It was another wonderful webcam chat we had two nights ago. Thank you. I feel like I may have won over a few new fans and frightened a few away as well. I got my required dosage of attention for the week and Venessa got some more darling pictures taken of me... for you. If you haven't visited the web cam gallery yet, do so! I made it for all of you who can't get your fill of my face. So send me the shots you steal from my cam. Feel free to tamper with them too! I like having strangers fuck with my face.
But now it's back to business as usual with a lesson in
Hate Mail 101
And as always, their emails will be in blue while mine are in black and white.
Yeah sure, I got a problem.
I start on something (like for instance Satan's Salvation) and I can't separate from it. It's all I can think about and I'm left with no choice but to see it through to the end, and it is you that suffers. But I promise there will be more Love Diaries, Dress Up's, Super Chics, Catholic School Girl Outfits and of course Hate Mail.

Meanwhile I have been so utterly flattered with how many of you have responded to Satan's Salvation with your own creative imagery which I will be happy to share with everyone... now.

This is my slight visual reaction towards Satan Salvation:

A little bit overdone, but...meh. Hope you like it.


Subject: The newest Satan's Salvation, yay!

Ah!!! LOL!!! I just read all the new Satan's Salvations, and Man! You weren't kidding when you said you had more planned out, huh? :D You keep amazing me more and more every single time I visit your site! I'm a movie buff, and I don't think I've EVER laughed as much at a movie as I have at your site in the past like, year. WOW!

Let me just say, you are soo great!

Sarah Evans

I read all the new Satan's Salvation {my computer is no longer set to 'suck'}, and I am in aggreement with Satan. Brav-the-fuck-o, Bob. Jesus is gay? AWESOME. Your comic lights up my life.


"Hey jesus,
can I come visit Heaven?"

;) hugs from the weenerfoetus

Anonymous email included pictures of a vandalized table in a Starbucks somewhere...

“...interested in your magnets...”

NO! I'm not at all interested in your magnets or whatever you are trying to sell. I did write to tell you how awful this site is! Jesus died on the cross to save your sins. It's not something to joke about! I think it's disgusting that you have this and especially that you can dress him up in a devil suit! That is so horrible! Try john 3:16. It's a nice verse to start with, and then get ride of this site!!



Yes DEBORAH BANE, the Jesus Dress Up refrigerator magnets are available! And they can be easily purchased on-line for the low low price of $15.99! Plus shipping

There is presently a waiting list for this item DEBORAH BANE but you're guaranteed to receive a copy for your very own if you reserve it today! So don't doddle! They're going fast and supplies are limited!

Jesus Dress Up Refrigerator Co. 2003

“the thing you would hate most is if somebody would pray for you.”

Dear Bob

the thing you would hate most is if somebody would pray for you. I hope to do so !!

Have a great life time

Joseph V Laspina

PS - ahh... if I dont manage after dont blame Satan but yourself Bob:-))

Dear Joseph V. Laspina,

What I'd like to do is paint for you a picture of what it means to an atheist when they are told that they are being prayed for.

Picture if you will a stranger approaching you, pointing to a little bug on the sidewalk and saying to you, "Do you see that bug there? Did you know that that little bug loves you and you should love it?

You of course say "Okay, whatever" while you tightly grasp your pocket book and spy him with a weary eye.

Then he says with a choppy egg-slicer grin, "Well you wanna know what? It's true! And you wanna know somethin' else?" he bends down lifting the bug from the ground, "I am going to take this bug home, put it into a jar with holes poked in the lid and next to that jar I am propping a small sign that says 'YOU LOVE JOSEPH V. LASPINA AND HE LOVES YOU TOO!" See diagram.

You say, "Yeah, okay whatever. Good-bye stranger." And then that stranger runs down the block laughing with the bug and a mission. This man goes home and actually builds this inexpensive but bizarre little shrine to you on his window sill, and every so often he reads the sign aloud to the bug that's inside that jar.

Joseph, the feelings you'd have for that smiling stranger are precisely the same feelings an atheist would have when you say that you're going to pray for him or her.

I'd be so pleased if you understood what I wrote here today, but I don't think that you will.


“I have a feeling that you were going to explode in some way or another during the narrative.”

Dear Bob

you are so damm craetive, I have a feeling that you were going to explode in some way or another during the narrative.

What can I say?? I can say that you need healing from a few experiences for sure !! as you do not believe in God's love for you, or maybe you are pissed off at Him big time. Before You make an effort to remove that fealing He cannot show You and convince You that He loves You. From my end i have my own battles, but Bob dont you think that it is a waste of a life time to allow your enemy to succeed or has he taken you over so much that your mind is totally under a stroger beings control that you cannot reason. Would you want to be freed or rather live in slavery ?? Now shut up Bob and dont say that I am the slave you are the one enslaved.

Well Bob that bug has created you, powerful bug dont you think. If you are just an atheist and not a satanist I wouldnt give to much credit to your atheism because you waste enough time to ridicule Him, what can I say wouldnt you be wasting your time BoB???

Bob wake up, what is it that makes you angry ? me ? good!!! what else? who doesnt understand you Bob?? who ? Hug the enemy for me

Joseph V Laspina

All you saw was hatred, anger and hurt in my response? Was my drawing full of hate as well? I just went back and reread what I sent you and I can't figure out why you'd think I was about to explode?

That narrative wasn't supposed to illustrate my feelings about God. It was illustrating what I think of you. The bug exists. God does not.

If all of this weren't interesting or funny then it'd be a waste of time. Don't you see how interesting it is that you think I'm Satan's slave and how funny it is that you say you're not a slave to the god you bow down and pray to? It's very amusing on this end.

Secretly though, I must tell you that this really is all a horrendous waste of time, but I'm having too much fun to stop! Don't tell anyone, okay? My TV hasn't worked for months... and I don't miss it!


“Believe in Jesus Christ and stop offending Him with your creative talents.”

Hey Bob

what do you want me to tell you?? Believe in Jesus Christ and stop offending Him with your creative talents.

I have nothing else to tell you.

Good night
Joseph V Laspina

What do I want you to tell me?

#1) I want you to admit that bowing down and worshipping God is slavery.
#2) I want you to tell me that worshipping no one is the farthest thing from slavery... except to someone who doesn't understand the definition of the word "slavery".
#3) I want you to acknowledge that rejecting God's love and believing He does not exist are two different things.
#4) I want you to admit how irresponsible it is to preach your theory of life that includes the overlord of darkness vs. this Mega-being of Love... oh, and dinosaurlessness.
#5) I want you to stop telling children your ideas of eternal damnation into hell with the red one. Kids believe everything adults tell them you know.
#6) Tell me you won't have children while you've got these imaginary friends.
#7) I want you to admit that you're a crazy person because you think that God (who's up in Heaven) is offended by the creative talents He's predestined me use this way.
#8) I want you to stop telling strangers how much hate, anger, and pain they're filled with.
#9) I want you to tell me that you now see your own moronic behavior and you'll seek help so that you stop hurting yourself and others.
#10) I want you to tell me that never before in your life have you been so brilliantly picked apart for the thoughtless, illogical, misleader that I exposed you to be.
#11) I want you to listen to my every word and understand that what I say is true.
#12) I want you to spread the news of my message.
#13) I want you to bow down and worship me.
#14) I also think that I want you to admit to being unintelligent too.

You asked.

“I dunno I suppose many people believe in extra terrestrials and ufos however they do not believe in Gods existance...or the one with a long long tail. hehe.... ”

I dunno I suppose many people believe in extra terrestrials and ufos however they do not believe in Gods existance.

But satanists usually do believe in God and their god. And you ?? are you still at it getting some fan or two to adore you ??

or the one with a long long tail. hehe....

Good night
Joseph V Laspina

Oh my. That has got to be one of the creepiest emails I've ever received.

Please lose my address.



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