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Nickname: lil avocado
Age: 18
Marital Status: Married


Her emails will be in blue
while mine are in black and white.

Regarding Angel!

Hey, well I don't get all of this B.S....

Angel if you don't like Bob's site then stay off of it, there's no sense in wasting your time trying to get him to change who he is! He doesn't care if you like him, or his site... Bob is Bob and Bob is cool! I'm a Christian too, but I'm not going to judge Bob and his site....Me personally, I don't like the Jesus Dress Up either, but I'm not going to make it look like Bob is a bad person because of it. You know Angel a lot of people may hate us or dislike us because we do believe in God, but hey..thats them. Just don't waste your time, it's not worth it. And Bob, why waste your time replying to her emails when you already know they are going to be something you don't like! There's no point in it...... it's worse than two teenagers or brothers and sisters fighting! Angel I'm gonna tell you, you need to seriously GROW UP and don't judge him because of his religion or how he is! You don't know him so PLEASE lay off!

Your friend,

Bob: Love your site. Want to marry it.

It IS pathetic, I know, but this angel gal: you might want to teach her to be a better Xtian. She seems extremely offended; blah blah, about Jesus dressup. You might point out to her that Jesus Himself, or God (whatever name The Lard wishes to go by today) is NOT offended by JesusDressup, tm. You see, according to her religion, God, even though He created emotions, can not be offended. This is a contradiction, but angel might not be able to understand this anyway, so never mind. The point is, since God is omniscient (you'd probably have to define that word), He would already know you were going to create Jesus Dressup and He probably planned the whole thing. Besides, being offended is Weak and Human. God is neither, of course. He is too strong to be offended. To illustrate: if one has seen every movie ever made, and every movie that ever WILL be made, one has, to coin a phrase, "seen it all." If one has seen (and, in a way, Created-but don't mention that-it would confuse her) every sick thing to come out of Hollywood, film school, and Guy Maddin, one couldn't possibly be bothered by seeing, say, "The Last Temptation of Christ."

Basically, God has already seen every website ever made, and all websites that ever will be made. Considering, at this point, there are like 3.2 billion websites on Google alone, there MUST be websites more offensive than yours. See, The Lord is too powerful, even, to be offended by goatsex!

Angel Herridge has offended God. Tell her she needs to make some sort of penance. I'm guessing she's a Protestant, so by all means, no "hail marys." I'm sure you could think of something good.

Sincerely Yours in Reason, Alison Randall
(Francois' super hot American girlfriend.)

Bob, I'm a huge fan of your sight and fellow atheist.

I was just glancing at the email conversations between you and Angel~Dawn. I believe this chick wants to fuck you. I think most people would've just given up by now, but not this chick. She may be a newlywed, but I do believe she is having second thoughts.

She's kind of cute. A little to heavy for my tastes, but nevertheless, do-able. At least for a blowjob. I'd like to poke out her eyes and skull fuck her. I just love church chicks.

Keep up the great work!

This has been a message from Neal "Damn" Rich reminding everyone out there to subvert the dominant paradigm.

Neal Rich

“VERY SICK SICK MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

YOU ARE A VERY SICK SICK MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


“Who do you think you are???????”

Who do you think you are???? That is a complete mockery of the Lord Jesus Christ! I don't know what you were thinking when you done that, but you are in danger of hellfire and brimstone.. I don't like the fact that you want to dress Jesus up and I really don't like the fact that you have a devil's suit of all things.... I hope that Jesus will forgive you for what you have done.... You better pray hard!!! Jesus Christ bore 39 stripes and died on the cross for you and you want to make a mockery of him on the cross.... again. Who do you think you are???????


Who do I think I am?

Sometimes I think that I am one of the last sane people on this planet who isn't so foolish as to worship a human "god". And from the sound of your email I also think that I am more than twice your age.

I also think I'm a real catch, if you know what I mean!

“He is a supernatural, all seeing, all being GOD!!!!”

Sane? no you are not sane! You may be twice my age, but I am the smarter of the two.... Who do you think you are. Jesus Christ is more than just some human "god". He is a supernatural, all seeing, all being GOD!!!! He died for your sins and wants you to be His child..... don't be so foolish as to mock him or his dad.


What's so funny is that I think I am the smarter of us both.

How about this; Whoever thinks that there's a mega-fantastic all being entity living out in another dimension reading your thoughts and impregnating virgins should raise their right hand.
Now everyone without a hand in the air gets both saner and smarter first prize?

How 'bout that?

“SICK INDIVIDUAL!!!!!!!!!!!”

YOU ARE A VERY SICK INDIVIDUAL!!!!!!!!!!! I pray that God will have mercy on your soul....


Is there really any chance that God could turn a blind eye on all of this and allow my soul into Heaven anyhow? Or is this "prayer" just something you're using to show how merciful you still are in your name calling?

“YES there is a chance that God could turn a blind-eye...”

sorry it took so long for me to reply, i just got back from my honeymoon..... YES there is a chance that God could turn a "blind-eye" on this and have mercy for you.... God loves you and died for you..... He is a very graceful God and he is full of mercy....


Mmmmmmmmm, honeymoon.... that sounds yummy!

Honestly I had no idea that God gave a break to some non believers and let them into Heaven. Is this in the Bible somewhere?

It must be funny havin' a guy who gets up into heaven who thinks it's all bullshit. I picture him sitting at the lunch table all alone with a dimmer halo than everyone else. Heh heh.

So who's the lucky fella?


“Are you serious about wanting to know if God will forgive you or are you just playing games?”

The Bible says that God hates our iniquities (sins) but loves us. He died for us and is a VERY merciful God. He knows that we make mistakes, but He is always willing to forgive. Are you serious about wanting to know if God will forgive you or are you just playing games?

i have a new e-mail address.... it is angelherridge@?.com

The lucky guy's name is Mark and if you care to see a pic of him and I check out my yahoo profile.

hope to hear back from you soon...

love Christ's child

Name: Angel Herridge
Nickname: lil avacado
Age: 18
Marital Status: Married
Occupation: loving mark
Singing and being with my HUSBAND, Mark
Latest News:
I have been married a whole week today!
Favorite Quote:
"So MANY men, NONE as good as mine"

Wow Angel, he looks delicious! It's clear from the picture that you're going to live long happy lives together... until you meet up again in Heaven and get to spend the rest of eternity together there.

I have to apologize, you're not half my age. I thought you were merely a child from you're earlier rants but you're 18 and you've got your whole life already scripted out ahead of you. I am truly impressed with everything you've accomplished and what you've gotten yourself into since high school.

No games! If you're assuring me that God could possibly forgive me even though I'm an atheist then I definitely am going to sleep easier now. Lately I've been worrying a lot about all the jokes I make regarding Christ and angering God but your emails have taken a huge weight off my shoulders. I honestly think I'm going to be one of those non believers that squeaks by the Pearly Gates. It's a feeling I've got deep in my heart. He truly is a merciful God.

So Li'l Avocado, what's next for you and your HUSBAND! Congratulations and it's so good to see that there's still such a thing as true, unconditional, everlasting love whether it's from you, God or Mark Herridge.


“You have to realize that there is a God?”

You have to realize that there is a God? May I ask what your explaination of us being here is? You should really start to read the Bible... it is very interesting and will fulfill every kind of reading enjoyment you desire... it has everything from love stories to mysteries in all kinds of different styles.

Mark and I have been together for almost 4 and a half years total.... I don't take the task of finding a mate lightly nor does Mark. He is very special to me and I know that him and I will be happy together for years to come. We will make it through everything with God in our marriage.

Any question you ever have about God or the Bible... feel free to ask and if I don't know the answer I will find someone who does. It has been nice getting to chat with you in e-mail hope to here a reply from you soon...

ta ta for now

btw..... how old are you?

I've always felt that the idea of God corrupted the logical explanation of evolution over time (the "idea of God" being those naked garden people, love up in the sky and the perfect human you call Jesus). I dunno, it just sounds like you're willing to absorb the promise of love without forethought or sense.

Personally I think it's just so obvious there is no God. Just because there's life and humans, blue skies and daffodils doesn't mean that they were all created by the gentle touch of a super being. There are much more plausible reasons for our existence than the magical tales you've been taught. Our planet has existed for billions of years, life has evolved over time and each and every thing around you is the result of what nature has promoted and discarded. These are all things that've been clearly proven. You finished school before you married right?

I didn't realize that you two had been together since you were 14! A lot of people just jump into these sorts of commitments because they fear the real world or being alone. You have to excuse my earlier remarks, I thought you were one of those couples.

There's no way you can make me believe that there is a God so I'm pretty much depending on your promise that I'll be one of the folks He lets slip by.
I am 33 years old.
Thank you for your message of hope.

PS. Hey, I noticed that you didn't use your "angelherridge@?.com" email address for your latest reply. You guys are still together right? I'd hate to hear that you had already called it quits.

“It is very offensive to me and you know that he is a merciful God and wouldn't appreciate that..... PLEASE???”

What do you think is so wrong with being a Christian??? I have been a Christian since I was 7 years old. I recieved the gift of the Holy Ghost when I was 8 and I am here to say there is no feeling like it. I could never explain to you, how great of a feeling it is. Like my preacher says.... trying to explain to Holy Ghost and how it feels is like trying to explain the color red to a blind man... it will never sink in unless he experiences it himself. The bible says that "all have sinned and fell short of the glory of God".

Jesus Christ knew that we wouldn't be perfect.... he died on the cross to sanctify us from our sins and to make us clean again. Truly I love having to chance to get to tell you about Christ. I just don't know if you REALLY want to listen. I know that when I get to heaven I will be able to say I tried to lead you to the Lord. I don't want anyone to go to a devil's hell.. I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy. Please know that I do care.... and I want you to know that I am always here for you to ask questions.... If you have any questions, I am here........

Christ's child

P.S. will you PLEASE take down the Jesus Dress Up doll on your website??????? It is very offensive to me and you know that he is a merciful God and wouldn't appreciate that..... PLEASE???

WHAT?!?! Are you saying that He won't turn a blind eye on my atheism and let me into paradise anyhow?

I clearly asked you: "Is there really any chance that God could turn a blind eye on all of this and allow my soul into Heaven anyhow?"
And you replied: "YES there is a chance that God could turn a "blind eye" on this"

WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON? I mean, I know that you might be distracted right now pokin' around in all the hot-n-heavy newly wed bed play but this is my eternal soul we're trying to save!

Personally I've always felt that you could just take a blind man's hand and press it against the hot stove and say "this is red" and at least you've given him the general idea. It's better than nothing! I mean Christ, he's blind, we shouldn't just completely give up on him!

I'm sorry, but I don't believe that God exists and I'm very disappointed that He'd refuse me paradise simply because I feel this way. If He were so merciful you'd think that He'd use His God powers and give at least some of us non believers a break. Hell, in my opinion, if He were so merciful then He'd exist! Bastard. I was also a little offended when you called me "A VERY SICK SICK MAN" earlier. Unfortunately I am going to have to keep Jesus Dress Up on the Internet because of these most recent developments. I will CONSIDER believing in His existence if He revises His requirements but until then I think that He's abusing the word "mercy".


P.S Hey, I'm thrilled to see you using the angelherridge@?.com address! Have you and Mark gotten back together again?

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