Scarborough Country on MSNBC "debate" the magnets.

SCARBOROUGH: I want to show you something else that has just come out of Philadelphia. It's remarkable. And, again, it proves my point. I believe, by the way, I believe it's OK to insult in popular culture, you get a free pass if you insult Orthodox Jews, if you insult Catholics, if you insult evangelicals, I think you get a free pass from that because the left-wing liberal elites aren't offend by it. I am, and I think most Americans are.

But I want to show our viewers out there something that customers of the clothing store Urban Outfitters are seeing. And a lot of people are outraged by its anti-Christian merchandise, including this, T-shirts showing Jesus in a crown of thorns with the quote "The Boss" written underneath, and magnetic Jesus dress-up figure clad in underwear, with interchangeable outfits like a devil costume, a skull T-shirt, a hula skirt, and a sign that says "Hang in there, baby."

Doesn't that prove


KOCH: Those are offensive.


SCARBOROUGH: Doesn't that prove, though, it's OK to slam the crucifixion and say it's about a couple of cheap laughs? It's OK to have these dolls mocking Jesus?

KOCH: Because a few some schmucks open a store and sell offensive merchandise, you draw the conclusion that society, either on the left or the right


HIRSEN: But Joe's point is well taken.


HIRSEN: Anti-Christianism, there's a free pass.


DONAHUE: This same company did something to offend the ADL recently, and I⤗m on the ADL's side. And they pulled the offensive item.

I then wrote to Urban Outfitters, asked them to pull this. They won't put it, OK? That proves the point. You offend Jews, there's one level of sensitivity. You offend Catholics, that's another level of sensitivity. By the way, there's also a magazine called "Heeb Magazine: The New Jew Review." Now, I have to say, there are Jews who are offended by this, as well as Catholics.

KOCH: That is put out by Jews who are stupid.

DONAHUE: They have a whole thing of "The Passion" in which Mary. Mary, who is naked in this, all right? And so there's a lot of offensive stuff going on here, and Catholics can do it as well as Jews.


DONAHUE: But, Ed, let's face it. We don't have an even playing field.


HIRSEN: This is like Andres Serrano's crucifix upside down in urine, the Virgin Mary with elephant dung. Anti-Christianism gets a free pass. Can you imagine if they put out a doll like this with Muhammad's picture?

I don't think they would.

DONAHUE: Ed Koch, though Ed Koch has always stood up against anti-Catholicism. He's the best guy in the Jewish community.

KOCH: Thank you very much.

SCARBOROUGH: All right, we're going to have to leave it there on that very high note.

Thank you so much, Mayor Koch. William Donahue, James Hirsen and Dana Kennedy, as always, we appreciate you being here.

KOCH: Enjoyed it.