Dear Bob,

I found your site by accident a few months ago, and ever since that I cannot get to work without opening up your site, and whishing Jesus a good morning... :-)

Your site is original, funny and updates regularly (I know how hard it is because I run the website for the company I work in...), and I just wanted to tell you that there are five girls (In particular, of course...) here in Israel that greatly appreciate your work.

You Bob, are most certainly worth a good laugh, and that's more than we can say for the rest of this dull world... :-).

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,
Etty & the gang

And now for some anger...
Their emails will be in blue while mine are in black and white.
What is this site for? I mean gosh...Im confused.... please e-mail me back and let me know what all this is for.
I saw some quotes on there from the Bible and there is cussing in some of the writing from some guy on there...i am really confused. Thank you very much. BYE...WHAT IS HATE MAIL? ..::**::..Emalee..::**::..

This is my site and that guy is me. I'm just being silly, and I cuss sometimes when I joke.

Hate Mail is something I receive from people who want to complain to me about my site even though they don't pay for it or have to come to it or anything! Those people are stupid people.

How old are you? This site might be too mature for you Emalee.

Thank you for your email.

I'm 17 years old. It's not too mature for me. I usally understand everything I do or read. I am a very smart person.

Why would you set up a site like that? All that would do for me would P*** me off. Do you like that stuff? That would do nuthing but make me mad!!!!! I guess "angry" ppl get on yer website and take out all thier anger on your site right?!? I mean in a way it DOES help ppl out. If they have problems at home, school, or anywhere else they take it out on your site. It does help. I was just confused because I didnt go to the WHOLE site. It just popped up on my screen. So I clicked the link to see it.

So your the guy that has the confederate battle flag behind you?!? I do appreciate the return e-mail. Thanks!!!!

I am not the guy with the confederate flag. I am the person dressed up as Satan, with the red face and horns in the tuxedo.

Perhaps you're not at my site? Yeah, I bet that's it.

It's your would i have gotten your e-mail addy? It's gotta be your site. Because it reads "Hate Mail" and your name is all over the page.

Well huh? There's no picture of me in front of a confederate flag. I'm not a racist, I'm just a Jesus basher.

I'd like to see the picture of me you're talking about. If there's a picture of me in front of a confederate flag I need to fix it.

Thanks for the picture.

You seem like you're a lot younger than you actually are.

I didnt know if the person with the flag behind them was you or not. It was probably one of your "fans". It was on the left side of your site with quotes.

I know your not racial. I can see that clearly. But, what is Jesus Bashing? I will visit your site again soon. Jus to see what it's all about. Keep the e-mails coming! I get on every night to read your e-mails. Thanks! Emalee

ps yw for the's my E-mail signatures...I usually jus e-mail folks I know. Haha!

You had 2 very funny e-mails I just finished reading. I will cut and paste them here. I still cannot stop laughing!

you are an asshole thats mest up


Do schools still teach stuff anymore?

You are sick and will go to hell thay say every nee will bow and every tong will convess and you will burn

Barb Abner

Yes Berb yuu ar veri smard tu kwote thet konfesseeng tongs skripter I wil bern 4 shur


Well very good. You're not confused anymore then right? You understand what the site is for and what is "HATE MAIL"?

Bob, Yes, I understand now, what "HATE MAIL" is. It's soOo funny. I just read them to laugh.

What did you do to the people who e-mail you that stuff to make them so pissed off at you?!? How'd they find your site? I think that if people DO NOT like your site...they should keep thier mouth shut and keep surfing. But, without them...there would be no HATE MAIL! Right? and that wouldnt be a good thing! HAHA! ~Emalee

I am so happy Emalee that you see now. You see? You see? All that I did was dress up like the devil. It was a joke and now they all hate me.

I hope that you're not still pissed at me too like you were when you said: "Why would you set up a site like that? All that would do for me would P*** me off. Do you like that stuff? That would do nuthing but make me mad!!!!!"

You were once so so angry at me. I think now we both understand. Am I correct?


HAHA!!! NOOOOO HAHA I wasnt pissed off at misunderstood me!!!

I was talking about the feedback from the people who wouldn't like my site! I'm sorry that you thought that I was mad at you!

All you did was dress up as a devil, and people automatically thought you was a "DEVIL WORSHIPER"? That's just STUPID! I outta put me up a site of me dressed up like Mortita from the Adam's Family and HOPE somebody says somthing about my site that would offend me. Freedom of speech, it works both ways.

I visited your site again lastnight. I had me a couple good laughs at some of the freaks that leave you those e-mails and shyt. What a buncha idiots...I feel sorry for them. They need to find something else better to do with thier lives then humiliate themselves on the internet. It's jus ridiculous. ~Emalee

Wait, so you're saying that the whole time you understood the website and you were only complaining about the people who wrote me hate mail?

I mean, your first email said to me: "What is this site for? I mean gosh...Im confused....please e-mail me back and let me know what all this is for. I saw some quotes on there from the Bible and there is cussing in some of the writing from some guy on there...i am really confused. Thank you very much. BYE...WHAT IS HATE MAIL? ..::**::..Emalee..::**::.."

And you signed it with your name and everything! I'm thinking that now I don't understand and I'm confused.

Please email me back and let me know what this is for.

No I DID misunderstand the site at first. But I understood after you wrote me the 1st e-mail. Just the people that complained about the site would have pissed me off...thats all.
I swear to you, this following email is just how I received it. My response is just how he received his too.
“The Church That Feels Like Home!”

“You look to me like a skinny fag who is angry at the world for making your life so miserable”


I stumbled onto your website while doing research on Atheism, and I have to say; I will not pray for you like others because I feel sorry for you; I will pray you get what is coming to you when your time to leave this world comes. Although I can not say what GOD has in store for you, I do hope it is something along the line of BURN IN HELL FOR ALL ETERNITY.

I once thought I was Atheist when I was young because my Father told me I was. As I became an adult, had children and experienced LIFE, I realized GOD does exist. If you do not believe in GOD, then why do you bash him? You look to me like a skinny fag who is angry at the world for making your life so miserable, and this is your way of expressing your anger. I do not think you should be anything else other than what you are. I am not religoius, I rarely prey, I do however have faith something greater than ourselves does exist, because unlike you, Bob, when I die, I expect to have everlasting love and peace.

Marcelle Haffey

[Click for larger view]
“You are naked having sex with your mother”

Subject: Fuck you

WE wish bob smith a abnormal new year. suck your site and your family. Suck your country. Suck you mother and father. Suck your balls. Suck your family. Suck your wife. Fuck you, Fuck you, Fuck you, Fuck you, Fuck you,

You are naked having sex with your mother

LOve your father

Bennett Castelino

“Unfortunately it's all your own opinions and beliefs, based on your own life experience and misfortunes.”

Subject: Interesting

Interesting Site normal bob. Unfortunately it's all your own opinions and beliefs, based on your own life experience and misfortunes. . . Unfortunately there are many people who will sway in their faith because of your site...but God is bigger than that, and your site.

I'm sorry to hear of what you've been through in your life that got you to this point. I will point out that if that's the God that you see through your eyes and heart.... then you never knew the God that I know.

David Perry

But can you imagine how lame it'd be if it were all based on someone else's opinions and beliefs? Someone else's life experiences and misfortunes? A whole life revolving around some stranger's life? My god, what a cop out! Ignoring your own logic and judgment for anothers? What a blind, lazy fake that person would be!

Oh, wait. Sorry 'bout that David. Nothin' personal.


“I don't have to imagine how "lame" it'd be.”


I don't have to imagine how "lame" it'd be. Right now, I am living my life for Jesus. Let me tell you, it surely isn't lame. I have not been a Christian my whole life, and I absolutely have more life, and more doors being open to me weekly, even daily. Opportunities that I never thought I would have.

Evolution can not be proved, creationism is just as easy to believe. The resurrection of Christ, and of his life, can logically be accounted for. For each creation, there is a creator. Just as surely as someone made the shirt on your back, there was a creator who made the first human, the first tree, the first ant, bird, you name it, He made it.

I am open to being wrong, I am tested in my faith constantly. I listen to what people have to say on the other side of this argument. Then If I haven't already noticed the lifelessness inside of that person, I do, I will... There is nothing greater than serving something greater than yourself.

Have you ever thought, what if you ARE wrong. At least if I'm wrong, there won't be hell to pay.

What is it exactly that has turned you off from Christianity? Is it those radical fundamentalist, the fakes, the hypocrites, the religiousness that surrounds the church, or is it your own personal resentment that you hold againts God?

It would be interesting to hear.
Thanks for listening,
David Perry

Oh David, they've really done a number on you. Everything you say is backwards! You see, evolution makes sense. It makes sense that our planet has been around for millions and millions of years. Life has continued to change and adapt over that time and even the subtle changes we witness in our lifetime are evidences of evolution. The reason that the Theory Of Evolution exists is because of the substantial proof.

The resurrection of Christ cannot be logically accounted for. Who told you that it could be? A man supposedly died, then rose from the dead days later and ascended into the sky. That defies logic David. Christ, what planet are you from? I agree that for each creation there is a creator, but we are not creations, just as you'd argue that your god isn't a creation. Despite what you're thinking, it is possible for things to come into existence without the hands of a living being making it happen. The wind blows on no ones schedule.

David, what turned me off from Christianity, the God's honest truth, was the very real belief that God is imaginary. He's been made up in your head to account for your rewards and pray to for your guilt. All of those reasons you listed (hypocrites, radicals, fakes, etc.) play no part in my belief that He does not exist. Those are just the things I enjoy making fun of.

I believe that lazy minds can only comprehend such complicated things (like human beings, planets, birds, ants & television sets) being brought into existence through miracles and magic, when in all actuality there are very reasonable, believable steps those things took to get where they are today. Anyone willing to put some thought into it will see the value in that process and gain from knowing how they really came about.

And finally, I have to disagree when you state that "there is nothing greater than serving something greater than yourself". This is only the ideal for someone who can't or doesn't want to make their own decisions. Being a servant is not a high goal to achieve. It does not serve your own well being, and failing your own well being makes you less of a contributor to everybody/thing else. It's true! Putting an invisible man as a priority over yourself and others is not in your best interest (especially if that invisible man doesn't exist, which is the case with most invisible men).

If I am wrong I assure you that the next most probable finally won't be everlasting life in either heaven or hell fire. We're far more likely to wake up on a spaceship with Applewhite and those Heaven's Gate weirdoes kickin' ourselves for being so blind!


“Its people like you who are promoters of mass destruction.”

Subject: jesusdressup

can i ask you a question? why dress up an image of Jesus of all things and why ruin Christmas? what type of message are you sending to young children. Its people like you who are promoters of mass destruction. i reckon you should make up another dress up ting but leave Jesus out of it.

thank you...
izabel miti

Do you really believe that my Jesus Dress Up game promotes mass destruction? Tell me more of this theory of yours!

I hope that the massage I'm sending is: "Jesus is just another make-believe character thought up by mankind, that no human being is God, and believing that He is starts you off in the wrong direction, putting faith before logic and fantasy before reality."

But in all actually I think the message most people walk away with is "Jesus looks funny in a Santa hat".

Oh well. Either way.


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