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While I do agree that ANYTHING is possible through prayer and that EVEN Satan can be saved IF he repented of his evil ways, asked for forgiveness, and followed God - I DO NOT agree with your terminology: " A world where the old Satan-bigoted Christian belief is forgotten and a New Christian Faith begins..."

God tells us that there is ONE way and ONE FAITH to HIM and SALVATION: Jesus Christ. There are no other faiths or beliefs. No more can be said about that. If you read the Bible and feel HIS presence and understanding, then you will see that what I am trying to convey is true.

This sentence is also a bit off-course: "A world where Satan and God together use their powers for good."

First off, GOD gives ALL (everyone, including Satan) the power and abilities that they have: basically, 'From God, all men are blessed." And by stating what you stated in the above sentence, you place Satan on the same level as God. He is no where near that level!!!!!!! If Satan was to turn from his vileness, he would then become mearly another servant of of God in the form of an angel - the job for which he was originally created by God to do.

What's with this: "There would be nothing more beautiful than the image of Christ and Satan on either side of God's Throne..."?

By the way, according to the Bible, Jesus sits on one side of God along with the faithful (Heaven) while Satan sits on the other side of God with the damned (Hell).

What of this: "...compassion and acceptance of absolutely EVERYONE...including the Prince Of All Darkness."?

I can see and understand the compassion part, but acceptance - never. To follow God is to REJECT that which is evil and not of the Spirit of God. It seems that in these few instances (and others not quoted) that you are in error in several matters as per the word of God. You do, however, see a point that many "Christians" do not see - that the redemption of EVERYONE is possible if they only believe, repent, ask for forgiveness, and folloe Christ. However you might need to re-think some of the things that you are saying along with that idea.

I hope you can understand and learn from what I have said to you - more importantly, I will pray that Christ Himself shows you the truth in His words and these words as well.

In the service of the ONE TRUE Master,


You are precisely the sort of Satan bigoted Christian that I am talking about. It's because of you and your kind that we all still live in a world of evil!

FAITH my friend is what you're suppose to be all about! Your statements show me a lack of faith in God! Everyone of those statements that you brought up of mine are about hope. There is nothing wrong about hope David. Sometimes hope is the only thing worth fighting for, ya know?

I don't think that Satan would be just another angel if he were to repent. In the time that he's been the Master of Darkness he's developed leadership skills that no mere angel would have. Satan has also lived it. He knows the ins and outs of evil like no other! Who better to help battle evil than he who was once the controller of all evil? Satan's spot along side of God has been earned I assure you.

Please, take the time to see the error in your ways and at least give Satan a chance. It's when no one cares anymore that evil seems like the only option. Isn't "love" supposed to be the center point of your religion? Doesn't seem that way to me David.


God's promise that ANYTHING is possible through the power of prayer (Luke18:27) should've been our first clue that this is what we should be doing. No one is exempt from God's mercy and forgiveness! How did we miss this one?!

Perhaps it is the only prayer that God has been waiting for so that He can give us the ultimate showing of His mercy and forgiveness. The saving of Satan's soul!

So I beg you to join me in this prayer and ask God for these 4 things:

*Pray that God will let bygones be bygones and put this eternal feud to rest for the good of mankind.

*Pray that Satan sees the error of his ways, acknowledges his wrongdoing and asks for forgiveness.

*Pray that Satan uses his powers to spread the word of God and help others to believe in God's powers of hope and forgiveness.

*And finally, pray that Satan himself asks the Lord Jesus Christ into his heart.

Can you imagine the world that we could make for our children (and our children's children)? A world where Satan and God together use their powers for good. A world where the old Satan-bigoted Christian belief is forgotten and a New Christian Faith begins, with more love, compassion and acceptance of absolutely EVERYONE... including the Prince Of All Darkness. The generations of the 3rd millennium will recognize the face of Satan as the ultimate repentance and the limitless mercy of The Almighty God.

There would be nothing more beautiful than the image of Christ and Satan on either side of God's Throne, all working through the Holy Spirit to save EVERY soul!

This is what I pray for, and I ask that you would too.


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