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Subject: Your Thoughts?
Firstly, I've been a reader, as well as a huge fan of your site for quite some time now, I'm over joyed that you continue to beat zealots with your special kind of magic. Metaphorically speaking.

On to issue number two.
I've a read a book titled "In Defense of Atheism" written by Michel Onfray. At first I was going to recommend it to you, then banged my head repeatedly over my desk, realizing you have probably read it, or, are very familiar with the numerous contradictions found in holy texts of the top three monotheisms.

I used to be a bit of a theist, yes, I said THEIST. In pre-pubescence I clung to the idea of some sort of cosmic spirit having a hand in EVERYTHING, then high school came and I couldn't care less about god. And now, and the tender age of eighteen, all previous thoughts of any sort of GOD imploded. After reading Onfray, I discovered that Paul of Tarsus (often credited with creating the whole "Jesus Frenzy") was a well-documented misogynist as well as a mad-man that suffered from a number of illnesses that caused him to have psychotic episodes, or in the case of Christianity, PROPHETIC VISIONS. OH The Glory! Onfray also raised a very interesting idea by proposing that Jesus did exist, but as a regular man. A regular run of the mill dude, doing regular run of the mill things that one would do in 4 BC, no turning water in wine or any of that nonsense. Jesus was made into a Christian Idol by a very cunning council of men that dealt with business related to the Roman catholic Church (Or something or other). I took Onfray's accusations with a grain of salt. Many would, could, and have deemed such information as propaganda. But hell, it was eye-opening.

And God-Damn did they sex up Jesus, nearly every photo depicts a strapping man with defined abdominal muscles, and a lithe figure, not to mention very decent bone structure. But hey, he was a carpenter, as well as the son of god, his bangin' body must have logical origins. But seriously now, Jesus was a hottie.

I found this book to basically be a very fancy version of what I've been reading on your website for years. It was a bit tough to get through, as it was originally written in french, and lets just say the translation is no prizewinner. But all in all, Michel gave a very convincing argument. He seemed very well versed in The Bible, Torah, and Koran; often using passages to prove arguments, or disprove them. He ties the whole thing up rather nicely by ranting about "Post-Christian Secularism" Citing reason, logic, and science as fore runners of Modern living. You can probably guess he's a total bitch for the Enlightenment era...

You are generally fantastic and make me lusty

* * * * * *

And in response to my latest invention,
Nun - The Treasure Hunt Dressup

Now THAT is quality entertainment.
Brandy Erdmann

You are so freakin' cool Bob. I'm so glad you are my myspace friend.

Man, that's hot.
Caroline Moody

“You summed up the entire Gospel message in one simple interactive game.”

Subject: Jesus Dress Up

Hi, Bob.
I happened upon your website today almost by accident. At first I have to admit that I was a little bit offended. But then I started playing around with it and realized its significance. Wow. The message became so clear. Amazingly, Jesus actually did come to earth to take on all of those clothes... our clothes. Whether a dog catcher, a coconut clad hula girl, or a prep, Jesus hung on that cross for everyone. Awesome! You did it! You hit the nail on the head. You summed up the entire Gospel message in one simple interactive game.

Thanks for the fun reminder of what Jesus life was all about!

Jay Brooks

Thank you Jay. Finally someone understands what it is I'm trying to do, and in turn gives me a tool to respond to all my hate mailers with.

It's been a struggle, Jesus Dressup, trying to convey what's in my heart, then having it carjacked by Satan as a tool to Jekll/Hyde Jesus' followers into the emailing haters!

If you're interested, there's a magnetic version of the game you can get for your fridge. And one in particular titled "Final Justice" which you can dress Him up as the most hated villains of our time as a reminder of the greatness of His sacrifice to forgive even these most heinous acts of human perversion.

They're only $14, and I'd love it if you had one on your refridgerator to share this message with your houseguests.



“What a great way to share the message of what Jesus did for all of us!”

Hey Bob!

I'm Kelly a friend of Jay Brooks who shared your website with me. What a great way to share the message of what Jesus did for all of us! I'm sure you must get greif about the product. I'm a gift buyer for a large Christian bookstore, and I get it for bringing in anything out of the box. But, I just want you to know that I recognize what you are trying to say to people. Very cool!

with a servants heart,
Kelly Houghtaling
Baker Book Retail.com
Grand Rapids, MI

Cool! How many would you like to get?
12+ @ $8 each
24+ @ $7.50 each
50+ @ $7 each

And you can mix any of the 5 I've got to get those numbers.
<Have a look>
I'd love to be on your selves.
And Thanks!



“...what a simple yet insightful way to tell the gospel.”

Hey Bob,
A friend Jay shared your site with me and I agree it is brilliant! Way to go Bob, what a simple yet insightful way to tell the gospel.

Sallie Greene

Well this is just too much. I seriously don't deserve to be carried down the street on all of you guys's shoulders like this. I'm just doing what it is I have to do, volunteering my life to deliver truth.

Perhaps I could get you folks on board as well? Seriously, the more mouths the better. One of the most difficult campaigns I've struggled to get off the ground is my Pray for Satan's Salvation Campaign.

Take a look. If you're into dressing up Christ to illustrate how he died for dog catchers and ballerinas, you're gonna adore my little brainchild to rid the world of sin by asking God to touch the Devil's heart.

Take a look. I'm sure you'll agree.


“I pray your witness continues to be so bold!”


Thank you for the email. I've been reading on your website about the Christian's response to your product. I am very sorry. I am a little embarrassed to say that my first reaction today may have been much the same. But I've been reminded about "Grace" all day today and for some reason that little word made me stop for a moment to really analyze what "offended" me. I moved those overalls onto Jesus and in an instant I discovered the truth. To my surprise it was right there all the time. So simple. And that prompted me to send you an email.

I was pleasantly surprised to get your email back. I pray your witness continues to be so bold!

Jay Brooks

Wow, Jay! You've been throwing all kinds of fans my direction! Thank you!

Did you take a look at my Final Justice version of the site? It's got the message you were just hit by at the bottom of the page.

Jay, Jesus died for everyone's sins so that even the most horrible, blood-thirsty villain can get into paradise. All he has to do is ask forgiveness from Jesus. THAT is a message of hope and mercy if ever I did hear one. The same goes for Jeffrey Dahmer, Adolph Hitler, the Uni-bomber and Marilyn Manson. And you wanna know something? I even think that deal goes for Satan himself. <Here, check it out>
You wanna talk about bold witnessing. It doesn't get any bolder that this.




Subject: question

I find your webpage fascinating. Curious to know what inspired you? What do you hope people get out your webpage?

Rex Winn

Hey Rex!
I think the number one thing I hope people get out of my webpage is amusement. It's an entertainment webpage.

That was a good question!

Hi Bob,

Thanks for your quick reply.

I'm confused as to how your webpage is for amusement. Would you do me the favor of explaining more? It's got a mix of themes and that's what I find fascinating.

Thanks again!
Rex Winn

Well Rex, it's got comics and games, those are both things commonly associated with amusement. And there's also other forms of comedy, like shananagans and funny pranks and cartoons. There's also, sexy girls and a bunch of other things that seems to me to be clear forms of entertainment no matter where you're from! How much explaining do you need about what entertainment and amusment is? I seriously don't know how to make it any clearer than that.

Here, I looked up the word here on Dictionary.com for you.
That's as good as I can do.

Thank you for all the terrific questions!


Some of the mix of themes that catch my attention are:
1. a person and event that some people regard as the basis for their whole belief system and purpose in life
2. a former method of the death penalty (and one of the most brutal of all time)
3. celebration of the some of the most commonly practiced holidays (at least in American culture)
4. fun, cartoon effects
5. games and toys

The mix of seriousness, brutality, celebration, fun and amusement is what I find intriguing.

I guess most of all choosing to base it on the theme of Jesus when there are thousands of other people or topics to choose from. That's why I find it confusing to say that the only intention of the webpage (and games) is amusement.

I don't intend to be tedious. I just find it interesting to see the message or purpose behind what we communicate. I see it like transparency. Being authentic... real! What you see on the outside is genuinely what's inside too. I think we live in a world that's largely fake. At least people trying to put on a front. Be impressed with me! Things that largely leave us hollow.

I don't know if you have any other insights to offer other than amusement. I'd love to hear more any other thoughts you may have.

Thanks for putting up with my questions and inquisitiveness.

Have a nice day!
Rex Winn

Holy Smokes! These are some fantastic questions, Rex! And you're very right! There are a great assortment of topics and themes that pepper my entertainment webpage. I'd be more than happy to address these things for you.

1. Yep, that's right! Some of the people portrayed on my site are the basis for a whole entire belief system in which large groups base their entire purpose in life! What better subject to base a fun-n-play game page on? I'm still not sure how you think this is would not be the most best idea if one were making a popular and sought after entertainment web page. There's already an established audience and to date they've made it one of the top searches on Google! It's been a winning combination.

2. As for this brutal method of the death penalty depicted, I swear I've only seen that image celebrated and trumpeted by some of the most respected people of our time! I'm still afraid I do not completely understand your question? Wasn't the crucifixion a good thing, and its outcome was a positive one for everyone involved, including Jesus? Sorry, I'm a little lost. Feel free to ask your question again!

3. Yes, my humor game page does sometimes center around commonly celebrated American holidays. I've purposely done this to increase interest in the site during those particular holidays! Like for instance, today is Valentines Day, so I've made a Valentine's Day theme game for people to enjoy during their Valentines Day celebration. It's a commonly used promotional tactic to increase traffic, and it keeps the site both currant and topical!

4. Yes, fun, and cartoon effects are also additional tools used on my amusement webpage. I'm not the first to exploit the ideas of fun and cartoon effects to entertain people of all ages, and I'm sure I won't be the last! Haha!

5. Toys and games are sold from the site to help fund and promote it! I've found that selling a toy version of an online game for profit helps fund the site financially. This too is also a popular method of maintaining a free entertainment webpage, and in some cases it even helps to fund new games and toys. It's actually a business and entertainment combined!

I must say that I completely agree with your assessment of people, and being authentic, like a transparency, along with being genuine inside too. I've found there are such people in all walks of life who will dance around what they really want to say, and are largely fake, putting up a front to say "Be impressed with me!" instead of simply being up front and honest with themselves and others. It's like a sort of wall people use to hide behind to keep from addressing touchy subjects that need to be addressed bluntly.

I have really enjoyed your inquisitiveness a great deal. I hope that you feel your questions have been answered thoroughly and perhaps even learned a little something along the way.

Have a super-fantastic Valentine's Day!


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