Another Sunday Funnies edition of Hate Mail!
Every so often when I'm sitting and answering the hundreds of hate letters that I receive weekly, I find myself doodling out some stupid drawing. Often, these little drawings end up being a better response than whatever I'd write could ever be.
Here are some examples of what I'm talking about.

Their emails will be in blue while mine are the goddamned comics.

Hi Bob,

I love your site. Reading a fresh dose of hate mail never fails to make me laugh out loud.  I loved your dinosaurs in Biblical times drawing contest.  You canąt imagine my shock to discover that our innocent children are being exposed to other blatantly inaccurate illustrations of Bible stories. 

Just look at this boat full of smiling animals and a happy magical Gandalf-Noah at the helm.  Can you imagine; this was being displayed without depicting any drowning babies or dead puppies!

Itąs no wonder what our world is coming to when young people are exposed to such distortions of the True Word of God.  Fortunately, I was able to correct the oversight with some quick clip art.

Keep up the good work!


Wonderful Lauren!
I love it.

Maybe I should have another contest... something along the lines of Noah's actual journey, with millions of corpses floating all around (animals, people, pregnant ladies, etc...) and people climbing on top of the floating bodies trying to survive while Noah smiles with his boatload of paired up species.

I think you may have something here.
Thank you for the photo. You look darling.



Subject: Satans Salvation

That comic is fucking brilliant. I love it. If I was articulate enough, Id write some witty letter. ^_^ Oh yah, I drew a half-assed picture of Satan. Everyone should draw Satan.

Since true fans send pictures, here ya go.


“my son thinks god is made up like the simsons and santa”

that is crualty you thin if you died like that people would do that to you well i think that that is so horrible i want that web site changed maybe you where told to do so but i think other wise i think it should be shut down imediatly please comseder for childrens sake my son thinks god is made up like the simsons and santa your web site is a discrase

Martine Lennon

“U are GOIN TO LIMBO!!!!!!!!!!”


U are GOIN TO LIMBO!!!!!!!!!! got some neve and ive never seen sucha sacralige

MarK AnthonY GladdeN

“I feel honored to have inspeired some sick way”

Ok dude..thats actually hilarious and I feel honored to have inspeired some sick way

MarK AnthonY GladdeN

“I wanted to send hate mail. But then I asked myself what would Jesus do.”

Subject: jesusdressup

Dear Bob Smith
When I saw your page I wanted to send hate mail. But then I asked myself what would Jesus do. And it was ofcourse obvious, he wouldn´t hate you he´d want to help you. I will help you the only way I can, I will pray for you.

Jesus loves you, thats good to remember.

God bless you
John Ongunna

“Jesus dies the worst death possible, for you”

Subject: coment

This is sick. Jesus dies the worst death possible, for you, and you think its funny. Even if you don't believe in God at least respect the deasd.


“don't hide behind your 'artwork'.”

And you think that's funny? You must really have problems. I'm sorry for you, and I'm praying for you. Please, if you want to respond, don't hide behind your 'artwork'. God Bless, Keanna.



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