July 27, 2004
The Anonymous Family Member files
Part 2

His letters will be in blue while mine are in black and white.

This web site does not promote hate, but rather an opinion. We as Americans can choose to ingest this opinion or abbandon it. We as family members can value this family member as a person or as a web site. We have many choices facing us, dont we? But that ultimately is the beauty of living in America.


PS. I spent the last 2 weeks, thinking of responding as I spoke to you about! Please post my letter and my name. I am not asshamed of my opinions. I spent many nights thinking of a response to the first family letter you recived. But my responses seemed more motivated by anger. Now my response is motivated by honesty and relevence.
-Your Supportive Sister (in-law).

Hi. i've been a visitor of your site for some time now. it never fails to amaze and amuse me...

Have been reading the correspondence with your anonymous relative and it's been been a bewildering experience... reading statements like, "Some of these people are WACK jobs and should not be given the time of day," and "Princess Di was a whore, a drunk, and screwed up. She dies in a DUI accident and the world has this big friggin pity party for themselves like Cinderella had driven her pumpkin off the bridge into a moat. WAHHHHHH!!" there is a degree to which i can understand his point (well, sort of), but just talking about people who clearly have mental illnesses (bulemia and depression qualify) like some diseased pseudo-race of people is just apalling on so many levels.

And his saying that your site attracts two groups of people (or two groups of quasi-people, from his point of view...) - christian wack-jobs and anti-christian wack-jobs - is completely inaccurate. yes, you do attract these people with your site - what else can be expected? - but they are NOT the only people who visit your site. i would like to flatter myself by considering myself relatively sane. a little weird, but somehow sane nonetheless ;). i am by no means christian-hating, as can be said of many other visitors and fans or your site as well, i should think. i consider myself fairly level-headed, and, while no fan of christianity, very tolerant of a religion i find offensive with all my being. i do hope your relative will take a break and make note of the stereotypical and offensive way in which he has expressed his thoughts and opinions on your "wack-job" audience.

Your slightly sane fan,

Subject: Princess Di is a whore?

I found that bit about Princess Di very telling. Where does this person get off being so judgemental? But this is so typical of Christian thought...people are judged as some kind of "Force of Good!" or "Force of Evil!" No one is seen as just people muddling through the best they can with the tools they have to work with.

My ex-wife is a Baptist, and I am no longer a human being to her. Because I am transgendered, I am pretty much proof that I am a demon possessed hell-spawn. She treats me abominably for it. If you don't meet some narrow definition of perfect, you're crap.

The anonymous person mentions Mother Theresa. Is the writer anything like Mother Theresa? Would Mother Theresa call Princess Diana a whore and a drunk? This somehow made Princess Diana especially deserving of death? What? Why do people think death and dying is a moral judgement? All human beings die!

I have yet to see ANY Christian survive death. "Well, they're in Heaven. You can't see them." Oh? Really? I have this empty bottle of Invisible Ink I'd like to sell you too.

That being said, I'd like to believe there is an afterlife. But death is a mystery, and we don't know. And I KNOW the Christians don't know either.

Just one more point...Princess Di ALSO did some humanitarian work, if memory serves. But I guess that doesn't count. :P Because she's a whore. Just like if I invented a perpetual motion machine, or discovered the secret of eternal youth, I would be remembered as that freaky she-male wierdo.

Well, I need to get back to worshipping Satan and being a "Force of Evil!"
Woo! :)

Hail Satan!
Megan Edrington

“It made me angry when I first saw your website.”

I would like to clarify something. You probably (assumption) have lots of hate-mail. I chose the most outrageous ID and subject line that I could find to get you to notice it. I think you are creative, intelligent, and irreverent. I do not think YOU are the hate-monger as much as your potential audience. Go back and watch "The Life of Brian." (Comedy and social commentary both!) Most people are weak and do not want to think for themselves. They want to blame others for their problems, and scapegoat people when they can.

It made me angry when I first saw your website. What made me more angry was the idiotic and hate-filled venom from so-called "Christians." It is not ours to reproach or be vengeful. Your hate-mail is obviously from the "if you aint one of us you going to hell" Christians.

Funny how you distinguish in your site between "Catholics and Christians." I would like to point out that Catholics ARE Christians. We both believe that Christ died for our sins. Funny how since about 36AD, many so-called "Christians" have made it a point to hate Catholics. Are you aware that the KKK hates Jews, Blacks, and Catholics. And they profess to be a "Christian" group. It was a Christian group that murdered a Jewish talk-show host in Denver a few years back. And the "Christian Identity Sect" is another "Christian" hate-group. Obviously, these people are disturbed and should be avoided. IMHO your website may bring more of their behaviour out. These are the same people that murder abortionists. They cannot let God show his will, they must carry out "their" version of his justice here.

And what I wrote still stands about impressionable youth. You are able to distinguish, some people are not. They may be emotionally or mentally disturbed, and may act out because of your ideas and actions. I know you are not responsible for other peoples actions, but the public taunting and ACTUP type of disruptions are really not beneficial to you or your cause.

Just some opinions and thoughts. I respect that you have your opinions and I have mine. It seems that I will be able to sit at the table and not mention your website. I have one last recommendation though. Please buy the book, "Michael Moore is a Fat, Stupid, White Guy." It may enlighten you a little, or you may learn some new techniques, I do not know. Until then, enjoy life, you only get one!!!!!


With all of the Monty Python references that you're making it surprises me that there was a point where you were angry at me for the site. My site is after all entertainment, and in my opinion the jokes go no further than any Python skit. I've always loved the parodies they did on the crucifixion. Me going around town dressed up as Satan and the army of Catholic school girls is no more inappropriate or offensive than The Life Of Brian. We're both social commentary and comedy, don't you think?

Do you not agree with the "If you ain't one of us (Catholic) you're goin' to hell" statement? Or do you really feel (as you said in your first letter) that perhaps we're both right? I don't understand what you mean by that. I do however understand you bringing up the Christian/Catholic comparison. I was definitely raised to see where the differences lay (Catholics believe that sin can be forgiven through priests, Christians believe that Jesus is the only way to have sins forgiven, and Christians don't believe that human beings can be divine as Catholics do with their Popes, Saints and such). The differences in beliefs separate the two and yet a Christian can sit across from a Catholic even though he knows goddamn well that the Catholic is going to hell for the sins he thinks were forgiven in Confession.

One thing I make it a point not to do is profess my atheism as some result of Christians who've murdered, condoned hate or aligned themselves with the KKK. It's as outrageous as saying "Hitler was a Catholic therefore..."

In all groups there are mentally and emotionally disturbed people. These groups also have very nice people involved with them as well. It's the ideas and concepts that need to be addressed, confronted and even made fun of (like your Monty Python). I think that getting people involved, whether it's handing out my fliers at church, or dressing up in a way that pokes fun is beneficial to the cause. I think that the most important thing that it does is expose those who have no sense of humor about themselves, and that is the root of most corruption in my opinion. Not being able to laugh at one's self and withstand being made fun of is where the debate ends and denial begins. And denial, as we know, is the base ingredient of ignorance.

Please stop saying that my site incites the mentally disturbed to do harm to others. You know as well as I do that inciting the mentally disturbed is no reason to stop telling stories, sharing ideas, making jokes or expressing beliefs. I refuse to tip-toe through life because there might be some disturbed person out there hiding around the next corner. That's an easy trap to fall into (succumbing to fear) but I've found that when it comes to mentally-disturbed-ACTUP-types their numbers aren't as great as some would like you to believe. And for every emotionally disturbed dangerous wacko there's ten million sane people who still want to hear ideas and be entertained. Saying that I might insight wackos is a cop-out. Mel Gibson's movie insights wackos, therefore Jesus' story should not be told, right?

I have to conclude this by saying that all the religion stuff is completely absurd to me now. I don't see how any grown adult can sit there chanting praises to the heavens without being able to laugh at one's self. I mean, c'mon. I'm abnormal?


“saying your site is entertainment is like saying Michael Moore is telling the truth.”

Subject: Entertainment????

Well, saying your site is entertainment is like saying Michael Moore is telling the truth.

About Catholics. Catholics were and are the first Christians. The rest of the Christians are Protestants. They protest the Catholic Church and its tenets. That is their choice. So be it. As to divine inspiration and "saints," that is just a way to express that some do good on this earth.

For example, look at Princess Di(e) and Mother Theresa. Princess Di was a whore, a drunk, and screwed up. She dies in a DUI accident and the world has this big friggin pity party for themselves like Cinderella had driven her pumpkin off the bridge into the moat. WAHHHHHH!!

Mother Theresa helped literally thousands of children and adults and led a so-called "saintly" life. She got a by-word in the paper about her life and accomplishments. Where is the justice???

Let's take religion out of the equation. Mother Theresa was a great person that helped the suffering masses. Princess Di was a self-absorbed whore, drunk, bulemic, and all around "party-girl." Why does our society reward the latter and not the former??? Why is there the concept of good and evil? When I said that we could both be right, this is what I meant. Do you choose to do good in your life, or evil???? If there is no moral construct to base your decisions, then chaos, of necessity, results. You seem to try to do good, WITHOUT religion and God. I also try to do good, WITH religion and God. Is there a difference? Should there be?? These are interesting questions. But in reading your website, you have attracted the two most polarized camps of thought. You have the "God is going to make Bob Smith burn in hell" school of thought. Then you have the "I hate Christians and the devil may have them" school of thought. You are not attracting persons of reasoned discourse or enlightenment. That is what truly angered me about your site.

Your site also suggests that it is appropriate to disrupt the activities of others through "non-violent" protest. Great, except trespassing is illegal. I knew a boy that got into this stuff. He broke into a church and trashed the place. His parents told him that God was stupid, etc, etc. They neglected to teach him that even if you do not believe, there needs to be respect. Your site, and its message, is very disrespectful. Rational commentary about atheism is great. Breaking into church and disrupting is not. Think about it.

Now go and read some of your fan mail. Some of these people are WACK jobs and should not be given the time of day. If you really want to promote your message, get off the Mancow "grandstanding" and Barnum and Bailey Circus stuff.

My .02 worth!

If the point at which you think I crossed the line was the "breaking and entering" into that church, then you can rest assured that no such thing happened. The doors were wide open to the public, nothing was broken and we even whispered & tippy-toed so as not to disturb the empty room. In fact, I believe that we went completely unnoticed.

Okay, and about the Catholics being the first Christians. I have to admit that the debate doesn't concern me one way or the other. I just made the comparison to show that there are indeed differences between the two. You've clearly made my point with your protests. I'm not totally clear where all of the Princess Di bashing came in or what your point was. Are you simply pointing out an injustice you think should be mentioned? Is this a Catholics/Christians example?

I admit it isn't the easiest thing to be at a family function when you know that certain family members disagree with you so profusely. Last Christmas I was simply not going show up at all, but my mom said to me, "The adult thing to do would be to face the music." And I couldn't find a single flaw in her statement no matter how hard I tried. So I went, showed my face in front of all you guys and I was proud of myself for doing so. I was quite happy with how it went and even more delighted when certain other cousins and their spouses (who, apparently, have to stay anonymous) approached me and said, "I don't care what anyone else here says, I love the site."

So, somehow there have been family members who've successfully sat across from other family members without making a scene. It's been going on for years, and that's what this is all about. You need to think of it less like "I can't be around someone who thinks they're right and I'm wrong" and more like "I know I'm right and I look forward to shaking Bob's hand even though he's so wrong."

Hopefully no one else will cancel their vacations because of me. It's not worth it. We see each other so infrequently that our differences shouldn't be effecting our lives.



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