"Hi Bob, It's great to see you take those crazy fundies apart , you could charge for the entertainment value. Keep up the good work, the sooner the myths die the better for all.


Thank you Mike. I couldn’t have put it any simpler. So, here you go...

Their letters will be in blue while mine are in black and white.

So its late and im reading your anonymous family member files. i must say it doesn't surprise me that they have taken the immature way in this. But it does make for some good late night reading. Anyways i really liked the way he ended the first e-mail in AFMF-2.

"Just some opinions and thoughts. I respect that you have your opinions and I have mine. It seems that I will be able to sit at the table and not mention your website. I have one last recommendation though. Please buy the book, "Michael Moore is a Fat, Stupid, White Guy." It may enlighten you a little, or you may learn some new techniques, I do not know. Until then, enjoy life, you only get one!!!!!"

If he really respected that we all have our opinions would they have really sent out the first AFM e-mail? Wouldn't they have just takin it as is and let it be? I guess not..and as for being able to sit at the table and not mention your wounderful site..seems as tho he/she is the one who has gotten a bit of "enlightenment" from this whole ordeal. =)

I'm not quite sure where your family member is going with these e-mails..they are all the same to me..."Your site, and its message, is very disrespectful. Rational commentary about atheism is great. Breaking into church and disrupting is not. Think about it"

Blah! Is there anything these Christians won't blame whatever on something else?? When will people realize we are all human..with humans comes flaws which in my eye's it is what makes the world go around. The more I read of these family member e-mails the more agrivated I get. They can put an offering upon the table but it is up to you whether or not to accept it..simple as that. His bullshit emails are filled with half-knowledge nothingness and is in no way eligible to be giving away advice.

Anyways Religion has nothing to do with being a good person or a bad person... I'd like to know why it is that I will be going to "hell" simply because I have not "asked for gods forgiveness for my sins and let him in to my heart." I am my own person and can handle the consequences of my own actions. I need no ones Forgiveness to be with "peace" in the end..because in the end..we are all dead and gone.

"You are not attracting persons of reasoned discourse or enlightenment. That is what truly angered me about your site."

i am a very open minded person.. I too grew up in a christian family...the offer was placed upon the table..I chose to decline it..my family does not love me anyless for my choices I have made in life and I love my family no less for their decision....only an ignorante bein would do such a thing.

Much love Bob <3

“are you just acting out because Mommy made you lick her in the smelly place when you were younger? Have a nice day, you panty waste.”

HEY! Guess what - your a peice of shit!!! In reference to the Jesus dress up, are you just acting out because Mommy made you lick her in the smelly place when you were younger? Have a nice day, you panty waste.

Zach Johnson

“If Jesus was made up, people won't die for him.”

This is regarding your site but it is not from a good Christian. I am not the type of Christian that would go for Sunday masses religiously or say my graces before any meal. However, I believe that Jesus is real. If Jesus was made up, people won't die for him. All his apostles were martyred except John. Would they allow themselves to be killed for someone who they believe was made up.They were so afraid of being killed after his death they hid like some cowards.Would they have the courage to come out and preach if God didn't give them the courage to do so? Can they preach with such gusto and confidence if Jesus was made up?

You have the right not to believe. Just as I used to doubt if I was crazy, talking to space(praying). No one can maintain a friendship if one party is unwilling to open up. If you ever opened up to God, you would probably break down and feel remorse for what you are doing now. I know people have been sending you hate mails. But God doesn't hate, it is when you realise what you have been doing is wrong that you feel he hates you, and keep away. I am no hypocrite, I've had experiences like these and I know what it is like. I can't criticise you for that but applaud your courage to open up so readily.

All I can say is, if you ever knew what he is like, you would never say he was made up.


Hello to you and all of your good wishes. I believe that yes indeed people would have died for Him even if He wasn't for real. People died for David Koresh and he wasn't for real. People also died for Marshal Applewhite and they spoke with great gusto and courage! Were those people right? Heck, I've even heard that people died for Charles Manson and that they spoke with magnificent gusto!

Judging whether or not someone is for real by how courageous their followers are is hardly evidence towards authenticity. Did you know that people even died for Osama Bin Laden? People can be very very stupid and very very gullible. What you need to do is examine if this might also be the case with Jesus Christ, because I would argue that no one can maintain a proper friendship when one of the parties has died... 2,000 years prior.


“Don't try to use science on religion or don't use your brain because the heart is what matters in religion.”

Will they stil die for Osama 2000 years or even 200 years later? Will Osama be remembered even 20 years after? If a friend of yours died, would you forget him/her because you can't see them? Will the friendship be reduced to ashes then?As I said, it is your problem if you want to continue believing Christians are a bunch of looneys. Indeed we are, I still believe so. Who in the world loves their enemy? Who offers their left cheek when they've been slapped on the right? Us. All I can ever say is that if it wasn't for the death of my grandparents, the illness of my father and the trials in my life, I would join your cause. It is because I came out of all these still normal and sane that I believe it was him that guided me through it. Have you heard of the story titled "Footprints?" Nothing I can say would change your mind if it is not time yet. It is just like I've been dragged to church because I have to and not because I want to. All I hope you would do is stay neutral. Don't try to use science on religion or don't use your brain because the heart is what matters in religion.


Holy freaking God! Did you just say "Don't use your brain?!?" I mean, did you really say it?!? You did! You did! I just reread your letter and surely you did! This explains much of what you're saying, Sam.

Who in the world loves their enemy? Who offers their left cheek after being slapped on the right? Um, Buddhists? Um, Hindus? Um, Atheists? Um, many people of different faiths and beliefs, Samantha. Christians do not have a monopoly on good deeds. In fact, there are many who barely have a foothold in them.

And as sad as it may be, when a friend of mine has died the friendship's suffered. Years pass and though your love for them never goes away entirely the friendship you once shared fades, left only with memories. And this goes double for a friend that's died thousands of years before you were born. As much as the people around you say that you can have an established, satisfying friendship with a spirit, this is infact untrue. You may as well be talking to yourself, because there is no possible way to tell the two apart.

I'm not trying to change your mind, I'm simply explaining why I have every right in the world to do what I am doing while I clearly show that those who tell me otherwise admit to not using their brain.


“I bet it has the worst ratings you sick punk.”

How sick of you to make a game like that, your so disgusting someone should make a game of you on that cross u sick person. I don't even think its a good game I bet it has the worst ratings you sick punk. Just take this game and delete it it sucks,oh please.

Kay Tucci

Worst ratings? Have you typed "Jesus" into Google? It's #2 out of 23,600,000 sites! That's Twenty-three MILLION, Kay! And I'm number TWO! That's a pretty high rating if you ask me.

The game of me being crucified has already been made by me. Here, check it out and tell me what you think...

Now, have you ever considered that maybe it is you who sucks?

“i saw an outfit there that is not exceptable im sure you can point it out yourself”

I found jesus dressup very disrespectful not only for the fact that it extreamly disrespectful to the lord but i saw an outfit there that is not exceptable im sure you can point it out yourself. I pray to god that you dont burn in hell for that.

Ryan Kimball


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