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The reassuring
pamphlet now available for public consumption!

Download it today, print it out (front & back, one file), cut, fold and it's ready to defend you the next time you're handed one of those oh so annoying Bible-tracts we all know too well.


Back cover

8.5" X 11" 680k PDF file

Heaven Is Awesome flyer read

Subject: Instant Fan

I stock shelves for a local supermarket, and happened to come across a flyer as I was fronting the aisles up. The title was "Heaven Is Awesome!" Being an avid atheist, I skimmed through it and was disgusted with the bullshit that I found inside, it looked to be the typical fundamentalist Mormon pamphlet that one would find at the foot of a trashcan in a parking lot. As I was mocking the contents to a friend later that night after work, I noticed that there was a URL on the back of the pamphlet, so I decided to discover the source of the misleading religious smokescreen that was obviously directed at children/teenagers. Lo and behold! I was led to an incredible site that dealt explicitly with announcing the danger of religion, and on a campaign to stop it.

The tactic was brilliant, it led me unsuspectingly to your site; though instead of a perplexed Christian looking to find a path, I am a very satisfied atheist. Keep it going man!

Keith G, 17


The fun
Color-Me-In Colorform
you can print out at home!

pdf file 324 kb

Download it today!


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