"The U.S Government is now aware of your horrible web site, I personally informed them because my dad works for the CIA and they will take action against you."
The Josh Wilkinson files

His letters will be in blue while mine are in black and white.

Subject: "your days are numbered"

Josh Wilkinson is right. your days are indeed numbered. the day you were born: that's day number one. the day after that is number two. you're thirty, right? so (365 * 30) + 5 = 10,950. i add the 5, of course, for leap years. i don't know when your birthday is, so i'll add six months, because statistically, that's the best bet. 30 * 6 = 180. so i think now you're at about day number 11,130. see? i told you joshie is right.


say, if you're interested in hearing some of my music, go to myspace.com/jorge. if not, then be damned to an eternal foghat concert.

JESUS SAVES money by shopping at Acme..


When I read those emails about the CIA being involved!!! OH MY!!!! I was just so overcome with...... with..... LAUGHTER!!!!!!! What a load! And to think that there is someone who works for the CIA who hasn't died mysteriously yet!!!

But anyway...... all I have to say is how Christian of little Josh Wilkinson!!! How very Christian of him indeed. I bet you have already pissed your pants by now huh?

Rock on dear Bob, rock on.

“Now you have two choices, you can either take down your website ASAP or face jail time”


Dear Freak
The U.S Government is now aware of your horrible web site, I personally informed them because my dad works for the CIA and they will take action against you. People like you that are so full of hate for the Christian Religion are America's enemy, this is god's country. God watches over the United States and will never let us down. Now you have two choices, you can either take down your website ASAP or face jail time, im sure all the other freaks in jail would just love you, dont bend over.

So it's really up to you, don't be stupid and do the right thing. I know you believe in God but you are just too afraid to aknowlage it, were you abused as a child and you cant get over it? Is that why you are so full of hate for what others believe in? I pray that you see the light and find god, many people do find god when they are locked up in their tiny jail cell.

I am doing you a great favor here because thats what Christians do. I think that you should take some time to reflect on what you have done and you will see the stupidness of this website.

Josh Wilkinson


Okay, now before I officially start to panic please clarify one thing for me. Did your dad tell you to email me with the CIA's demands, or are these demands at the bratty-tattletale-kid priority level? Because, you see, if these requests are still at the tattletale-brat level then I think I'm just gonna hold out and see what "jail time" entails.

I'm picturing a refrigerator box with a window cut into the side and the word "CIA JAIL" written in crayon above it. I also see the "C" in "CIA" made backwards.

I do not fear your play-time jail cell, in fact, I would welcome an "imprisonment" inside of such a contraption so that I could show the true force of my convictions, tearing it to pieces from within, then stomping it into the ground with my big boots.

Come and get me bratty.


“dont mock be you fucking freak”

dont mock be you fucking freak, im for real and you'll be doing time before you know it if you dont take down this site. You hear of Hal Turner? It was a racist website with streaming radio to talk his racist anti jew anti black, pro white comments www.halturnershow.com its no longer on air because it got shut down by the government. Now your website is worse than his so it's just a matter of time........BITCH

Josh Wilkinson

I bet you're known among all your little friends for being "the baby who's gonna tell his daddy in the CIA" every time someone doesn't play by your rules. I'm also assuming that your failure to answer my question indicates that this is all still in the tattletale brat stages.

Has the CIA directly appointed you the official "Loud-mouthed name calling cry baby" of this particular operation? If not, I'm imagining that your daddy wouldn't be very pleased to find out you've established communications with me and divulged all this information before I'm even in police custody.

Josh, you better go and get those crayons and start coloring in bricks on that fridge-box-jail-cell you got planned for me, because I think I'd really enjoy playing the "Why You Hittin' Yourself?" game with your open hand and forehead.

Later Brat-face.

“fuck ooooooooooof”

God will deal with you, and no doubt you will be going to hell where you can spend all of eternity thinking about why you are so fucking stupid. CIA will deal with you soon and you'll be behind bars before you know it with the other freaks. And you'll be someones boyfriend bent over for them and your ass will be sore. If I ever met you I would kick the shit out of you, I MEAN IT!!!!!!!!! I know where you live, in some New York shithole. Hope you have health insurance because your gonna meed it bitch. And i'd take on any of you fucking sicko fans anyday, i'd kill them. You freakkkkkkkkk fuck ooooooooooof.

Josh Wilkinson

... and Bratty throws a temper tantrum. What a predictable delight! What's next? Are you gonna run and tell your mommy the ninja? Is she gonna come with her ninja powers and ninja me?

Josh, my favorite part of that last email was you screaming at me to "fuck of." So I've gone and drawn a little picture of you yelling it in your poopy diaper. See attached>>>

You've done a wonderful thing here for God today. Good job.


“I think you should go read a Bible”

God loves all even if you don't believe in him. I think you should go read a Bible to see sense and stop trying to downplay the Holy Bible because you are an idiot.

Josh Wilkinson

What about the CIA, the US government, your dad... and the ninjas... and all that stuff? Aren't I going to prison? When is all that happening? Should I be packing my suitcases?

“My dad says that you will probably get atleast 10 years in jail.”

Your going to prison for a very long time, yes I would get packing if I were you. My dad says that you will probably get atleast 10 years in jail.
You are history.

Josh Wilkinson

Well Josh, it's been a treat sarcastically belittling you via email these last few days, but I now feel that I've mocked you to the full extent of what's funny.

I will probably be contacting you in a few months to inquire as to why I'm still a free man and your CIA daddy hasn't made his move on me yet. I look forward to more stories from you then.

As you know, I think you are a wiener, but I've simply exhausted every route in which to keep your humiliation entertaining.

Good-bye for now.


The Josh Wilkinson files Part 2
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