Some more than others.
Here's a collection of fans who love the site , fans who disagree with the site and fans that hate my fucking guts.

Send in your fan mail, include a picture, and if it's interesting enough, I'll post it.


OK people, you're not sending pictures.
As punishment for this, you will now be subject to images of what I think you look like.

The bunny slippers were pure genius.

Thank you for an entertaining 10 minutes of playing with the Virtual Jesus Doll after which I was intrigued enough to visit your main site. Then of course, I had an entertaining hour.

I'll be back for more fun!

Kara Ann


There are some of us out here in "matching khaki shorts and Old Navy t-shirts" that are loving you... Loving you for making us laugh are asses off!
This is some classic shit!


A friend just posted the jesus dress up site on one of the newsgroups I read and I visited it.
That's just fucking hilarious. And, before you think I'm a counter culture type, I'm a 53 year old businessman. Keep up the good work! The world needs more guys like you and fewer of the Dr. Laura tightass religious folks.

Heywood Jaiblomi

i love the jesus dress up doll.
i think he'd laugh, if he weren't dead

bruce horton

Dear Normal,

A friend of mine sent this site to me at work, I opened it up just as my boss happen to be passing by.. I was fired! ASS WHOLE!


You're job must've been really secure there to start with.
I guess you won't be in on Monday to read this so never mind.



" ...I don't see what coming across as a bully is going to do."

Dear Bob, A friend showed to me you're web site and I had it quite hummarus. My mom even found it humorous. She said, "that is so mean. Put The blue suite on him".
The problem I have with you feeling the need to personally chastize the people who sent you hate mail. And I won't buy that "They sent it to me fist" bs cause you had to have seen it coming.
Don't get me wrong I have the same problems with these loopholed Christian ideals. But I don't see what coming across as a bully is going to do.
If you need to shock poeple to get attention then, walk up to strangers with children and say, "No I don't eat babies, I prefer to have sex with them." Why challenge the moral fiber that makes people who need consequences to their action to justify being good.
And not to end this with sour tone, why not send some of your jokes to SNL they could use some decent writing.

Thanks for the laughs
Niles Cole

Niles. It's a web page.
If the tender, carpet prancing feet of the sub-urban's are burned by J.D.U.'s luke warm threat, then some tough-love "bullying" is absolutly nessessary.

What you call "justification for being good" I call a book of teachings that promotes prejudices. There is an intolerance among Christians that goes beyond your basic homophobias and Right-to-choose phobias. Basing your life on an intangible promise like religion is a blatant avoidance of reality, and from that stems ignorance.

As for me not being nice to all of the colorful personalities that write in to me... since when has "nice" done anybody any good? We as a race are plagued with this smiling disease. Nice is considered a virtue, and because of this, the truth never arrives on time.

Sure, telling people that I have sex with babies is one of many trivial truthes about myself I could share strictly for the sake of shock. However, to me it seems far more productive to share my wisdom in a Dress Up page format.

I suppose if SNL starts doing more Christ-mockery and baby raping sketches I'll send them my resume.



I thought dress up jesus was hysterical. Laughed my ass off and forwarded the site on to several friends. Reading through your hate mail, I was laughing so hard I was crying. Hypocrisy and Christianity seem to be best friends.

I found only one thing that upset me on your site. You said, "Keep in mind that little girls are probably offended more easily than any real person would be." That's pretty brutal. I don't think women are more easily offended then men. Maybe they're just more vocal. I don't know.

Anyway, I was pretty impressed with some of the graphics on your site. I especially like the guy with the spiky hair in the black bob shirt on the main page. It's good work.



Send your FAN MAIL with a picture and if it's interesting enough I'll post it.