The "Biblical Dinosaurs Contest" has a winner!

And still there are those who go on to argue the concept.

Their emails will be in blue while mine are in black and white.

Melissa Tillery did a fantastic job illustrating this heart touching nativity scene. In my opinion she is clearly the winner for having done such a wonderful job. Thank you Melissa. This image has been my desktop for the last 3 weeks. I love it.

The very first entry I received was from Abel Dean and his recreation of Abraham's offering to God... and T. Rex.

It is a common myth that God sent an angel to save Isaac from Abraham's piousness. That is a KJV mistranslation. In fact, the original Hebrew manuscripts clearly state that it was a Tyrannosaurus Rex, as can be shown in this painting.

Love your site,
Abel Dean

Melissa wasn't the only one to submit a nativity scene. Paul Gluck offers up his own interpretation of that magical moment here too.


Boy the more I read Jasens letter the more I like his "copy/paste logic" Here is a letter my friend sent me, sure it has nothing to do with anything, but you go ahead and interpret it however you like.

"The new gig sounds good. Adam and I are a bit lonely without you, but things here are pretty good. Still on Ratchet...I have a feeling I'll be on it for the length of my contract. Adam is going crazy on Syphon, though I heard they got another level. He should hear about that job next week. I just applied to a gig at Pixar. Keep your fingers crossed! The dating life is what it is. So many cute boys so little time... hee hee "

Reverend Paul Gluck
Monster Truck Ministries

ou don't have to be an artistic genius to get a smirk out of me.

Subject: The Truth about Eden

Yeah, I can't draw...
K. R. Harris

I love the color in this next one. These are the images that danced in my head when I was a child. I insist that you click on this image and witness the dazzling array that believers still cling to.

This is my picture for the contest you got going on. It's not very impressive but I like the way that the T-Rex is killing the elephant and the guy is being attacked.

I just wanted to add that I found your site about 3 weeks ago and sicne then I have read through all of your hate mail. I love the way that you answer all those idiots, especially the one with God saying "I could have killed this fucker." Everything on your site kicks ass. I am a fellow atheist, but I think that you have shown me that there is a god, and his name is Normal Bob Smith.

-Jonathan Q

I would have paid ten bucks to see this one.

heres a rejected poster from a recent kids movie.


Check out more of Nick's comics at his main site.

I got so many ideas for pictures it hurt. I drew up four pictures, and I have ideas for more (ideas like Flintstones Jesus, dinosaur last supper, Noah getting attacked by Velociraptors, etc). I attached the picture that I thought was the best, and that picture is going to be my contest entry. If you want to see the other pictures I drew, go to this webpage.

So, thanks again for this contest. You should do things like this more often.

Nick Deppe

nd last but not least.

Craig Carpenter
Lubbock, TX

Thank you everyone for your entries, I thoroughly enjoyed them! I think next we'll have some contest to depict what Jesus' Second Coming will look like in the year 25000 AD.
Won't that be neat?

“ These stones clearly show men riding dinosaurs, as well as heart transplants and brain transplants being performed by ancient Peruvians.

Subject: Jasen's Evidence

Dear Bob,

I was very disappointed in your response to the recent letters from the Canadian, Jasen.  On your website you put on a pretense of determining your beliefs by reason and science.  If this is the case, why did you completely fail to address the significant, scientific evidence Jasen provided?

Rather than carefully examine the evidence, you mocked his spelling and his age and accused him of not thinking.  On the contrary, it is you who have failed to think.  Your response was superficial and juvenile.

I challenge you to address the evidence: evidence which proves the coexistence of man and dinosaurs.

Jansen cited the pictograph discovered by Dr. Hubbard at the Hava Supai Canyon site.  Have you examined this find?

How can you reconcile your evolutionary timeline with the FACT that humans created this amazingly anatomically accurate rendering of a brontosaurus rearing up on its hind legs?  There is no other explanation than that man and dinosaurs coexisted.

This is not the only evidence.  Dr. Javier Cabrera devoted his life to unearthing and cataloguing thousands of ancient engraved stones from the desert of Peru.  These stones clearly show men riding dinosaurs, as well as heart transplants and brain transplants being performed by ancient Peruvians.

These findings completely overturn evolutionary thinking.  But, like you, scientists have refused to consider the significance of these finds, or the effects this knowledge would have on their "theories".  To quote Dr. Cabrera's official website, "Instead of studying them, the scientific community declared them to be of 'no archeological value' and arbitrarily determined them to be fakes." 

The scientific community has accomplished their agenda by denying the public the facts.  Perhaps you share their prejudice, Bob: a prejudice that enables you to avoid being accountable to your Creator.

If you want to be intellectually honest and study the engravings on the Ica stones, all you have to do is pay $25 for the book, Arrival of the Gods: Revealing the Alien Landing Sites at Nazca.  This book can be purchased at Dr. Cabrerašs website, noted above.

I hope you are able to overcome your hypocrisy and face the Truth,

Lauren Lewis (another Canadian)

Hold on a second. This is the "amazingly anatomically accurate rendering" you're all trumpeting? This? THIS?! Are you serious? And now you're asking me to address this with an explanation other than "brontosaurus rearing it's leg?"

Um, how about a lizard? A guy carrying a rock? A stork dropping a load? Ostridge with its head in the sand? Christ, maybe it's a cloud formation? And unfortunately for you this is more than likely the best example found.

But wait! According to you science and archeology cannot be trusted! Hell, we once thought the world was flat and the universe revolved around us! And now you're bringing this to the table despite how unreliable you know this ambiguous juvenile scrape is?

Listen Lauren, I've already made it crystal clear that I have a hard-core prejudice against the notion of a creator and dinosaurs co-existing with man less than 10,000 years ago. It's the same prejudice I've got against demon possession, magic pixies, haunted houses, Nazca alien landing sites and cavemen heart surgeons. The reason that scientists refuse to consider these things is because they are all ideas pulled out of a hat in an attempt to validate the bible... and everybody knows that the bible is bullshit.

Lauren, if you truly cannot think of another explanation for that rock then maybe there really is something wrong with Canadians. No offense. Just theorizing.


“You're a jackass”

You're a jackass. Have fun in hell.

Matt Brusoe

Oh God. You're an idiot. Have fun in fantasy land!

“Bob, you're the idiot”

No, Bob, you're the idiot. Who would ever make something like that? I feel sorry for you if you find that funny.

Matt Brusoe

No, you're the idiot. You actually believe that the talking snake tempted Eve, and that we have a sin debt to the Universe that's been paid off with the blood of the spawn of a supreme being in another dimension?

I can almost hear the "ah duh" from my location.


“Yes, that is what I beleive.”

Yes, that is what I beleive. And, what do you believe? I can't wait to hear it after all the other bs you have given me.

Matt Brusoe

Um, I believe that life isn't fair. When you die you're forever dead and the ghosts and angels and devils you worship are all a silly attempt at pretending life is somehow fair. It doesn't get anymore real than that Matt.

Now I'd be curious to hear how much in denial you aren't by having you explain how the dinosaurs fit in between that first day when God invented light and the fifth day when He made man, because that's what BS really sounds like.


“I can't explain the dinosaurs. That is a really good question, and I have no clue what to say about it.”

Bob, you are so wrong. Life is fair. You don't just die when you die. If you truely beleive Jesus is the Son of God, you go to Heaven and have eternal life. You get to see all those loved ones that had left you before. I don't know how you can just think all of this...

I mean if you don't change your act, you're probably going to go to hell, and I feel really sorry for you about that. Maybe you don't want to go to Heaven, I don't know, but I would think eternity in peace, surrounded by your love ones would be a heck of a lot better than spending eternity in hell,being burned by a non consuming fire that just keeps on burning you. Think about when you get a little burn from a hot pot, or a lit match, that hurts really bad, now just imagine that feeling all over on your body... for soooo many years. When I think of that, it makes me want to throw up. I hope you will think about that, and see what I'm saying.

I can't explain the dinosaurs. That is a really good question, and I have no clue what to say about it. There are just some things in life that can't be explained, and that is one of them. But I hope and pray that youwill start to see that I am making some sense here.

God Bless.
Matt Brusoe

You know what's so interesting Matt is that everything in life can be explained... when you take the Bible out of the equation. The dinosaurs, humans, our need to invent a "God" so that we can cope, and most everything else. There's a reason why all of these things can be so easily explained without "God". Do you want to know the reason again? Yes, you guessed it! Because God is fake too.

Don't you ever sit down and wonder why there aren't explanations for the things you believe? Why it doesn't make sense? Why "faith" is so mandatory instead of logic, sense, or proof?

Or how about why you refuse to think I don't believe He exists? You even go so far as to suggest that I want to burn forever. Your own thought process doesn't even allow the idea to come into play, and this Matt is a clear indication that you're the one who's full of bull shit. Right up to the top of your head.

First you need to have some explanations before you go around trying to rope people into the spiral you're spinning in.


“I feel like I'm going to cry. Like my best friend or my mother has been stabbed in the back many times. My heart has gone cold from seeing your site.”


I can't beleive this site. All of this work you have done, all in blaspheme of Our Great Lord Jesus Christ. Oh my God, why have you done this?! I feel like I'm going to cry. Like my best friend or my mother has been stabbed in the back many times. My heart has gone cold from seeing your site. Why have you done this to me? To Us? Don't you know you will die soon and go straight to Hell? Hell, Bob! Haven't you heard the stories of Hell?! The Inferno! It's not a good place to spend eternity Bob. So, I will pray for you. Because I love you. I love you, Bob. How is that? You hate Jesus and all Christians, but I love you. And when you feel the love, you will understand. You WILL change your ways.

Peace and Love
John Kazarian

Do you find it at all odd that you had such an emotional breakdown all on account of seeing a drawing? It's kind of kooky if you step back an look at it.

Yes, I've heard the stories of Hell and it sure does sound like a horrible, fiery fate, my goodness. I think that the only explanation I've got for what I've done is... ready? It's all fake. Yes! You heard me correctly. Hell is fake! Tis true! And you want to know something else? It makes perfect sense. I understand that upon reading those words you're probably convulsing on the floor and coughing up blood, but that doesn't make it any less true.

My suggestion to you is get yourself a therapist, come to grips with the fact that life isn't fair and you cannot truly love someone whom you do not know... and download Web Nanny™ for yourself so that you don't have another scary glimpse of reality poking its ugly head into your living room.


“YOU SICK FUCKING BASTERD! that pisses me off sooooo bad. why would you even think , and actualy take the time, to make a jesus dress up site?”

im sure you get this all the time, but YOU SICK FUCKING BASTERD! that pisses me off sooooo bad. why would you even think , and actualy take the time , to make a jesus dress up site, while hes on the cross with a devil costume?!?!?!?! you must have some issues BOB or what ever the fuck your name is. hope you get the help you need.

Andrea Stevenson

6 million hits a month baby! And that's a hella lotta potential hand jobs!
Any more questions?


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