Wonderful fans.
What's not to like?

I get many letters from interesting fans. Here are some that I found amusing, reassuring and , yes, even heartwarming. Take a gander and see if you agree.

Send in your fan mail, include a picture, and if it's interesting enough, I'll post it.


you are smart, so i like you... great artwork, great spacegrrls... great jesus... i jumped around and did a little dancing, twitching. thanks.

Andy Robbins

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Thank you for the information. The link has been fixed.
You're the president of company that up-dates Web Masters of their broken links? What's that job like?


Hi Bob, You're welcome, and I'm glad the report helped. If you're interested, we have other free information that I think you'll find useful.

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This one is best read with an English accent.

Hello Bob
I just visited your site for the first time, and will thank the person who recommended it. I will also be passing it on to others. I have read most things on it but will return to the hate mail section to finish reading. There were only a couple of things I didn't like so I just closed them and found everything else that I did like. I did enjoy the Jesus Dress Up and I don't see what the problem is, its a game.
Thanks for an evenings entertainment

Sam Davis


Send your FAN MAIL with a picture and if it's interesting enough I'll post it.


Hi Bob,

I liked your site. I mean I am a bit bothered for those that take the JC thing seriously. They would likely be really upset over having their icon blasphemed like that, and I don't like upsetting people, but hey, I guess they deserve it.

Anyway I really identified with a lot of what you had to say about Christianity, especially fundyland style Christianity. I'm ashamed to say I got sucked into it as a youth, found JC, did the tongues things, tried to save my family, the whole disgusting line I can see you know all about. I'm one of the lucky ones. I lost my faith and got out of it. My kids were young enough when I left that they were spared what you were put through.

I think your site is great and I showed my daughter (14) and she LOVED it and has been sending the bookmark all over by ICQ. She got the joke immediately, you see. She would like you to post more costumes on the main page or alternate them week by week.

You'd like her. The first inkling I had that my daughter wouldn't make a good Christian was when I took her into an Italian store. There was a lovely wall length pastoral scene of you know who tending his flocks and my daughter, then five, looked up, smiled wistfully and said "Oh look Mommy, a picture of Moses just before he went to Egypt."

A few weeks later my daughter arrived at my soon to be SIL for a dress rehearsal for her wedding and stopped dead in her tracks at the sight of a life size JC on the cross, complete with dripping blood. As she stared at this with horror, she was approached by the priest.

The priest greeted her and she turned and looked up at him with her huge saucer eyes and asked in the most plaintive little voice "Why do have a dead bloody guy hanging on your wall?"

The priest gave me a most bewildered look and then replied to my daughter, "That's Jesus! Don't you know who Jesus is?"

My daughter considered the matter and then answered. "He's the guy that borned in the barn, right?"

The priest relaxed a bit and nodded and said, "So you do know about Jesus after all." I relaxed as well. My mother had read her the story at Christmas and she had it. We wouldn't like complete antiChristians and make my SIL look bad for this heathen clan she was marrying into. My relaxation didn't last long.

"Sure," my daughter replied to the priest, "G-d got Mary pregnant, but he didn't want the baby, so she married Joseph instead."

I thought the priest was going to pass out and I had no suitable explanation. All I could do was mutter something and yank the little innocent away. We were subjected to some very strange looks from the priest for the rest of the rehearsal and the wedding proper.

Now that one was actually kind of funny and I share it with unmixed company once in a while for a laugh. But there is a darker side to it as well. My son at age 12 or so was out playing with a bunch of friends and they were approached about attending a free play with refreshments at a local church. My son went and he and his friends were treated to a play about people who accepted JC as their personal savior and those who did not and then the characters would die. Vignette after vignette carried the theme with a red robed devil with ears and tail leading the unsaved to hell with much terrified screaming and beautiful young girls in white angel costumes leading the saved to heaven.

At the end of the play the doors were closed and locked and the boys were told they couldn't leave until they had a bible study. Each boy was taken into a room with four adults and a bible and was basically grilled until they agreed to accept JC. Very intimidating and very scary for a child. My eldest had anticult training in his Jewish dayschool and knew his Judaism as well as his Christianity. He silently invoked the Kol Nidre prayer to himself. [That's a special prayer we Jews say every New Year that basically goes, G-d, if I have to profess I am a follower of another god this year in order to avoid being murdered, between you and I, we both know I don't mean it. We invented it for use living amongst Christians during the Spanish inquisition and we still say it.) He "found" JC on the spot, praised the lord, gave them a false name and telephone number and (as he put it) "got the hell out of there". He ran home to tell me what happened and I called the other parents who then went to rescue their children, still trapped inside the church being "saved". My son had a lot of trouble sleeping for weeks afterward and worried a lot about hell. It took a lot of reassurance to get him to accept that there is no such place for the 'unsaved' within Judaism. Judaism has its problems but a need to go out and try to turn everyone into little carbon copies of yourself and condemn everyone who doesn't agree with you to hell for all eternity isn't one of them.

Here's a thought for your site. If the punishment for transgressing even one teeny tiny law is hell for all eternity, what kind of justice is it that JC could atone for the sins of the whole world by spending less than forty eight hours in the place? That was the thought that got me out of fundy-land.

So overall, in spite of how offensive it is to Christians, I think it is a great site with an important message. Keep up the good work. But just remember, not all Christians live in Fundy land. Some denominations are actually pretty cool.

Judith Gordon

Your website is absolutely fabulous, I especially love the hate mail from outraged, so-called peace-loving Christians -- hey, why aren't they turning the other cheek? Looks like they're out for your blood. I bet they'd like to see the next photos on your site be ones of you nailed to a cross. They do have quite a fetish with that image, eh? What's that about? But, being the kinky guy that you are, I know you wouldn't want to give them such a turn-on. Make 'em beg!

Can't wait for the next episode to see how you fare with those evil Moslems when you dress up like Mohammed. Come to think of it, I've never seen any pics of him. Do you think he's a light skinned, straight haired, blue-eyed come-on like that Jew, Jesus? I mean, if God can make Jesus look like an Anglo, why not Mohammed, eh?

I'd send you some photos, but I don't think I could compete -- I'm a 50-year-old-could-be grandmother -- besides it looks like you've got your hands full with tiffany, kirsten, hollybear, miguel, kaycee and ...  Gee, hmmmm, sounds like you all could have quite a party! Practice safe sex, okay, dear. We need good humorists around for a looooooong time.

Keep up the good work -- and, oh yeah, see you in the lake of fire, brother!

Judy Wahl Talley