I've gotten a lot of response from those of you who really like my little doodled retorts, and with no Satan's Salvation (yet) for your Sunday Comic viewing pleasure, I present to you
The Sunday Comics Edition
of Hate Mail!

Their emails will be in blue while mine are the funny-ass drawings.

Actual fans. Actual pictures.

Subject: No subject was specified.

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Hey Bob!

Let me start by saying I'm a huge fan, as much as I can be after only having discovered your website a week ago. So much of your personal journey rang true with my own journey from having been raised a baptist, spent most of my early adult life as a christian apologist, and finally reaching where I am now, totally convinced of the logic of the universe and laughing at the notions of heaven and hell. I love reading your replies to the hatemail you get, and Satan's Salvation made me laugh my ass off more than once.

I'd like to give you some ammunition to fire at some of your attackers. Several of the more "enlightened" christians bring up C. S. Lewis. I read his book Mere Christianity, and from what I remember, his basic argument boils down to the observation that we have a burning need for guidance and salvation, and he sees this as proof that there is a god and god put that need into us. Well I have also read Ishmael by Daniel Quinn, who points out that this burning need for guidance and salvation is a very recent thing on the timeline of human events. Also, it is curiously only found in cultures like ours who believe that we are the pinnacle of creation and the Earth belongs to us. From 3 million BC up to 8,000 BC, human beings lived quite nicely on Earth, until the agricultural revolution started destroying all the ancient cultures, finally reaching this continent in 1492 CE. That's the simple answer to C. S. Lewis -- the burning need for guidance and salvation is a direct result of the destruction of ancient cultures, which had plenty of guidance, and the terrible mish-mash of rules handed down from above (whether it's from the pope or from the king or from congress) trying to just knock together something that works, based on some crazy idea that it sounds good therefore it ought to work. Who wouldn't want salvation from such a crazy place?

This explains why it is so damned hard to convert the natives in "primitive" cultures, because they have no concept of salvation or why they should want it, and no burning desire for guidance that we arrogantly think is innate to the human existence.

Check out www.ishmael.org

Ralph J Ball

“My children couldn't believe it!”

This site is very disgusting, I am a Christian, I can't believe that you would put Jesus on display like that to have people put a dress on Him,And a diaper on him. My children couldn't believe it! I really hope people wouldn't dress Him up and proudly display Him in this disgusting way.


“thankyou god for making us aternelife”

thankyou god for making us aternelife
I LOVE YOU .................



“Dude, get your head checked”

What kind of stupid idiot designs something as sick as that? Dude, get your head checked

Mike Jeselskis

“Jesus is love, he loves us, he could have killed us all...”

Jesus is love, he loves us, he could have killed us all but he sent his son to forgive are sins. He loves us, more than anything, please ask him into your heart. I uesd to hate him, i'd blam him for all the pain in my life, for the abuse i saw and had done to me in the first 10 years of my life. when i forgave my dad i felt wonderful, just so wonderful.

Please believe me, please believe in Jesus. if you need any answers please ask.



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