ungodly heights and applying generous amounts of make-up that rival the designs of my dear drag-queen darlings of Belmont & Clark, being penalized for wearing a fetish maid's outfit ganked from a thrift store to school, riverdancing on the Krispy Kreme sign, walking down the highway in get-ups that resemble costumes from The Pink Famingos, Priscilla, or Hedwig and The Angry Inch, and both David Bowie and Normal Bob worship. I know that I'm the only person in my town who wears a pompador after the 80s. When I die, I plan to leave you my nose, tongue and my right leg. The rest goes to Bowie.

I still laugh at the outrage of the god fearing hate-mailers. If Jesus were alive, I think he'd have a sense of humor. He had a real knack for the outlandish super-fabulous types(like moi), and why not? Sex-symbol Jesus had a lot of love to give, with the skimpy clothing and dying for entertainment. His agony was gorgeous! Alright, I'm finished rambling, just remember that I love you.

Regards, Karly
P.S.: I will send you a picture of the Normal Bob shrine when it is finished.

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