I've got all kinds of things that get hate mail.
Sure Jesus Dress Up dominates the hate mail dept. but I do have other accomplishments that deserve hate mail just as much!
Take a look at some of the other links that've gotten involved with hate mailers and see there's so much more of me to hate beside the dumb ol' JDU.

As always, their emails will be in blue while mine are in black and white.

Where is Sperm Boy today?

I saw you again on Tuesday. You walked by this long window peering in for a girl to coincidentally sit next to and need the time from. You see me now and you run away. Have I frightened you Sperm Boy... or are you just shy?

And what of your sweater and cap? What of those? Do you only own those two items (and a less favored charcoal version)? Do you ever wear ties? Shirts that button up the front? What about mock turtlenecks?

When I saw you on Tuesday I took this picture of you. The white is your favorite isn't it? Why is that? Why do you prefer the white over the black?

Enrique Iglesias

My brother told me that it is because of Enrique Iglesias that you do this. Is that true? Is that your reason? And what about your jeans Sperm Boy?

What of those? I think that they symbolize your rough outer shell while inside you are tattered and torn... like the ass of your pants.

Once you were sitting next to me at the counter while you were picking up on two girls. I heard you say that you were both a writer and a musician. Five minutes later you were giving them your number. Is this what I should tell girls too?

My god! My heart just jumped. I thought that I saw you approaching, but no. This isn't you. It's just a pale comparison. Does he not know of the eggshell version of this like you do?

Not Sperm Boy

Today is Thursday. I didn't see you yesterday. Where were you? Were you sleeping with those two girls? When you sleep with two girls do you wear the turtleneck sweater and skull cap?

Does somebody love you? Do you know love? Is love what you're searching for at the counter in the windows of this coffee shop? Is this where love is found?

I see that you do not wear a jacket when it is too cold out or a T-shirt when it is too hot out. Only a turtleneck sweater . Only in black or white. Two does not a rotation make Sperm Boy. Three can make a rotation. Two only goes back and fourth. Do you not know this? What of gray? Can there be a Sperm Boy that comes in gray?

Everybody already knows that you are good looking. Why do you rub it in our faces? Why is it that you show the world no mercy and make us hang our heads in shame.

I believe that in the land where you come from you are a hero. Your name is only whispered and your discount at Banana Republic is always 50%. And I think that in this land where you come from it is always 55 degrees... and breezy.

Oh thank goodness. There you are Sperm Boy. And it is a good day for you because you are in the white one. Your favorite one. Everyone's favorite one.

Will I see you tomorrow too?

Dude, maybe you're not hateful, but you sure as hell border on racist. ”

I love the normalbobsmith.com web site, but I have to say I was a little stunned with Whigger dress up. You try and rail against those comical folks who call you hateful over your Jesus stance, but then you turn around and have whigger dress-up fun? You do understand that whigger is a cute, little slur for white nigger, right? Dude, maybe you're not hateful, but you sure as hell border on racist.

Take care,
Jill Anderson

No it's okay. I'm half Cherokee.

dont you have anyhting better to do”

dont you have anyhting better to do then sit there ..and make horible games like: dress up Jesus?

Jordan Warren

Of course! I've got a comic to draw as well.


“...a devil suit to put on Jesus, that is just wrong.

Hey man what is the deal with dressing Jesus up like this. I really just do not like the idea of you having a devil suit to put on Jesus, that is just wrong.


No problem. I completely understand. I've got a replacement page here that doesn't include the devil suit.

Once I get your approval I'll make the revision.

Thank you for the input.


I can't see how anyone can find this a good entertainment.”

Hello. I just wanted to comment on this net game, "jesus dressed up".. It´s very, very disgraceful and inappropriate. I can't see how anyone can find this a good entertainment. Regards, Berglind.

Berglind Ósk Sigur

You see Berglind, there are some people in this world who don't think that Jesus was God. Some of us still stand on the theory that no man can be God no matter how popular a book that says He is becomes.

As a result, there are a great many people who are entertained by the humanizing of another human.

Does that help explain things?


...darts are bit coarse.”

I think the darts are bit coarse.


Do you mean that it's harsh to do that to Jesus or that the game doesn't look good enough for you?

My comment refers only to the idea of throwing darts at a bare human body - Jesus or otherwise - that then bleeds when hit.”


Thank you for writing, and so quickly. (You are something of a famous person, it is noteworthy to hear from you.)

I have followed your site for who-knows-how-long and have sent comments to you occasionally. I appreciate what you are doing at NBS. My comment refers only to the idea of throwing darts at a bare human body - Jesus or otherwise - that then bleeds when hit. This is a little more violent than I would have expected. As usual, your illustration is very good.

I hope things are going well for you in New York.


Just out of curiosity, were you similarly "put off" by the image of nails pounded through Jesus's hands and feet? My illustration on the dress up page shows that.

“Are you happy with the dart game?



I am not similarly affected by the static image of nails in his hands. Maybe because that is their story and I am not a participant.If you made game in which I was invited to enjoy slowly pounding nails into someone's bleeding body, I would probably be similarly effected.Do you see a difference?Do you see a difference between the electric drill and the darts?

To me, there is something about the slow and intentional aiming and throwing and consequential bleeding that takes this beyond the other DU options. Has anyone else expressed a similar opinion?

Are you happy with the dart game?


I love the dart game and I have played many rounds of it!

You're actually the first person to email a negative reaction that is why I was quizzing you. It's all just fun and games at Jesus' expense.

I'm sure he doesn't mind. Hell, if it keeps the kids from cuttin' their wrists it's worth it.


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