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Sunday, August 22, 2004, 2 in the morning

I just got home from CBGB's where I saw a friend's band, Fiona Sand, play. Fun show, fun to watch Fiona kick and writhe about on stage. She's so cute anyhow she can hardly fail up there.

Moby was there too to see her play. I made sure that before I left he got a GOD IS FAKE in his hand.

Best pic I could get.

I put it on his table where he was sitting and said "You need this" as I walked by. Ever since he came out against Marilyn Manson and other "violent" artists I've been annoyed by Moby. And really I don't care that he's a Christian, but it just proves my point that it can't be left at that. He has to bring it into the ring and denounce other artists. I lose a lot of respect for anyone who comes out against good art just because it may be outside the box, dark, violent, perverted, whatever.

Becca & Me

He took the pamphlet in hand with a nervous smile and read it with the blond he was with. It was satisfying, for the moment at least.

He's got a little cafe in Soho called "Teeny." It's actually a very good place to go for vegan food (not that I care, but you can take your sissy vegan friends there), and I always leave fliers in the bathroom for his guests.

Okay, maybe I'm dwelling on this all a bit too much.

I probably also have it in for him because more than a few times I've gotten told that I look like him. Ak. Time to change the subject.

Earlier today (or yesterday, actually) I was at the East Village Arts Howl Festival. Christ, there were enough Amazing Strangers there to fill the next 20 pages.

I took a lot of pictures at the event. I don't want to give them all away now, (because I will most definitely be posting them in the Strangers section) but some of these images have to be seen immediately.

What you don't see here is that "she" is at least 40 years old, and only had about 3 teeth.... and still fabulous! I have to give credit were credit's due.

I also saw that little brunette chick from the Go Go's walking around, and she's still cute as ever. I'm such a star-fucker. Oh Christ, and guess what other Amazing Stranger I saw there! That red bulbous pixie from page 4 of Amazing Strangers!

They call him "Red Bastard" and I'm going to find out where he's playing next so that I can see his entire show. He's one fucking funny bastard, bouncing around on his ass and belly, taunting the audience and skipping about.

Red Bastard. Fuck.

It's been a long day and my feet hurt. Now I go to bed.

“okiezzzz mnade the evil that kind of bulshit allright”

hey wat the fuck it that u dont play with jesus like thta kind of bulsshit bitch get a life ass hoe okiezzzz mnade the evil that kind of bulshit allright

Lila Guizado

“iam that kind of thta ugly bitch”

hey bitch iam that kind of thta ugly bitch iam finer airght and for real dont be an ass hoe but i i forgat u are!!!! hahhahahha is thta pic is really u then u dont have hair do u ur ball headed biatch hahahhahahahah on the wat buy osme hair bitch

Lila Guizado

“You would not like it if someone did some dumb shit like that to you.”

The Jesus Dressup thing is totally rude and I think that you should remove that. You would not like it if someone did some dumb shit like that to you. I love the Lord with all of my heart and it hurts me to see that with all of the things that hes done for you, what you get out of it is to have him hanging from the cross to have people dress him up in stupis ass outfits.

You are pathetic and ridiculous and I dont appreciate what you think of him.

akira buttram

Hmmm, what if someone did something like that to me? You're going to have to be a little more specific. Do you mean if somebody simply made a dress up site of me? I don't think I'd mind that so much. Actually, as long as there was nothing too insulting on the page, like women's clothes or a devil's outfit I don't think I'd be all that bothered.

I might be able to withstand, perhaps, one that included those insulting outfits I'd just mentioned. I'd really have to see the finished layout and decide then.

You aren't working on such a page, are you? I hope not. I don't think I'd appreciate it if you were.

Email me back, k?

“It's sad that you are not ashamed of this mockery (which is really blasphemy) of Christ.”

Subject: Jesus dress up magnets

of all things to put up on the web and make a living off of. It's sad that you are not ashamed of this mockery (which is really blasphemy) of Christ. Whether you choose to believe He is the Son of the living God or not- the image of anyone being put to death by crucifixion is not a laughing matter.

When you scream from the depths of your soul for mercy in the after life for what you have done- maybe you will regret not taking this letter more seriously. What you are doing is not right, and it burdens my heart to tell you so. It would be on my conscience and I would have to account for it one day- please do the right thing by your heavenly father (as he has done you by giving you life, and the ability to choose a relationship with him) and take down your website as soon as you can.

Rudy Curatolo

Rudy, listen. The Jesus Dress Up thing only supplements my income. It's hardly my entire living (that would be reprehensible)! I make my living as a graphic artist, and I get most of my business from people who've visited the site, yes, but that's it. It's only for publicity, mostly.

I can see where there'd be a problem if I supported myself just off of the Jesus Dress Up stuff, but I honestly don't think I'll be screaming from the depths of my soul for mercy in the afterlife just for using it as a means in which to indirectly promote my design business.

For the winter holidays I will probably be selling more magnets and the majority of my income will be the Jesus Dress Up, but that's just the Christmas shopping season and I can't control that. As you can see, it's not as bad as you'd originally thought. I understand your concern though. I see a very big difference.

Thank you for the email.



Subject: Re: now u know the low CAUTION BEWARE OF HELL

escapethe whole world is blackBcause all are liestour of duty
1.hart based decisions,activities,thougts
2.killing desires

Prabhath Rupasinghe

You're a crazy person?

“theres a spirit(power) called "me" inside your body.”

what i told u is the truth.theres a spirit(power) called "me" inside your body.Still u may have not seen it as u'r a primary human being.just close the eyes and see the eternalthoughts and all the feelings that comes to u automatically through u'r body and mind.then u will find that spirit which is a part of nature

Prabhath Rupasinghe

Um, "eternal thoughts and all the feelings that comes to u automatically through u'r body and mind?"
It's called your "imagination."

Here, sound it out with me: "e·maj·i·nation" And it is part of nature, that doesn't mean that I've got my own ghost. You think silly stuff.


“the end of time is comeing”

you are sick you will burn in hell when you die you need to find jesus pal before its to late the end of time is comeing

Todd Cox

What? The end of time is "comeing?" Nobody told me that! Are you sure? I hadn't even heard the smallest mention of this. Have there been some new developements?

The end of time?!? Gosh! Are you the only person making this claim? Are you the first? You know, before I start running down the middle of the expressway sceaming my head off I'm gonna need some tangible evidence that this is in fact the case.

You see, I've learned not to spiral into an crazed panic stricken state with every email that claims it's almost the end of all time. Four separate times I ran around town selling all of my belongings and spending every last penny on strippers and vodka only to discover that, in fact, there was a great deal of time remaining with no obvious end in site.

Thank you for the alarmist prediction but I'm not falling for this again... unless you're really really serious.



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