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His will be in blue while mine are in black and white.

Hey Bob
I wanted to send you the section in my website I just completed.I said what else can I do with this. Then I said yes I must pay tribute to a man that made my life complete. I was confused and you helped me out so I made a page on my website that I's basically my thought on the christian faith and I named the page a tribute to you...IM NOT FRIGGIN OBSESSED. lol. No I'm really not I just figured this is how I'll show my thanks to one of the greatest guys ever. Like I said I was confused on being atheist then I read a lot of good points you made on your site.
Thanks Man-here is the link-

Once again thanks Bob. I was also wondering if I could take some stuff from your site you know little quotes from here and there to help my argument? I'll see you around. Let me know what you think of that page.

Jimmy Erdely

You, sir, are a fiend after my own heart. You seem to have a brilliant sense of humor regarding the lies you were spoon-fed as a child. Yes, you make me laugh. Which is more than Jesus has ever done for me. I wish I'd known you were going to see "The Passion of the Christ." I would have loved to have been in that audience. But then again, that would have involved seeing that film.

Best to you in all your future endeavors,
Rev. DR. Jim Bob "Uncle Satan" Warnke, FSD

PS People say I'm sacrilegious, I say sack religion... But it in a bag, leave it on the curb, and twice a week someone will get rid of it for you.

Yo Bob,
Wuz up G? <~jesus made me say that

Anyway, just letting you know I loved the site, and the hate mail material was great to print out and read when I was taking my morning dump.

Thanks for the entertainment.


“A Moses Dressup doll that includes prison garb from Auschwitz and Nazi uniforms. An African-American Dressup doll that can can have whip scars on their backs and chains for their footwear.”

Subject: Suggestions

Since you do not find anything wrong with the Jesus Dressup doll, may I suggest that you also add the following to your inventory:

A Moses Dressup doll that includes prison garb from Auschwitz and Nazi uniforms.

An African-American Dressup doll that can can have whip scars on their backs and chains for their footwear.

I'm sure you can find a few more groups in society to offend and show no respect towards.

Charles Beaudry

Hmmmmmmmm. I don't see those as being similarly amusing.

Did the victims of Auschwitz and Slavery rise from their graves, then fly up into the clouds to heaven where they were then crowned King Of All Humanity, leading the battle against Satan and his army of demonic spirits? Is that what happened with those people too? Gee, lemme think really hard about that. Gosh, I don't seem to recall all of that taking place.

But maybe perhaps we should believe that those things happened. I mean, Slavery and Auschwitz were horrific, I think it'd be a wonderful revision to their tragedies. And "enhancing" their stories in such a way would be a respectful way of givin' 'em their props. Ya know?

We could make them all into gods, and for anyone who chooses not to believe our little update would be considered blasphemers and told they're going to hell. In fact, we could make up a whole lot of stories to tag onto their little mishaps. Stories about how the slaves were lead to freedom by Abraham Lincoln who parted an ocean down the middle and walked right through the middle of it with them. We could make-believe that the Jews built a massive boat in which to escape and a month long rain swept the earth killing everyone on the planet except the survivors of Auschwitz on that boat. Oh! And then we could make believe that rainbows are a promise from the Jews that they'll never flood the whole earth ever again! Wouldn't that be sweet?

Sound like a working plan?

Thank you Charles.
Much intelligent thought went into your email. I appreciate that.

“You're missing the point...”

You're missing the point. Those comparisons were made because creating such dolls would be offensive to those groups of people just as creating this doll is offensive to Christians. I guess if you want to limit it to historical figures, you could use Moses and have him hold the list of Ten Top NYC strip clubs. Or make one of Mohammed riding up to the clouds on a chopper rather than a horse. I guess it's also OK to mock those historical figures from other religions.

It's a matter of respect towards other groups that don't share your beliefs.

Charles Beaudry

Oh Charles, I'm sorry! I think you're missing MY point. The comparisons I made were to illustrate how the disrespecting of fictional stories is hardly an offense worth raising an eyebrow towards. For instance, your ideas of Moses plugging strip clubs or Mohammed in a chopper are perfectly acceptable and anyone who might be offended in the least by those two scenarios should be paid little respect for their beliefs.

Are you basing the similarities on the assumption that somehow all of these gentlemen were specially chosen by God and therefore are above scrutiny and disrespect?

I believe that historical figures from religions who've conducted miracles and've used super powers deserve little or no respect due to the fact that their stories are bullshit. I don't think I can put it any more clear than that. Do you understand now?

“I... fail to understand why it has been taken to this extreme, except maybe for the opportunity to make money off of it”

I can see that religion in any form for you is to be mocked. I'm not sure what brought you to that point in your life but I do believe in free speech and respect your position. Most people who do not believe in one faith or another usually ignore it but still respect the people who practice it. I suspect that there is much more behind all of this that simply thinking that stories are bullshit. I won't speculate or ask what that might be.

We just have two different points of view. I do see yours but fail to understand why it has been taken to this extreme, except maybe for the opportunity to make money off of it. If that is the case, well, we live in the USA. You're free to do so.

Nice chatting with you.
Charles Beaudry

Oh c'mon Charles, not ANY form of religion is to be mocked. Just the goofy stuff, like Noah and his big boat of animals. And religions with ghosts, those can be mocked. And religions that include an eternity in paradise for believing... those ones make me laugh so those can be mocked too.

I also think that the demon possession religions are funny too (religions that include people getting possessed by evil demons, he he). Oh! And another good indicator as to whether or not a religion can be mocked is if it has a human god. Any time people start making people into gods is hilarious to me! I just love those.

I'm realizing now that my list is quite long and could go on for some time. So to sum up I think when a religion includes lots of magical powers and incredible magical tales then those are the ones that should be mocked, 'cause it's funny that people believe it!



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