Roll out the idiots!
The simpler among us let me have it.

As always, their emails will be in blue while mine are in black and white.

with the pictures they included.

Hi Bob

I have enjoyed your site.

I don't think you will need to post this as fan mail but I have included a picture that makes me look like a bit of a prat anyway in case you do want to use it.

I almost lost my job due to a stupid joke like your site. I teach IT in a posh school and wrote a lot of (I thought) funny things in response to an Religious Education paper. My stupidity in handing it into an anonymous RE teacher was gargantuan. She took massive offense and the whole thing got out of proportion leading to my dismissal. Happily I was reinstated on appeal. Anyway your site has done so much to restore my self esteem and help me begin to take responsibility for my life that I think you really need to stand up more to the Christians who "hate-mail" you so amusingly and not retreat into the "its just a joke" defense so often.

What you are doing here is a true service to mankind.

Graham Patterson

Hi Bob, my name is Dara... I got a dare from one of my friends not trying to make myself look really dumb or anything lol.... but she told me to tell you that you're a sexzi biyatch! LMAO! Don't ask it wasn't my idea dude!

O yeah I wanted to ask you howcome every time i go to view you on your cam its always away????????? Do you ever get on it?????

Well I'm gonna go....

Email me back dude!

Always, Dara!!!!!!!!!!

P.S I got my pics on there too!!!! YAY!! LMAO!
Later dude!

“put that down dijmwit”

you stink he created you jerk so put that down dijmwit


Stink? Jerk? Dijmwit?!?!
Kari, I am just as God made me thank you very much.

Now good day to you!

“Your extremly lucky jesus is merciless...”

Subject: Urge u to read this for ur chance to realize what u r doing.

You sick sick sick, mentally challenged ppl, how can u find making a mockery of our lord and saviour funny/amusing.

Your extremly lucky jesus is merciless and always loving, for if I was him I would cast u to rot in hell for this unimaginable disgrace and lack of respect.

diablo user name wescraven

Dear Mr. Navy Seal number twenty,

"Merciless" means without mercy; cruel unsparing behavior. You just described Jesus (your god) as void of any understanding, kindness or affection. Did you mean to do that? And your sporadic use of "ur", "u", "u r" and "your" when you mean "you're" (or in your case "ur're") has you appearing to be an absolute buffoon of a man, like at a carnival geek level.

Now if you were in my shoes would you climb aboard this monkey driven express train to Idiotsville?

Oh nevermind... you already have I suppose.

“my uncle said u all need better then that”

ok dressing up a jesus doll in a dress and devil outfit skull shirt messed up really is my familys christin my uncle said u all need better then that

Let me get this straight. Your uncle said: "u all need better then that"?

Well Blondy, you go tell your uncle "Iza gonna do a whole heapin' helpin' better than this all here"!

That oughta keep him occupied for a spell.

“I'm now somewhere in between the Taoism/ wicca/ church-of-the-subgenious/ believer-in-Jesus spectrum”

I'd just like to say that I believe in Jesus, God and the whole shebang. Love Jesus. He's a great fucking role model. Who do I hate?

Almost every fucking Christian on the face of the planet. I've never seen the icons as the problem. Its the weak, mindless robots who wait for their weekly Sunday programming from the opportunistic wolves preying on the 10% of their drones' (at least their good little drones) income. I could never call myself a Christian due to the stigma of ignorance and horrible history attatched.

That's why I'm now somewhere in between the Taoism/ wicca/ church-of-the-subgenious/ believer-in-Jesus spectrum, as improbable as it may seem. That being said, why pick on Jesus? If anyone is the victim of Christianity, it's him. In fact, he's the ORIGINAL victim. Let's assume for a moment that all that is said about him is true (the whole 'God's son' thing), what does that mean?

He came down to make the world a better place, fix what Daddy fucked up and show people how to cut bullshit out of their lives. The fault is in the evil, money-grubbing, sons-of-bitches that used his wisdom to fatten their linen-linen lined pockets.

I'm well aware that the effort involved in this letter totally defies the great teachings of Bob Dobbs, but I'm bored as shit. So just do me one favor: Admit it. Jesus wasn't all that bad.

Well, thanks for reading. I'm going to write hate mail to chick publications now.

Atoll Williamson
"Chad Williams"

I don't hate Jesus or think He was a bad person. I also don't think that He was God, fathered by God or a miracle worker of any sort.

He was a human being, like you and me and no matter how terrific the stories written about Him are that does not mean He is to be worshipped or His ideas unquestioned.

Role-model-schmole-model, you are being told to bow down and worship that man, obey his every command without question and believe every word in the book written about Him despite the evidence against it or you will suffer eternally... and your children are supposed to believe the same.

I might have let it all be if it wasn't all such nonsense... but it is, so go see how He looks in that pair of Daisy Dukes.


“...disbelief in God usually results in a belief in anything.”

A disbelief in God does not result in a belief in nothing; disbelief in God usually results in a belief in anything.

Joseph V Laspina

I don't believe that that theory had much thought put into it.

How's that?

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