“It doesn't bother me that I sound like a freak, because I am a Christian.”

The Amy files

Her emails will be in blue while mine are in black and white.

Hey Bob,

I really like your site, particularly Satan's Salvation. I mean, Satan jerking off to Jesus barking like a dog. Does it get any better than that? I think not.

But, the real reason I decided to write, besides having far too much free time on my hands, is that your little "Punks are awesome" fan mail page cheesed me off. I wasn't offended by it or anything, it's just that I thought you would be above the whole "OOO! Punks are special!" thing. These people try to say they're "individuals", but look at that picture with the three guys with mohawks...it says it all. They all have the same hair style. They are the same! Where's the individuality in that? Just because something isn't Abercrombie or whatever doesn't mean it's individualistic.

And there are a lot of "punks" out there, so it's not even like they're a rarity. There are just as many punks as there are "preppies" and "goths". All of which I hate, by the way. I just don't understand this classification of people. "Okay, you're a prep, you're a punk, and you....you're a goth. Okay. Glad I got that cleared up." If one is a true "individual", he or she wouldn't have to classify himself or herself. It'd just be "I'm me."

And the worst is when these people go around spouting out "I'm an individual! You just don't understand me!" Goths and punks are the most attention-craving people ever, but they say they don't like it when people stare. Yeah, I guess. Having a three foot tall mohawk, no matter how you look at it, is a cry for attention.

I guess I'm just wondering why in the world you like receiving e-mails from these goons more than anyone else. Are they easy to talk to? They share the same views as you because they're little pawns. Whatever you say they go "Oh, Bob! You're so awesome!" Wouldn't you rather get an e-mail from a person you could have an intelligent debate with? Not saying that the religious zealots you get emails from are intelligent, because they're not. At all. Ever. I'm just trying to say that your fan mail minions are just as closed-minded as your hate mail enemies. One is "Christians are stupid! You're awesome! I'm individual! MEH!" and the other is "You're stupid. Christians are awesome. I'm better than you. Meh." Same exact concept, there Bob-o.

A little information about myself: I am an agnostic, that is, I don't believe in a god, but I agree that there is a possibility that there could be one. I hate most people, for the aforementioned reasons. The people I hate most, interestingly enough, are other agnostic/atheists. Most (not all) think they're better than Christians because they're "smarter" simply because they don't believe in God, which is a moronic notion, really. Think about it. "I'm smarter than you, because you have faith in something that I don't." It's just as bad as when Christians say "I don't understand how you can live without God!" Most atheists are horrible horrible horrible hypocrites. And I'm sick of it. I also hate most Christians, too. for the same reasons I hate atheists. They're hypocrites. I also hate myriads of other groups of people, but I'd rather not bore you with that. Eh, I don't know what else to say. I'm a sexy sexy man. Or that's what the ladies tell me.


Please respond, with an intelligent debate, hopefully (I know I can expect that from you), but more importantly, tell me this: What's so friggen' great about stupid lousy no-good cum guzzling punks?!

-Matt Flyntz

Jesus Christ Matt, you can't just hate everyone! It takes all validity out of any "hate" you've got. Don't you know that?

Let me start at the basics. Girls with shaved heads make me horny and I'm not sure if you've noticed but lots of punker girls have shaved heads. I think that's where it all started with me. Hell, isn't that where it starts with everybody? And I think you're very wrong when you say someone who dresses in Ambercrombe is being an individual. You can scream and bellyache all day about how stupid you think punks look but fact is, walking down the street in a 3 foot mohawk takes more guts than wearing the same dull haircut you've got. I mean Christ man! Are you tryin' to look like your dad?

I respect guts in a person. I've always admired people who tell people like you "Fuck off! I'm going to dress just how you'd hate me to because I want to be nothing like you!" Whether they're punks, transvestites, bull dykes, crazies, flaming queers or whatever. Putting it all on the line and separating yourself from normal society takes a lot of nerve, and I respect that.

Goddammit! It's the whole point of my site! If everyone is telling you you're wrong then you're doing something right! Take what you believe to be true and show it off and stand behind it... because you CARE!

I mean, granted, there's really only so much enthusiasm one can stir up for their agnostic beliefs, but even so, make your voice be heard! Tell the world how you really don't believe either way, and say it like you mean it! Scream out, "I DON'T BELIEVE IN RELIGION, BUT THERE MIGHT BE A GOD... AND THERE ALSO MIGHT NOT BE A GOD!!!!" Wear your all-inclusive belief system on your sleeve and...

Okay, you're a bad example, but you know what I mean.

Matt, in the end I like what "punk" stands for: If everyone agrees on it then it's probably wrong because by definition conformity is the majority. Go against that which popular society tells you not to go against and wage war on suburbia and suburban values. You know the one's I'm talkin' about: worship God, watch too much TV, inherit your parent's belief system, fear and discourage change, always do that which is obviously "right" and "good" and whatever you do don't make waves! I think that anyone who lives by those rules ends up feeling the most hatred and subsequently lives an unhappier life, much like you.


“You have the freedom to express yourself but not when it might offend others.”

Don't you think that's blasphemous? You have the freedom to express yourself but not when it might offend others.


I can't express myself if it might offend somebody? Are you saying I can only express the beliefs I've got that everybody agrees on? What's the point of that?


“Just imagine if you had a dress up Gahndi...”

Okay, you got me there. I guess humor can offend someone-no matter how "harmless" it can be.

Even if you're an atheist, Jesus was a wonderful man. He was a revolutionary. Just imagine if you had a "dress up Gahndi" or "dress up Martin Luther King" with a bullet hole in him or something. I just think it's disrespectful, but you are right, you have the freedom to do whatever artistically. (You are very talented, by the way.)

Thanks for listening to my point of view-you could have slammed me but didn't-thanks.


The difference is that Gandhi and Martin Luther King didn't rise from the dead. It's a tiny detail that I think makes Jesus' "death" a lot less tragic. Ya know what I'm sayin'?


“Wow. The whole time I was thinking you were making fun of Jesus.”

Wow. The whole time I was thinking you were making fun of Jesus. You have a strong point. Thanks for showing me a different way of looking at things. And I thought I was open minded...gees...

Take care and thanks again

Oh! Don't get me wrong, I'm totally making fun of Him.
I was just trying to illustrate how silly it is to compare the three. Gandhi and King were real. Jesus is clearly pretend.

Rising from the dead?!? C'mon Amy, are you serious?!?!


“Now that I sound like a freak, I'll close.”

Okay, even if you don't believe He wasn't raised from the dead you can't dismiss the impact He made on history! He spoke to the poor, women, slaves, prostitutes-these people were considered undesirables! His message was of peace, mercy and love! Of course, mankind has distorted that (see Crusades and Inquisition) but true Chrisitianity is wholesome and peaceful. Now that I sound like a freak, I'll close.

Thanks again for writing!


However, it CAN easily be dismissed if you believe that the bible is the work of fiction it appears to be (i.e. the dead resurrecting, talking animals, evil sorcery, seven headed dragons, flying nuns, arks, giants, rainbows, unicorns and harp playing angels in the clouds).

I can see how someone who thinks that that man was God might be upset, but I don't think any man is God no matter how many people claim that he is. In fact, when you make a man into a god you end up being no less of a crazy than those Heaven's Gate weirdoes, the Wacco wackos or even those coo coo Catholics!

If they revise the bible and take away Jesus' "god" title and the bible's "non fiction" listing I'll consider jumping on the bandwagon of promoting its positive message. But until that day I think it's wrong to say the good deeds are reason enough to believe in it.

Does it bother you when you sound like a freak trying to explain such madness?


“...it doesn't bother me that I sound like a freak because I am a Christian.”

No, it doesn't bother me that I sound like a freak because I am a Christian. My husband thinks I am a freak (though lovely) and that Christianity is a bunch of fables wrapped up to teach morality. I don't recall unicorns in the Bible(smirk), but I get your point: the Bible is filled with fantastically surreal things and events, but if you are talking about the Creator of the universe, isn't anything possible? I do doubt things that happened in the Bible; I have no answers for you. Did Noah exist? I am sure of it. Was the whole world flooded? I doubt it. All I know that my faith has saved me from a lot of things that would bore you, so yes, you're welcome to be spared of my rantings!

It was nice of you to write back! I only get to argue about this stuff with my husband, and we go round and round about the same things. Christianity makes me a better person, wife and mother. Corny, yet true. I confess!


Well, at least you admit to being nutso. Not many Christians are so eager to admit that. It's one of those traits that takes away credibility I suppose. Crazy people get so little respect in today's society, and in the end, I think it's the biggest hurdle you guys are going to have to overcome (being crazies).

I'm still a little shocked however (now that I've gotten to know you a little better) that your initial response to my site was that I shouldn't be able to express beliefs that might hurt people. You come off as so eager to listen and express yourself. I'm just hoping that you see the value in it now. It always scares me when someone starts telling strangers that they can't state their opinions, especially when that someone is a self proclaimed freak! Ha ha!

Oh yeah, haven't you heard? The unicorns are going to fly down from the heavens at the apocalypse! (Isaiah 34:7) You guys are priceless! But hell, if it makes you a better person, I say let the crackpots have their crayons and the loonies have their tu-tus!

Thanks for letting me take up more of your time.

“Don't you think everyone's a bit off-religion aside?”

Don't you think everyone's a bit off-religion aside? At least the interesting people? I digress...

Thank you for challenging me-too often I get complacent. You raised some important questions for me, such as, why do I believe what I believe, etc. I do want to ask you, and please don't get angry, but why do you have a dress up Jesus on that web site? And second, how old are you, because I think you're young. NO, I don't mean naive, stupid, whatever but I think that you're in your twenties, that's all. How old do you think I am? I must sound like someone in their ?? I must tell you, I DON'T wear denim dresses. Not yet. Just kidding!


Oh, of course everyone's a little off, but that shouldn't ever be an excuse for your beliefs and behavior. Please tell me that you're not spreading the Word of God under the guise that "everyone's a bit off". Are you comfortable with this reason?

Everybody gets too complacent at times. That's what religion depends upon. Jesus Dress Up is the punch-in-the-face for all of you who've lazily accepted the fairy tale as truth because of its happy ending.

Before you told me so much about yourself I would have guessed you were 16 or 17 (telling me not to express beliefs that people don't agree with and your lack of reasons for believing what you do beyond its positive message). But now that you've told me you're a wife and mother... I don't know, 22? I'm a little embarrassed for you. Have you been cushioned away in the suburbs most of your life? You don't present yourself as having been exposed to a wide range of ideas and cultures.

I am 34 years old. I still don't feel like I know so much that I could tell people to stop expressing their thoughts. I'm not angered by any of your inquiries. "Frustrated" is a better word. I'm just hoping that by posting these letters it will be more obvious to those reading the kind of people who want to censor beliefs and the complete lack of thought that goes into their own.


“Wow! Thanks for the compliment..sort of.”

Wow! Thanks for the compliment..sort of.

I am 31 years old! In my youth I was cushioned away in the suburbs-then I would steal away on weekends and drop acid with my friends and go see the local punk gigs! That was before I had my daughter. I had her out of wedlock when I was 20, not something I am proud of, but I was so wild then. I think that's when I really started to have a relationship with God because I was about to make a tremendous decision: either have an abortion or have a baby on my own, without the dad being in the picture. (People experience more tramatic things at 20, I know but it was a big issue for me.) I would tell you more, to prove to you that I am not like the usual Christian, that I used to have a mohawk, I used to be bald (hey-it was the early 90's okay?) and have piercing and tattoos but really, who hasn't done these things? DOes it make me more interesting? To some people, yes, but to someone like you, I know you look beyond surface value. You seem a bit smarter(and deeper) than that. I am glad that you're not angry over my initial response to your web site; I did write you out of anger and should've thought out a response before I wrote you. I visited your web site and for what it's worth you are very talented but I know nothing about web design...

As far as cultures, I have close biracial cousins (Afro-American/Cauc.) and a niece who's half Columbian,and my husband is biracial. He's Korean and Caucasian. My best friends in college were from Ethiopia, Uganda and Tanzania. Did you think that I lived in a small farming community or something? Most Christians haven't had the experiences I have, I am not bragging, but I was very worldly when I was younger..

Thanks again for responding! Take care
- Amy.

“I forgot to ask you, are you against ALL religion, or just Christianity?”

I forgot to ask you, are you against ALL religion, or just Christianity? What do you think of Judaism, Islam, Hindu etc? Would you describe yourself as an atheist, or as an agnostic?

Why are you "Normal Bob"? Do you have a friend named Bob that isn't as "normal" as you?

- Amy.

I am an atheist! 100% atheist! No exceptions for Islam, Hindu, Judaism or Zendik. Atheist atheist atheist. Yummy delicious atheist. The word actually turns me on now!

It could be argued that simply knowing or being semi related to someone whose skin is different than yours doesn't make you culturally diverse. Hell, I'm not even that culturally diverse but living in the city puts you in contact with many different beliefs, politics, ways of life, even sexual orientations.

I did not picture you living in a small farming community, more like a middle class white suburb somewhere buried under more suburbs within suburbs in suburbia. Did I hit the mark? I only assume this from your writings and what you say. I'd be interested in knowing what compliment you found in my guess of your age. Also, I would love to see pictures of you in your punk days, and now too. As you may or may not know, I'm a fan of punk and always enjoy the pictures from the past.


“You should be a FBI profiler: I DO live in white suburbia!”

Alas, I haven't a scanner to scan any photos of me old self! I could send you one of me now, but that wouldn't be any fun.

You should be a FBI profiler: I DO live in white suburbia! Yes, it is very dull but we can't afford to live in a diversified neighborhood. I would in a second if I could. The only diversity my kids get is watching Sesame Street. I think there's only three blacks in my daughter's class, and since I don't work outside the house, I don't meet anyone. It can be mind numbing...

I hope you have a honey to love on you. You're not always this serious, are you?

I dunno why I thought that in you thinking I was a teen, it was a compliment. I was such a flake as a teen. I fell for the ageist crap that gets thrown at me all the time. Don't get me started...

Why don't you have a WalMart bashing web site? Now, I'd PAY money to have you start up that one...

Happy Winter Solstice-oh, just go and eat some damn Christmas cookies, why don'tcha?.

- Amy.


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