Gonna getcha Hate Mailers!

As always, their emails will be in blue
while mine are in black and white.

"Normal" Bob Smith. Well, well, well...

"NORMAL" Bob Smith, eh? I don't think so.

It all _looks_ sooooooooooo normal, sure. Just an average guy with his average website baiting an average population of conservative Christian bible thumpers. It all looks so innocent, I'm sure. Put on a couple of horns, paint your face red, a couple of thousand flame wars messing with the heads of Jehovah's Witnesses and such, and it all looks very normal - to the average putz. Normal Bob Smith, all-American boy, mom and apple pie, I'm sure.

It's too perfect.

I'M ON TO YOU, BOB!!! There is something *FISHY* about this site! There is something off, something not quite right, something...shall we say... wrong. Something's fishy in Denmark and I'm gonna find out what it is! I am going WATCH THIS SITE LIKE A HAWK, know that Bob! You're only human, you've got to fuck up sooner or later and when you do, I'LL BE THERE!

(This last part is kind of a visual thing. Unfortunately, it doesn't translate directly to E-mail that well, so you're going to have to kind of read it and imagine it in your head. Sorry 'bout that.)

(Um, normally I'd do this in person but you're in New York and I'm on the other side of the continent and everything and I'm a little short this month so I can't really cough up the plane fare and what with the war going on and them strip searching passengers who talk randomly to imaginary friends.... well, you understand I'm sure.)

Frederick Scott

I don't know what you're talking about. You've got the wrong guy, in fact maybe you're delusional! That's my guess.

And if you're talking about these pictures here, it certainly isn't what it looks like. A friend of mine brought over her 6 year old cousin so that we could all go to the museum together then go out for pizza. That's it!

There was a small scuffle and there may have been a point when things got a little out of hand, but I assure you at no point was her life in jeopardy.

Our visit to the Guggenheim was a delight and the pizza afterwards was delicious. We all had fun and none of us were seriously injured in any way... that wasn't later sorted out with the authorities.

So you keep that hand gun of truth pointed where ever you please because I've got nothing to hide... and there weren't any witnesses anyway so it may as well have never even happened. Go ahead and ask her. She'll confirm my story completely. You can't trust a 6 year old anyhow. Her word against mine.

Thank you for your email.

do you honestly feel that when you are 70 or whatever you will look back and think that offending so many people, was a good use of your time”


I have heard your reasoning behind your email, and i respect your opinion and I can see how it makes sense. But i still do not believe that you are doing the right thing with your life, do you honestly feel that when you are 70 or whatever you will look back and think that offending so many people, was a good use of your time, if your answer is yes to your question then i think anyone reading this will realize right there, that there is something wrong with you, without the lord you nor i, nor any of your friends (assuming that someone as low as you can have them) would be here. God has made us each unique and I guess you have chosen to hate him with all you have, but all you have CAME from him. I cant get over how stupid you are, and i hope that when you wake up one day with crap up to your knees and fire burning everywhere because you so happened to have gone to hell, that you are happy with the way you had thrown your life away, i guess the only way i can end this emai! l is by saying I am praying for you and all your pathetic supporters, and all tho i can not find it in my heart to forgive ANY of the things you have said i know that my saviour will come up with a way to forgive you because he is almighty and he can find good in someone even as bad as you

Sarah Logan

My answer to your question about when I turn 70 if I will look back and be proud that I offended so many people is yes. Except what I'm doing is more than simply offending. Here, let me explain...

Imagine, Sarah, a land where everybody worships a shiny golden statue that's mounted on a podium in the middle of a cul de sac at the end of your block. I'm picturing that little golden idol from Raider's of the Lost Ark (see attached). You know the one.

Everybody in your neighborhood lives in fear of this statue and everyday all of the people in your neighborhood gather around it and praise it for letting them live another day.

Now lets cut to Sarah Logan; a mild mannered woman who glances out of her window in the night hours at the lifeless statue that rules her block, knowing that it has no powers of any kind. All of your neighbors regularly beg you to give in and bow down to the statue but you cannot. It is beyond your capability as a human being to do any such thing.

Now lets flash forward several years, you are still living in the same neighborhood and that golden statue hasn't budged either. You are still privy to your neighbors who seem to be wasting their lives away as they gather around the statue every single day as they always have. You've seen their minds become more broken and twisted over the years as they try to please this inanimate statue by showering it with roses, wine and fresh bread.

Then one day you see outside your window in front of the golden statue an entire family. The father and the mother point at the statue as they explain to their children. You raise the window glass to hear what they are saying. You listen as they tell their children that they must worship the golden statue and they must always obey and praise the statue. Then you hear them tell their children that on Sundays they must kiss the statue on the lips.

Just as the mother finishes saying the word "lips" you lose it. You leap out of your second story window, plummet to the ground and run towards the statue, arms extended forward. You smack the statue off its pedestal with the back of your hand and kick it with your foot down the street.

The parents scream out in terror as they dive for their children, covering them with their bodies to shelter them from the sky that's about to fall.... but it never does.

Then you scream out, "You see? You see? The sky did not fall! This statue does not rule your lives! Run from this neighborhood children! Run with all of your might because there is still hope for you!"

While you scream both of the parents are scrambling about trying to retrieve the statue but instead kick it about clumsily. Every time that they almost get it they kick it again, occasionally clonking their heads together during the struggle. The statue bobbles about the street lifeless and meaningless as you knew it would.

Now Sarah, finally we flash forward to your 70th birthday and you've no regrets about what you did that day in a little make-believe cul de sac. A cul de sac where that statue still stands and people still gather to praise it... but at least you tried.

Now do you see where I'm coming from?


...your dumb-ass wouldn't have been here to be such a dumb-ass!!!!!”

you disrespectful freak if it wasn't for Jehovah and his son Jesus your dumb-ass wouldn't have been here to be such a dumb-ass!!!!!


I know! He really kinda shot Himself in the foot when He created me huh?


i'll pray for you”

i've just been to your website. anyways, i want you to know that God forgives. he loves you no matter what. i'll pray for you. i hope you have a good day.

Sincerly, Anna

you should worry about other peoples satisfaction.”

Dear Mr.Smith,

As a creater of this site you should worry about other peoples satisfaction. I am VERY OFFENDED by your site I am a christian and i think that your site is apalling now i am not saying you can't have an opinion just that there is no need to have all that wicked stuff on your site


For God so loved the world that he gave his only son and everyone who believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16

Rebecca Jung

As I've said from the beginning; my main concern when building this web site has always been everybody else's satisfaction. I take pride in the fact that I've consistently altered the contents of my pages to please others.

Now I stand proudly behind my writings and drawings knowing that I've made every change that's ever been suggested to me by somebody with an opinion. Changing to accommodate other people's needs is how greatness is achieved. I feel very strongly about this and will fight to the bitter end with whoever is opposed to my theory... unless you truly think that I'm mistaken. I mean, I'm not married to the idea. Let me know, I'm pretty flexible actually.



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