Skater Bob's Rant

"Don't try too hard to pose for a picture you fucking horseface. As you can see with the stupid afro dirt bag he likes to take it in the fucking ass cause that shit must hurt sitting on your skateboard like that. I call this photo the three assholes. Seeing these dicks in person is one thing and then writing stories about them and having to look at there photos makes me want to smash in their skulls!!!

What a bunch of losers but no need to tell anyone that you can just see for yourself. These kids need to call up there parents, pack up there bags and go back to mommy and daddy. Do you think that these kids will make it New York? I don't think so!!! I see many people come and go. You can't look and act like a pussy and survive in NYC. I give it two more years and you will never see these pussies at Union Square again.

I wish my mommy and daddy were rich this way I can slum it up it in the big city. Who knows maybe if I was them I would be fucking 13 year old girls and I would tell them that I am a model.

Little girls are stupid so they will believe anything that you say. So if you tell one little girl that you are a model she will go running telling her stupid little friends that she met a model and that will be more hairless pussy for yourself.

These guys love fucking little girls I guess if I look like a little bitch I would want to fuck a little girls too cause you know that they wouldn't handle a real women. They might as well move to the next level and just start fucking little boys."



Skater Bob
June 18, 2003
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