Union Square in Spring!
I spent all day long there yesterday with friends, extremists, deadbeats, junkies, religious mimes and even cute little doggies.
Now I got something to write about.
Saturday, April 17th, 2004

Their emails will be in blue while mine are in black and white.

Yesterday was spectacular. The first hot day, and everyone came out to play! From noon 'til dark, Union Square was filled with people.

The Bush-is-a-Nazi guys were out bright and early (as they are every day), to provide entertainment and news for the deadbeats and junkies. It's easy as hell to come down here and make fun of these guys, but they're out every single fucking day- rain, snow, freezing temperatures & blackouts (you gotta respect that).

They're all about free speech. They'll let anyone speak. Christ, even Bob (email him) went up and talked about the bullshit "No skateboarding" law at Union Square.

Bob's gotten like, 3 tickets in the last couple weeks here at Union for skateboarding. That's right... the crime of skateboarding. And ever since then he's been thinkin' he can actually make a difference somehow. Oh Bob, when will you ever learn? [You can see some great pictures of Bob skateboarding at Union that day here>>]

And I don't know what it was with all of the dogs I had to take pictures of yesterday, but it seemed everywhere I turned there was a reason to take a picture of some darling doggy.
These little fuckers were being pushed around in this strange, cage-cart thingy that, for some reason, had me mesmerized. I mean, there's even this curtained-off compartment in the back where the li'l demons can go hide, or sleep, or whatever! It was so exciting to me! I dunno.. maybe I'm officially going mad. But wouldn't it be great to get carted around the city in one of these things?

Well, if you don't think I'm crazy yet , you will after you read this.
This is me and Jackson. For some reason, this dog really makes my fucking day. I've been seeing Jackson (and his owner Kim) at Union for almost a year now (when Jackson was about as big as a Vente Hazelnut Coffee cup). Now, this dog knows my voice from across the street, and he pulls Kim to me and leaps on my lap (Jackson, that is).

I have dreams about this dog! He's somehow, now a symbol for Union Square (and even perhaps New York City in general) in my head, and everything I love about this place.

It's hard to explain. Just don't take this dog away from me, because it seems (at least in my dreams) that if you did, my world would collapse onto itself... forever.

Aren't dreams fucked up sometimes?

“why would you make such a horible thing”

why would you make such a horible thing he died on the cross for you to get into heaven i am 13 and i think that was very wrong thank you for taking time out of your day to read my letter

Leah (aka Missy)

Thank you for the email. I would like to answer your question so maybe you'll understand where I am coming from.

There are a lot of things that happen as you grow older. Your views on the world change, you understand more about people and why they act the way that they do, and your eyes open up to see just how imperfect, and even dumb adults can be.

Back in the day when that man Jesus died people were living in much different times. They had no science or proper technology to give them a realistic idea of what life was and how things came to be the way that they are. There was no way to spread news around except through word of mouth. That's all that they had. No recording devices, no radio waves to spread news accross the land. The best they could do was stand on a hill and shout really really loud. And for news to get elsewhere in the land somebody would have to run to the next kingdom and repeat the stories heard. That's what news was in those days.

It was also a time when sickness, starvation, disease and plagues were the norm. They were an everyday occurrence and there were no cures or medicines to save them. People had little or no hope in their daily lives, surviving only on the stories that they told to each other just to get through the day.

At times, the only hope that could be found from the empty dust was the fantasy of God. The only hope that they had to make themselves see was invisible. It had to be. There was nothing else.

In that time the stories of God gave them hope and so stories were told and believed by the people who heard them.

Leah, have you seen how easily a story is believed? Have you ever listened to something so outrageous and believed it, only to discover that it was not true? Most of the time it really doesn't matter. The stories are simply told to entertain, or to make someone smile. But there are times when stories are told, regarded as truth and those stories get told again and again as if it really happened, when in fact they never did. History can even be made this way!

This is just human nature. It's not something evil or deceptive, it's just people looking for hope. Unfortunately it is not the place people should be looking for hope at. People forget that hope can come from other people that are alive and all around you each and every day. People forget that their friends and family, even though they may fail you, are there to give you reason to live. They are the ones who you should be giving all of your love to, and taking all the love from. Love should never be wasted on "God". Hell, if there was a God He'd agree with me 100%!

When people look into the sky and look for love they may think that they're getting some sort of fulfillment from another dimension... from some being that loves everybody all of the time, but the brain that's in your head is as silly and weak as it was 2000 years ago (at least when it comes to love) and will believe almost anything to be satisfied. This is where God came from, and this is why He exists in our brains to this day.

Now you may say, what is the harm in that? If people are happy with that kind of love, why not? Well, let me tell you Leah, that kind of "love", the kind that doesn't exist but is believed anyhow, isn't good for you. One of the things that it does is distort the idea of what "love" is. Love isn't something that just happens without doing anything. Love is something that has to be searched out, respected, appreciated and returned. These are things that aren't necessary when you imagine love pouring down from the sky for free.

There are very real answers out there if you're willing to look for them and suffer to learn them. Suffering teaches, as hard as that may sound, and when you believe in heaven, miracles, God's Will and Satan's temptations, you're skipping out on having to suffer for learning's sake. They are all excuses and easy answers to questions that deserve far better explanations.

So, what I'd like you to do is understand that I believe God to be a made up fella, and the stories that some people think to be true are actually made up. You have to make your own life. God isn't going to do it for you. And that includes responsibility for the sins He didn't die for.

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read my letter.

“im very sorry that i dont agree with your letter”

im very sorry that i dont agree with your letter its really what my religon is i belive everything that was said in the bible and thats ok that you dont i just think that it was like not really nice to make the deveil costume but that is you and you can belive in GOD and you dont have to but everyone is obligated to thier own oppinon and i will pray for you that you will find the love that you are looking for and what your religon is but i will keep you in my prayers so that you will havea good life and thatnk you for reading my letter may GODS peacew be with you always! :)

Leah (aka Missy)

“you will be heading in the direction of Charles mansion”

ok I'm a goth and have been for meny years ok yes dressing up jesus is fun and sometimes funny but are you a member of the first church of satan or the church of satan i must admit i don't admire the church for its believes about women or gay people and no i am not gay but i think you are just another band wagon that people will see and jump on and you know you will be heading in the direction of Charles mansion yes you too could become a cult if you wanted so please take this piss out of christians but keep in mind you have believes just as much as them and no i am no i i'am not a Christian nor have ever been and no i don't give a monkeys about religion but i respect what other people believe in even if they don't respect my believes then that is fine with me so please take the piss but you have believes too and they do too have some respect. have respect for others and not just think of how to make money out of suckers.


Pissed Goth,

I hope that you realize that everyone has beliefs and there's nothing wrong with disrespecting the beliefs of others. Even if the ones who are hurt cry because it hurts their feelings there is still nothing at all wrong with having a lack of respect for people's beliefs.

For those who are traumatized by the disrespect they need to examine why it matters what others think and work on understanding that it doesn't matter what a stranger says about what you believe. Its part of life and it's something one should get accustomed to dealing with.

You learn stuff about yourself when you have to defend your beliefs, silly!


“Spare the sermon about how you don't mean to offend.”

Spare the sermon about how you don't mean to offend. You clearly do. I only wonder why you didn't choose Mohammed. Could it be your customers aren't diverse enough for that or is it because you only have courage among the meek?


No sermon coming. It IS purposely made to offend you. I feel that your belief in a man-god is a foolish belief, and the stories about animals that talk and the King of Evil (Satan) are silly beyond comprehension. I have zero respect for your dopey take on history. I'm proud to have offended you with a child's toy.

It seems that your stupidity in religion isn't limited to just Christianity either. You see, stupid, the Muslim faith does not allow for the prophet Mohammed to be depicted in any way, thus making it impossible to illustrate a dress up page of him. And anyhow, a Mohammed Dress Up just wouldn't be as funny, and that's the other reason I made Jesus Dress Up.

I've already clearly won simply by offending you with a cartoon drawing, you cry-baby.


“i like god beter but you are kind uv cool”

i like god beter but you are kind uv cool i love your .com its the hit


Please clarify what it is you are trying to tell me.

“you stink god rocks”

you stink god rocks he made you you should be happy for what he did for you but you should be ashamed i hate you i saw your mean cammects your evil and poud but i am ashamed o ya you are mean brat

i hate you ,

you are the meanie you name calling poopyhead i read your nasty letter and you can go suck eggs because you are a smelly face doe doe brain so there you hater


“I bind the satanic spirit that has decieved you”

I bind the satanic spirit that has decieved you with the BLOOD OF JESUS!

Jerome Brown


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