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The incredible
pamphlet now available for public consumption!

Download it today, print it out (front & back, one file), cut, fold and it's ready to defend you the next time you're handed one of those oh so annoying Bible-tracts we all know too well.


Back cover

8.5" X 11" 636k PDF file

Have you seen the Semi-illegal GOD IS FAKE money stamp?

Hi Bob,

I admire the G.I.F. thing. I printed out a sheet, cut them up, and carry them in my backpack in case I'm solicited by a religious freak - Which rarely happens here, oddly enough. When I lived in Portland, they were all over the place. They would stand across the street from the MAX station (train) , with a bullhorn, blathering on and on.

Anyway... Here's my suggestion; encourage those who are forced to go to church, say by their wacky parents, to take these along. They could place them in the hymnals, or in the collection plate. They would also be good to put in the bibles that are found in hotel rooms.

Have a nice day
Keith Blackwell

I love what your doing man, those god is fake and is god real? pdf's are the shit man, i have been putting them everywhere i have seen religious material around like phone booths and stuff. Is that ok with you? i am willing to put them everywhere but wondering how in the world you have time to answer all the emails, if you would ever like to hire someone to help answer emails lemme know.

If it's ok with you i will blow you up.. i mean i can get you tons of emails coming in i live in knoxville tn. I learned about you on infidel guy's radio show.... thanks alot man for what you are doing. I really can't thank you enough.

Billy Farris


I love it that you're printing those out and putting them everywhere. That's exactly what I was hoping would happen.

Right now I don't need help with the hate mail. But soon I bet I will! If and when I do I'll be contacting you Billy. Thanks.



As I was riding the subway home one day I discovered that one of your "God is Fake" flyers had been callously disgarded on the train. I thought to myself 'What a shame!' and decided I ought to do something to make up for it. So I posted it here:

It's gotten some pretty good response, and now folks from all over the place are looking to get their own copies of "God is Fake" and other sacrelicious flavors available up on your site. I'm just happy to be a part of it.


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The fun
Color-Me-In Colorform
you can print out at home!

pdf file 324 kb

Download it today!


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