Subject: Hey Bob! It's me Joe from No Police State!

Thank you for putting that little story about the NYPD War On Free Speech!

What the NYPD is doing to our group, is so completely indefensible, both from a moral and legal position. Union Square is such an important place for us to reach people with our message, because it has been a place where the American People have waged so many battles against injustice!

Our group has had to suffer great vexations upon our spirits at the hands of the NYPD over the past year, this fact is not disputable, but I really feel sorry for everyone who enjoys hearing what we have to say, having to watch the NYPD drag everyone off to jail on a regular basis. And I even feel bad for all those folks who like to come to Union Square, just to heckle and curse at us, as we endeavor to Combat the Brain Poison of the Corporate Controlled Media, and defend our Constitutional Rights and Civil Liberties. I can just imagine their disappointment, as they arrive at the park, mouths loaded with fresh venom to spit, only to find that the Speak-Out has already been attacked and the speakers thrown carelessly into a prison cell.

Perhaps we'll all share a cell block at the Nazi Style Internment Camps that have already been constructed for us by this Criminal Enterprise that we call a government. Like one big happy family! Even then, they'll probably spit venom through the bars at us, and blame us for bringing the Full Blown Police State, and Complete Totalitarian Rule, upon the society.

May 1st, Geoffrey, Jason, Posr, and Joel got arrested. I was filming the arrests with my camcorder, when I was attacked and injured by an NYPD goon, obvious attempt to destroy my video and camera. I left the scene in an ambulance. The police have done a marvelous job trying to obfuscate the facts surrounding this completely unprovoked attack. They have denied any affiliation with my attacker, and are doing everything possible to sweep the attack under the rug, and make my attacker invisible to justice. The No Police State Coalition will expose this atrocity, and hold those responsible accountable!

It is clear that this is the way that the Terrorist Network better known as "The Law Enforcement Community" plans to deal with the record numbers of protesters who will come to New York this summer for the Republican National Convention. The NYPD plans to arrest a thousand people a day. As if this wasn't enough to have a chilling effect on protest activity, the "Law Enforcement Community" is planning to unleash an army of thugs to attack protesters, and these thugs will be allowed to operate with absolute impunity. Don't get any crazy ideas about fighting back though,.....just be a good little pin cushion, because even though they'll be able to bash your brains in and just walk free, ...... if you so much as lay a finger on these killers, you might not taste home cooking for a very long time!

We'll see how the establishment responds to the public outcry over this sinister practice, and then we'll be able to measure how much time we might have before we see wide scale guerilla warfare against these Goons who masquerade as Police in this society!

No Police State!