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As you may or may not be aware, this Friday, Sept 22nd I will be attending the movie Jesus Camp here in Manhattan at the Angelika Film Center! This is big news and I invite anyone who can to come and join in the fun that evening! I will have a film crew with me, an Unholy Army, fliers and a dance routine to show off to everyone who's in line!

I would love your involvement in anyway possible! Read the letter below and see just what you can do to help!

Hey Bob,
Media coverage and such.
So far the only media I think we might get are the local NY tv stations (WABC, WNBC, WCBS). But that's not so bad. Let me explain. All these stations are closely affaliated with the morning news shows of the network (Good Morning America, etc.). These morning news shows have started weekend editions. Only problem is that their isn't enough filler on the weekend editions, so you might just be picked up!

Tell your fans to send e-mails and phone calls to the following emails and numbers:

1. WABC--Top priority, its very closely affiliated with Good Morning America. In fact, most of the anchors of WABC work on both GMA.
Story idea emails: eyewitness.news@abc.com
Story idea number: 212.456.3173

2. WNBC, not so important, but might as well try.
News tips emails: newstips@wnbc.com
News tips number:
212 664-2731

3. WCBS, really not that important but won't hurt to atrract attention.
Story idea emails:


Normal Bob,
hi. im a college girl. im 18 and asian.
i've been a runaway two years ago, triggering a nationwide search lasting 2 weeks... because i didnt belief in the lies in the Bible (how f*'d up are they...) which my folks tried to force on me via pressure and abuse. unfortunately now they've learnt they "CANT" do that, and backed off now. lol. LOL.

Here is the link to the news article, as written by obviously CHRISTIAN cops who know NOTHING of the truth about the "buybull" (bible) lies. you may notice the sucky picture they depict of me (a school picture), and see how my christian parents were "victimized" as crybabies.

my best guess was that they wanted to use guilt to lure me back to christianity.

thanks to various "left-hand-path" organizations i participate in, and various GREAT SITES (such as yours) , i will NOT GIVE IN, to this day.i am not goth or tough or anything, but i do wear a pentagram.

NOTE after reading article: by the way, the $1200 was MINE. from the box in the closet that i locked, knowing that my christian parents wanted to get their hands on my satanic money made via my little bits of work( not prostitution, as i am still a clinically proven virgin).

Here's my story of what really happened...
First off, it was very cold and my bag was ill-equipped except with my money. i had my glasses, one underwear, some napkins and that was it. i chose that day because it was the only day my parents would be out again, for the rest of the winter. unfortunately i was having my period at the time and wasnt feeling well.

There were bums and homies i saw on the streets. i got lost a couple of times then bought and learned to read a local map. i remembered that there was a big library, with a roof-thingy over the ledge, that may provide me shelter in case it snowed/rained again. there was a bank-station with a glass roof in the other street, so if anyone "weird" tries to hurt me i can run there. (there are actual homeless guys sometimes, like, good guys who are just out of work). i washed up in fast food restaurante washrooms.

in all, i avoided rape and drugs. then i started up a habit of spending my time in the mall and in the theater. apparently the clerk didnt care so i just stayed in there, paying only one admission fee, and watched the movies in each room until the theater closes. on one night i was close to being raped, because there was a nice looking guy who asked if i wished for a shelter, and that i can go with him in his car in the mall's parkade. the parkade needed a card (or else it locked from the inside). i followed him there and ended up locked on the other side with him, without a card on my own. it was very close, but i bluffed it to him and pretended to be a gang girl. so he let me go.

the theater was where i met the private investigator (plain clothes) by chance. it was coz on the last show of the day it was a good movie and i went early and got a good seat. the guy next to me (the P.I.) looked at me hard and asked me my name, so i gave it.

the theater closed and i had to get out. i walked the streets trying to get back under some sort of roof-ledge to avoid the heavy rain. then i realized that the theater guy was in a car and following me slowly. i got scared. the guy then stepped out and announces that he is a P.I. and drove me to a 24 hour restaurante. several vancouver cops were notified and gathered at the door. they sat in front of me and asked me questions. i told the truth. and they cuffed my hands behind my back and shipped me to a station.

a paramedic van (with the lights) carried me to the emergency room in the hospital and i was checked for stuff, including any signs of rape or drugs, they found none. then the cops body-searched me and found my remaining 200 dollars. they took it. i told them it was mine but they still took it, and my parents claimed it. i never got the money back.

i did part-time school after a few months time out. and i always tried to look inconspicuous ( as if im not there). my parents stopped slapping and hitting me. they even talked of letting me have a bit of allowance per week, and constantly tried to guilt me into becoming religious.

at times they use emotional abuse on me, still do, and psychological stress. if i put a site up (i loved building atheist/satanic/kids-rights sites), then they look at it as sacrilege, forbidden knowledge, and force me to take it down and not put another one up thats similar.

i will never forget how i stuck it up and just went way out to prove that i can survive without a so-called God, showed my abusers that they DO NOT totally control my life.

now im in college and its been two years since.

then the happiest thing happened in my generally abused-sad life---

I FOUND normalbobsmith.com
i loved the content, i loved the artwork, everything, i even loved reading the sheeples and hate mail....it was like a way to remember all the abuse that the religious kids put on me, and turn back silently to ridicule their contradiction-filled holy books. the site is awesome i visit it everyday before class and after class....then normal bob made this chat site it got him-in-costume on it and i LOVED THAT CHAT SITE!!!!! I LOVE NORMALBOBSMITH.COM

it was one of the best sites i've discovered that helps me not give in, and makes me stronger as an atheist person. its truly creative and very very VERY enjoyable. THE COMICS ARE AWESOME , BOB!!!!! keep up all this excellent work Bob!!!

BOB I LOVE YOUR SITE, I AM STILLING EXPLORING IT, i love those dress-up web games they are so much fun!!!!

Josephine Shih

I have also just opened a chatroom on the site for all of my fans! And boy has it paid off! I've been going there every evening for at least an hour and we average at least 20 people in the room at a time, with probably 40 people passing through over the course of 5 hours and into the night long after I have gone to bed.

If you're interested in meeting other atheists, chatting with some hot girls, visiting with a Super Chic, conversing with the runaway featured above, or just want to come in and call me a dickhead, come chat! It's fun!

As a ten year full time athiest let me say that I think what you are doing is great. I know we will never end superstition in our lifetimes, but every generation we come closer to a world dedicated to the idea that all of us are stuck here.....now....and there is no glorious award awaiting us in some other dimension. Science is the only way for man to survive another millenia, not wishfull prayers to an invisible man in the sky. I wish I had the balls it must have taken to put yourself out here for the world to have their way with...thank you.

The chat site is a great addition...its nice to actually have real time interaction with you, plus the insanity of all of your chat friends. I am looking forward to the review of the Jesus Camp movie..it would be great if you actually sent in an application to attend...better if you get accepted.....freakin incredible if you actually show up!


Subject: a wee bit nervous
I've been enjoying your website since my freshman year in college (which i bombed) but have never had the balls to say 'hallo' to you. I feel I should take advantage of the whiskey-induced courage I presently possess to tell you how much I appreciate you. Thank you for the many smiles...and fantasies... you have brought me. *blushes and grins...

- Amy

My name is Jacob and I'm from Austin, Texas.

As an atheist, who doesn't have an interesting story or two to tell? I'll just tell you about my path to atheism.

I was the most perfect christian mindslave you could ever find. I would make my siblings pray for me to make bad storms go away. I would pray before every meal. I would pray when waking up in the morning and going to bed at night.

But there was one thing that kept me going. At that point, I had never read the bible. I never payed attention in church or my bible studies classes on Wednsday night starting at seven. The little I knew about my own religion was to pray for the well-being of me and my family. That's all I ever wanted.

What changed me was after I went through my Catholic confirmation and communion. When they started getting me into the real hardcore christian ideas. I remember during my christian classes I had a confrentation with the head of the classes on how I didn't pay attention and didn't appreciate the stories. But how could I? Up until then, a man making blind people see and walking on water was still in the realm of fairy tale. I was told the story of Noah's Ark at a young age and never thought of it as truth, not once.

What finished me off was the search of truth. The Bible made me an atheist, outright. I visited many many sites on all ideas. I fell out of christianist and began trying to start my own form of religions. I didn't ever really want to leave behind the idea of God, just the Bible's teachings. But there it was, like day and night. God and Jesus meant the bible. This was all long before I ever learned more about the Bible. How it's modern day version was barely scratching the surface of lies, horroes, and innacuracies. The bible turned me to my modern-day passion for History,Religion, Antrhopology, and Psychology. The Truth saved me and gave me a path in life to follow.

George Carlin also helped out a little.

Now it's my everyday great pleasure to read through your website and learn even more about christianity and it's people. How a tribe of people who worshipped a God of War turned itself into a worldwide campaign for hate in the viel of peace. You and people like you are a saving grace to this world. Keep fighting the good fight Bobby.


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