Here are some more emails from people who don't like me very much.

Their emails will be in blue while mine are in black and white.

Oh I get so many emails from people who don't like me. Sometimes I like to take stupid pictures of other people and match them up with the emailers. Here are a couple of examples of my little hobby.

How about something that takes some balls to put out there instead of something so predictable and safe?

Consider a Mohammed dress up with bomb belts, AK47s, babies skewered on bayonets and the like. Maybe a Hitler hairdo + moustache and a sign with a swastika that says "God Willing We Will Finish the Job." (You could have another with a Star of David covered with a big red "X" for your slower visitors who might not get it.)

Bashing Jesus is so 80s...let's see a little creativity and a little edge!


Mohammed Dress Up? What a great idea! No one has ever suggested that to me before. Oh, one problem. You see, his image has never been construed smart guy. THERE IS NO IMAGE OF MOHAMMED TO RECOGNIZE!

You want edge? I got your edge...

I think that the Hitler costume has the "edge" you've been searching for.

And really, isn't the 80s thing coming back?


Dear bob, though a christian, I actually found your comic strip quite amusing. The truth be told though theologically partially incorrect, I think that Jesus himself would have found it funny to say the least. I do hope that you understand one day who Jesus truely is. But till then I'm glad you have a gift to make people smile.

God Bless

Wonderful! I'm very happy that you were amused. I have to tell you though, in my opinion if we were to actually get a computer (& an electrical extension) back to Jesus' time and transmit my web site to Him somehow I don't think He'd care for the comic.

In fact I believe that the actual man who was Jesus Christ would crush the evil glowing box with a rock and then they'd stone us both for being Satan.

I think that that's who Jesus truly was.



“...what did he ever do to u other than love u with all his heart and die for ur sins!!!”

Why would u make fun of jesus like that this site is wrong and not funny and shouldnt exsist and what did he ever do to u other than love u with all his heart and die for ur sins!!!! u need to learn right from wrong. this isnt the way u should act towards him it will do nothing but send u to hell.

U can't be serious! How can u say that? Listen u, u need to take a U-turn and u and me need to knock some sense into u and unite before ur eulogy. If u use ur head u'll take a U-ey and u'll say P-U to Jesus.

U hear me u?
U know, never u mind. F- U!

ur goin 2 hell buddie!”

hahaha! thats hilarriouss ur goin 2 hell buddie!

Oh yes... Hell. Heh heh. Just follow the River of Blood past Broken Glass Island until you get to the shores of Tears Ocean. That's where you'll find me! Heh heh. Gosh I'm so scared of ending up there when I die, and you're so very smart for thinking it exists.

Hey, while we're at it, if you're interested I got 2 tickets for the teddy bear picnic I'd like to sell ya'. Free jellybeans!

Lemme know.

I would appreciate an honest and courteous response to my questions regarding these statements on your site”

Subject: What exactly do you believe?
Dear Bob:

I stumbled across your "hatemail site" while looking for something else today and I must say that your site was quite interesting. I'm a little confused as to what exactly you're saying you believe when it comes to who Jesus Christ is and how a person gets into Heaven though. I'm assuming that your site is meant to be funny and I noticed that a few bits of Bible truth were mingled in with a whole lot of nonsense. I'm trying to figure out which parts were meant to be the truth and which parts were meant to be the nonsense though. One place on your site stated the following: "And did you know that everyone who died before Christ died went to hell? (This is all merely speculation on my part.) This includes Mary's parents and their parents and so on! This goes all the way back to Adam and Eve and their kids! It's all really astounding if you think about it. I'm guessing that anyone who died while Jesus lived went to hell as well. If there is any Christian out there who can explain to me what happens in this scenario I am keen for answers."

My question for you is...are you the person asking this question and do you REALLY want an answer or are these just empty words? I can and will answer this question for you if you do in fact want to know what the Biblical answer is. I just felt compelled to somehow respond to this statement, and if I get a favorable response in return I will be more than happy to answer this and any other Bible related questions you may have.

One other statement made on your site which I am also wondering about was the following: Now there is one loophole for anyone who dies after Jesus. What is that you ask? "Well, if you accept Christ into your heart while you lay on your death bed, no matter how bad you've been, God has to let you into heaven! It's a fact. You can spend your whole life raping babies and pissen' in collection plates, then if you confess your sins and accept Jesus as your savior, he has to let you into heaven!"

I was just wondering about the person who made this statement and where he or she got this information from, because it is not totally the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, that is according to the Bible. I would appreciate an honest and courteous response to my questions regarding these statements on your site, but I kind of have my doubts as to whether or not that will actually happen though. Nevertheless, I will send this just the same and hope for the best.

Please send any response directly to this email address only, if you would like a response in return...thank you.

Kind Regards,
A Bible Believing Christian

I suppose that when all is said and done I'd only be interested in hearing the answers to those questions because I'm fascinated by the explanations people invent to reason out the Bible. All of my life I've heard many different excuses from people trying to sensibly explain its bizarre stories and blatant contradictions. It doesn't take long before one concludes that it's just another human being making up answers.

I have the real answer to those questions. The answer is; those stories in the Bible didn't really happen. They are legends passed down through the generations then written into a book by people who weren't even there.

I know you've got explanations for all of those questions too. I must warn you however, if you give them to me I will only read them in wonder, fascinated by the senseless things people somehow pretend to believe.


Subject: a four word statement

Subject:a four word statement

I forgive you, and I'm sure HE will too. But, being only another human being, I can't even imagineŠwhy.

Tony J Sacco
Santa Ana, CA

Hold on. So what you're saying is that you CAN imagine two of every animal finding their way to a giant boat built to rescue them from a complete submergence of an entire planet... but you can't imagine why God would ever forgive me?

Seems to me that you could be sold on any crazy idea at this point. I mean, as long as someone is telling you God said it was true.

By the way, what was the "four word statement"?

Please clarify.

“Jokes and all are funny

You are sick. Jokes and all are funny, but when you start messing with people's religion, that's going to far.

Amber Little

It's funny to me that you think this, and that is why I do it.


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