The hardest part about being a Christian is admitting that your God may very well be as big of a sucker as you.

& his idiot's wager.

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A confused reader asks a pertinent question.

I need a person-to-person electronic explanation of why atheism is a good idea. Try to free a confused person!

James Wright



First and foremost, the reason atheism is a good idea is because of premarital sex.

An atheist can indulge in premarital sex without fear of punishment... unless that's a part of the prearranged agreement between the sex partners already. That's number one, but there are several other reasons (not quite as important) that you should also be told about.

One of the lesser reasons atheism is a good idea is because of truth. Truth like actually knowing where we came from, how life works, what's really happening and what's going to happen. Knowing the truth has been proven to be helpful in life despite how it infringes on multiple premarital sex partner "relationships".

Knowing the truth has also accounted for many advancements in technology, vaccines, child rearing techniques, criminal profiling and even tastier foods! I'm having trouble thinking of specific examples but knowing that which is true is usually better than believing that which isn't true.

Atheism is also a good idea because some people might think you're crazy for believing in ghosts or seven headed dragons or the mallet wielding god called Thor. And I've found that looking crazy means less premarital sex.

Atheism also puts people first. Religions usually put God first, then people. Sometimes they even put religious people before non religious people. In fact, sometimes people can fall way down the list below God, His Son, spirits, popes, priests, the Chosen, religious... and even the belief itself. Atheism does not do this. For an atheist, only premarital sex partners are more important than the human race. No other religion can make that claim.

And finally, atheists generally believe in evolution, and the theory of evolution hinges on the importance of multiple premarital sex partners for the survival and improvement of a species. It's THE most important part of atheism.

I hope that I've stressed enough what is so important to me about being an atheist.

Thank you for your question.


“Wouldn't it just be safer to believe...........?”

For your sake, I hope that you are right. Have you thought about the consequences you'll have to face if your wrong? I think you are a very intelligent person, and it is obvious to see that you have thought a tremendous amount about this philosophy of yours, but what if? Wouldn't it just be safer to believe...........?


Hold on one second. Is this what you're doing? Pretending to believe just in case? Does that work?!

That really doesn't sound like you're being very honest with-
Oh my god! And are you going around telling people all that stuff in the Bible is true based on something you're make believing in just to be safe? That's horrible! In fact, that's lying.

If that's what Christians are doing then they're complete posers! And it doesn't get much lower than that.

Honestly, it never even crossed my mind that people might actually see that as an option. It's heartbreaking to hear they're out there living life submitting to fear. No wonder they act the way they do. You've opened my eyes Christina. Now I understand the kind of "faith" you have.

So, nah. I'll skip it.


Please ask Jesus to save you.

In Christ
Bill Savard

Jesus please save me...
... big money on car insurance!


“If you died today where would you go?”

If you died today where would you go? If you don't know, you might want to think about my first comment.

Thanks for your reply
Bill Savard

Oh, I know. In fact the answer is so obvious that some people will buy into the craziest beliefs you've ever heard just to avoid this obvious answer.

The answer? Nowhere. You go nowhere Bill!

You know how it is that you didn't exist on planet earth before you were born? Well, that's the same place you'll go when you die too. I know that you're not gonna want to let go of that "eternal paradise" you think you got comin' but nothing makes more sense than "the end is the end."

So, does this mean I don't have to think about your first comment then?


“How about a little insurance.”


If you are right I lose nothing, if I am right you lose a great deal. How about a little insurance. Try it my way, you will not be sorry.

Bill Savard

No no no, get it right. If you are wrong then you have wasted your life submitting to something that was never there, and you will have encouraged children to do the same. You'll have spent your life promoting a lie that encourages people to put a non existent entity at a greater value than themselves. That's pretty low.

You will have also contributed nothing to mankind because you'll have left it all in the hands of that non existent force. And in case you didn't know, this is a great tragedy. In the end your life will have been spent pursuing that which is fake.

I, on the other hand, as a result of being right, will have done everything in my power to discover that which is true (and obviously succeeded), aiding my fellow humans in the noble pursuit of happiness and freedom (something that a servant to nothingness does not pursue).

Oh yeah, and one other thing, you're also going to look like a total moron. I mean, are you serious? People pretend to believe just for a little insurance?!? Your fool god allows that?!?!

Bill, you're an embarrassment to your "faith" (if that's what you call it).


“I showed a friend your track, first thing he said is this guy has really been hurt in life, and thought God let him down in someway.”


I showed a friend your track, first thing he said is this guy has really been hurt in life, and thought God let him down in someway. I thought maybe so, but here's my take on it.

First of all the title of track or booklet shouldn't be named GOD IS FAKE, but instead IS GOD FAKE? Because you haven't searched the heaven's and you really don't know for a fact that God is fake.

Secondly I got to give you credit for something you wrote. The part in the tract that says just use common sense is right on the money. I know alot of people who have done stupid stuff including myself because they thought God was leading them. So to all the christians out there, use common sense and faith.

Best regards,

The only thing that hurt me was the realization "eternal paradise" was just wishful thinking and not really there at all.

Common sense and faith don't mix very well. One defeats the other. If common sense works then faith isn't necessary. If faith is necessary then obviously common sense wasn't working. There's your answer.

Oh and I've already beat you to it Jay.


“your parents are your spiritual brother and sister, and God is your Father.”


Read through some of your "hate mail." Very funny stuff. You have thought things through. I agree with the first blush inconsistency of a "loving God" and eternal damnation.

In my opinion, it makes more sense that there is a place where a soul may go to heal before moving on.

I don't know enough to be able to defend or explain the possibility that hell may be as described in the bible.

If it is a real place, it makes more sense to me that it is a place for people who were presented the gospel in understandable terms, given more than one chance to accept Christ, and yet purposefully and knowingly rejected Him and lived a life that brought more than a little pain and grief to others. Kind of the difference between manslaughter and 1st degree murder. But like I said, I really have no idea. It used to bother me a lot.

I have also read your personal religious history as you relate it on your site. I am going to point out something that you will reject. But here it goes: It seems to me that your perception of God is confounded by your problems with your parents and their beliefs. I think you should reconsider, or consider for the first time, that your parents are your spiritual brother and sister, and God is your Father. When you look at it like that, it puts them on a level where their mistakes and goofy views are not so powerful. They're just like you, here to learn and grow and hopefully become the best they can be.

Here is my take on Jesus: God's Son showed us how to live fearlessly. He spoke out against the hypocritical religious authorities of the day. He ignored their threats and pointed out their errors, and showed them what a burden they had laid on people. He emphasized that God was a God of mercy, not judgement as they taught. He flipped the world upside down for everyone who listened to him. He brought hope and joy to the oppressed and to "sinners." He presented fierce defiance to those who lorded their authority over the people. Yet he never drew a sword. Instead, he taught us that death is not to be feared. He preached that it was more important to keep your integrity and good heartedness than to keep your life. He demonstrated this by allowing himself to be taken and crucified. Then He came back and showed many people that He was still alive as if to say, "see, death isn't so bad - so live and speak fearlessly!"

I have no doubt that you can find many ways to poke fun at what I have written. But I had written back and forth to you a couple of times a few months ago and I enjoy a good debate. So I couldn't resist writing again.

Take care,
Mike Osborne

So what you're saying to me is that it makes more sense to you that your eternal soul goes somewhere to heal before moving onto your remaining afterlife? It makes sense to you that God's plan to pay off the universe's toll for the evil we commit is through the spillage of blood, a price He paid for everybody with His Son's blood? Evil can be paid off with blood? Are you serious? That makes sense to you?!?

Mike, when I look at my parents as if they are my spiritual brother and sister and God as my father I come under the impression that you think there's such a thing as ghosts. Is that fair to assume? I know it's a bizarre accusation but that's really what you sound like you're admitting to. Crazy huh? I mean, that would include haunted houses, eternal afterlives, angels, devils, and, well you see what I'm talking about. Absolute madness.

All I can say to you is that you've left me "compounded."


“May God forgive you for this.”

I just want to remind you , whether you believe it or not, that you will be judged for this terrible mockery of our Lord Jesus Christ on Judgement Day!
May God forgive you for this.

Jesus Christ! I hope He doesn't forgive me for it, then I'll have wasted all my time on this for nothing!


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