Another misadventure at Union Square.

Their emails will be in blue while mine are in black and white.

So yesterday (4/29/04) was another one of those days.

Skater Bob has been talking a lot about standing up with the Bush protesters so that he can speak out against Bush, the cops and the anti-skateboarding laws at Union Square. Innocent enough, right?

Bob points out the misspelling in the "No Skate Boarding" sign while his own skateboard waits patiently for him to return... illegally.

Bob wrote out a speech and has been talking about how much he's looking forward to giving it in front of the crowd. But it had already been a hectic day for the protesters before Bob had even arrived at the scene. The park security (the same guys who've given Bob skating-tickets) had a talk with the protesters. When the protesters refused to be silenced the park officers stepped back and called in backup.

Pigs linger in the background while Bob uses his right to speak freely.

But this time Bob didn't speak for very long before a handful of cops came up from the back of the park and took the megaphone away from him.

They asked for Bob's ID and led him back to their patrol cars to write him up a summons.

The Anti-Bush people go nuts as Bob gets escorted away by the fuzz. Poor Bob.

The Anti-Bush guys went fucking nuts! They started marching around the cops like Nazi's, holding their FREE SPEECH banner and stirring the crowd up into a frenzy.

Can't we all just get along?

So Bob got another $50 summons, this time for speaking "Disturbing the Peace." But I assure you that Bob will be back to read his speech in full. So come see Bob, and hear the speech that got him fined!

But nevermind all that. What about this? Sittin' right in front of me through all of Bob's speech. It's too much, right? So distracting. Christ.

Email Bob at

“This is a chess game to see how many souls you and God can win.”

Hi Lucifer,

I understand why you are trying to win souls for your hellish damnation. Since you could not be God, and you got kicked out of heaven, you decided to wage war on the souls of man. I understand your jealousy and contempt for Jesus. After all, he did come to give life everlasting. Those that beleive on him shall not perish but have everlasting life. This is a chess game to see how many souls you and God can win. The thing about God is that he does not force himself on man. It is freewill. But you on the other hand, tempt man with your evil thought and evil doings. You can not win against God. Why? Because the battle was won when you and your angels were defeated in heaven and got kicked out, and when Jesus went to the cross for our sins.

Either way you look at it, you are a lost cause, deceiver, killer, lier, coward......need I say more. Jesus is my Lord. Your poking and mocking does cause me to turn my back to Jesus, because evil is to be expected of you. I will continue to pray for your soul lucifer bob. I pray that you realize you are on the loosing side. Salvation through Jesus Christ is the only way. I pray that this curse will be lifted from you soon. God says that his people are destroyed because of lack of knowledge. Too bad you are not one of Gods. You are sealing you fate for eternal hell. I feel so sorry for you, but at the same time, I hate the lucifer (spirit) that lives in you.

A warrior for Christ

Mighty Kilgo: Warrior for Christ

You are a brave and courageous warrior Kilgo. Noble in your cause, yet calm and precise in your words and actions. I commend you for this Mighty Kilgo. We are indeed involved in the most massive chess game ever conceived. There are many who are but pawns, pushed into the fire and forgotten before their flesh meets burning cinder. But you and I, we are Knights on opposing sides. You in white, while I am in black. The Kings we fight for are our gods, and we already know what their names are.

I see us now, swords drawn, our horses bucking up on their hind legs before charging forward on a red and black checkered floor. My how your stead's footing slips and tumbles upon the smooth surface of this game board. A cardboard battle ground seems not to work in your favor. Have you come prepared for this battle or have you made a fatal error and in your vanity shined your horse's hooves and polished its golden horseshoes?

Tsk tsk Mighty Kilgo.

I sought not to dazzle your eye. My dark stallion has been fitted with these think black rubber sock thingies that I made out of this heavy black rubber tubing that I found in a dumpster outside my building (It's copper piping insulation I think). I had to duct tape it around the ankles because they kept sliding down.

Okay, I have to admit though that I did try to "dazzle your eye" a little, and I went and spray painted this red "666" on the side of my horse using this stencil kit I got at Walgreens. But black paint doesn't show up that good on black horse hair and it flakes off on your pant leg while you're riding. That's not really important though, in regards to this battle for souls (I just thought it'd be neat... that's all).

Anyways, you better do something about that. If a horse breaks its leg you have to shoot it in the head. Then where would you be? One of those useless castle thingies? Haha, I'd like to see that!

Thank you for your email.

“My name is Josh. I'm a 17 yr. old Christian college student and I came across your dress-up Jesus site...”

My name is Josh. I'm a 17 yr. old Christian college student and I came across your dress-up Jesus site. I just want to let you know how wrong it is that you post something like that and it is extremely offensive. It is wholly disgusting that you would come up with something so obnoxious and ignorant. You should know that Christ died for you so that you might live, not so that you may make a mockery of the pain He endured for our sake. He died for everyone including you, but if that website is the only thing that you got out of His death than you know nothing of real life. You are in my prayers.


Hello Josh the Guitar Guy number One-hundred and sixty-three.

One of the main concepts that is constantly overlooked when it comes to critiquing my website is that the jury is still out on the whole "Jesus was God" issue. As much as you've been told that God exists and he died for our sins, there is still a tremendous amount of debate still being waged on the matter... and your side always seems to be struggling to keep its foothold.

Did you know science has proved that dinosaurs existed? It's true! And they were way before "Adam & Eve" and your "God's creation of light/universe/earth/animals." And did you also know that biblical beings like talking animals, giants, red devils and flying-horse-drawn chariots of angels have been widely considered to be make-believe?

I realize that much of what I say here may be hard to take in all at once, but you're 17 now and it is time for you to become an adult soon. You go right ahead and say your prayers for me. I just ask that you also attempt to address some of these larger issues in your hat, because soon you will be "Josh the 18 year old college student" and you will no longer have the excuse of "childish behaviour" to fall back on.


“by your "Way of dressing", are you claiming to be Satan?”

Subject: Hmmmm

I am a Christian. And do not like like your site in any way. But, & there is a But, I belive in Freedom of speech, as well as freedom of religion.

I do, however, have a question for you.... Why the "Devil Looking" persona? I really want to know this. I mean, it's obvious you are not a Christian, so, by your "Way of dressing", are you claiming to be Satan?

Seriously & Sincerely Asking,
Michelle Lauff

No no no Michelle! Only a fool would believe that there's really a "Satan"! I don't want to be lumped in with those idiots!

In fact, my favorite part about dressing up as the devil is because it mocks all of those foolish beliefs. It's a silly, meaningless game for me... but surprisingly for some, it's the most frightening character ever! It's like, the same kind of fun you'd have putting a pillowcase over your head and scaring your dog. It's a blast!

It still amazes me that there are full grown adults in today's society who believe that the devil is real, and I LOVE shoving that ignorance in their faces.

Oh yeah, and I'm sexy as hell when I'm in my Satan-drag too.

Thank you for the question Michelle.

“I also don't appreciate that when my little niece is surfing the internet that she has to come across things that like that which bother her.”

I really do not enjoy your product "Jesus dress up." I think that it is really gross how you think it's funny to put a "devil suit" on Jesus or to make Him a dog catcher! I also don't appreciate that when my little niece is surfing the internet that she has to come across things that like that which bother her. So thank you.

Alyssa Antongiovanni

Yes Alyssa, you're exactly right. The Internet should be reconfigured and made so that there are no things that might bother your little niece.
Excellent point.

“im going to poop on your face when I see you in person”

bob!!!!!!!! im sending this letter to you to let you know that you are a disgrace to the prepared buddy because you are going to hell could you make such a web of Jesus dress are a big pig!!!!!!! and a king of the going to poop on your face when I see you in person you scum bag.. tell your mother that she created a dirty scum bag like you!!!!!!!!!!!!! and by the way donšt suck to much dick in hell save some for the others...........dirty pig!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! go to hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sirena Ocean

I suppose that now the only question left is this:
Who is the lesser? Is it the pig, or the one who poops on the face of the pig?
Perhaps it is the riddle with no answer.



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