“YOU no I prayed that jennifer lopez would break up with ben afleck... she did, maybe 5 or 6 months later.”

The Rena ReHab files
Part 3

Her letters will be in blue while mine are in black and white.

Hey Bob, been a big fan for a long time. But I've been just a little worried by what appears to be a little bit of liberal slant filtering into some of your pages. The beauty of your site is that it deals with religion, accross political lines. So many other aethiests in this country are also far left wing lunatics, it is so refreshing to finally see the issue painted in terms of logic and scientific rationality as you do.

Just keep in mind when you're at the RNC protests, that every major Democratic candidate in this country is also a christian. The illness of religion knows no party lines. Now I will fully admit that the right tends to latch onto religion more, but again, simply protesting the republican party and electing a nearly equally religious democrat, solves nothing. Don't forget that catholics, a very passionate group of religious nuts in thier own right, typically align with the left and the democratic party. If you disagree with OTHER parts of conservative politics, well then by all means, you're in the right place at the RNC protests. But if that is the case, I again must beg you to keep your web site focused on what you do so well: exposing the silliness that is religion.

Just some thoughts from a fan who is probably a member of the smallest minority in America (which is a bit ironic for a white guy): a conservative aethiest. Keep up the good work Bob! Later.

Jesse McEnulty.


You're absolutely right Jesse.

I just finished watching Bush give his speech at the RNC and the one thought on my mind at this very moment is that neither candidate is desirable, and they're both simply saying what we all want to hear. I will however be voting for Kerry based mostly on his support of stem cell research, he's a little less "God" than his opponent, he's a war vet, and he does not have the last name "Bush."

I hate politics. I just hate them. Power always corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. You see it on all sides of the fence and it's depressing to me to think that we almost seem to be slaves to our lust for inclusion and exclusion. Upon finishing the book The Lucifer Principle and beginning a reread of it yet again the patterns are presented so crystal clear. I walk away from that book with an understanding that we are lucky to be living in a democracy and it must be defended at all cost. We must continue to allow science to advance us however it can so that we can find solutions to our problems and solve the mystries of the universe. And the minute you start thinking somebody (anybody) is perfect or infallible you must turn them off and remind yourself you're both just human beings.

Seriously, I can hardly keep my head straight right now after hearing Bush's campaign speech. I'm just going to leave it at that for right now. I suspect I'll have more to say on the matter in the days leading up to the election.



Good to hear back from you. After watching the RNC protesters banging thier bongos and chanting thier catchy slogans, and seeing countless bible thumpers tout the virtues of religion, I came to the realization that they are two sides of the same coin: ignorant people who don't even understand what they "believe" in. Just as you will be forced to vote for Sen. Kerry as the lesser of two evils, I'm going to have to cast my ballot for Pres.

Bush along the same line of thinking. Despite his irrational belief in god and his rediculously ignorant stand on the stem cell research issue, I think he will do a better job at fighting what I think is the greatest immediate danger facing the world today: militant Islam (another religion, I bet only aethiests like us can see the irony in that one). To think that Islamic groups will no longer hate America through a simple change in the presidency is crazy, they hated us just as much during the Clinton administration as they do now. Plus I think the Bush administration is better at taking the inevitable fight off of American soil, onto middle eastern soil. Well anyway, no matter who wins the election, its nice to know that I'll be able to go to your site and be reminded that there are at least still SOME rational humans on this planet. Well, that is unless the United States becomes a Christian theocracy and your site is banned, or the Islamic religion kills us all first. Here's to the lesser of two evils: Lechiam!


PS. Thats me in front of the Space Shuttle, I used to do some engineering work on it.

“My god does want me to be individual”

hi bob
My god does want me to be individual, and because of him I am, i used to think the very same way you are thinking right now bob, butyou dont understand what I am saying you have not heard gods word, you are a rebelious child, you are not grown up, you are the one thatis stuck in a fantasy world full of self pride envy and hatred. . you think, you are, your own god and you want to be and "individual" but you are the one that is just like every one else, there are thousands of people out there that feel the way you do, that dont belive in god, that love to hate and hate to love, the god you serve you no not what he is, you dont even realise it is you that have bee n brain washed. I am saying this with compassion, i feel bad for your soul i really do.

You have been brain washed with the foolishness of the world. and i have have been enlightened by the wisdom and knowledge of god. Who are yo to pretend to know who, or whatgod is bob.YOu dont even believe in him bob. YOU dont really know anything about god. But you are like every one else in the "world:" believes they know everything. YOU are like everyone else who feels that the truth is what they believe to be tru. Well bob there is no truth in you, all you beleieve are lies you have heard from the world. you have let the world and hatred and fear form your beliefs, they arent your own original beliefs, just think logicaly for a moment.

I mean come on, there is malice and arrogance in your tone of voice, you are obviloulsy not satisfied in life, go ahead and say you are, but just like everyone else inthe world you always want more then after you get what you want, you want more

Now in christ there is satisfaction and fullness of joy, and tru peace. Inorder for you and everyone else to find peace you mustindulge in things you can touch taste feel or see, or smell, or do, or love. Whether it be your wife and children or golf.Or eating or watching movies, or smokin or drinking. YOU call that freedom? not me, freedom is to not have to do anything for alitle peace, exept worship my god, and ask for his peace, and it is readily given to me. you love bondage any way, and you are unwiilling to change at this time. I used to love bondage and the world also at one time, butnot anymoe. I am sick of worries. Sick of thedarkness. Sick of idols.

well bob you have a great night.


“why does it bruise you to think about being feeble and weak and sick?”

ooh yes bob we are all wretched filthy people and you are just to afraid to see the truth it is you who are the weak one, the frail one the jailed one. YOu cant even concieve of the possibility thatyou are wretched or fake or evil. YOu, on your high horse.

YOU must ne alittle narrow minded eeh, strait egde i guesse. People have the power to "act" good. That doesnt mean they "are good". My god tells me I am beautiful> i told myself I am ugly. I saw that i was filthy god never said this to me.

God merely shows me what I am, and i am not divine, he is, he is holy i am nothing in comparison to him, neither are you bob. Nore does my god want me to wallow in self loathing, it was I who wanted to do that becasie of my shame. On the contrary god only wants me to confess my sin to him, then he wants me to move on. Confessing my evil thoughts, is not intended to be wallowing in shame, it is a way god is able to clean us, purge us, we must bring our sin into the light and once it is brought to light it is destroyed and we are able to change, Individual ideas? YOu think any one in this world really has individual ideas. There are manythings i have thought of that have been created sometime after i thought about them. Individual ideas are lies. The is only one truth. And many lies bob. Whatis an indivdual idea anyway bob?

The truth is that when you are in christyou become a tru indivdual, becasue god made us individual. There is no body in the world like "rena" No body can talk like me, or walk like me.Sure they can try and copy, butthe truth is if they would not copy me and just be who they really are, no body would be able to walk or talk like them.

So what is th4 real you, bob only god knows. And is you let hatred and fear govern you, if thats who you think you are i feel bad for you. Because there are two types of people, the one that hates and fears, and the one that loves and has faith.

hey guesse what god does nto interfer in our lives unless we ask him to. I asked god into my life and i willing ly gave my will to him. The god you serve is the devil. plain out. That is what he wants fro you to do it all on your own as if thatmakes you big and strong, as if that makes you somthing. let me ask you this

Why do you have to be so big and independent any way, why does it bruise you to think about being feeble and weak and sick?whats so bad about being humble? Why is it bad to need god? Why do you want to be proud with out god,. Booy what pride! lol.

Slaves. Hey bob in life you either serve good or evil. LOokslike your servin that ladder. YOU are a slave also. and about worshipping god, dont knock it till you try it. lol. Hello, god is not that hidden.Use soem logic, stop thinking so complex, to see god all you have to do is see whats around you, look at the sky its wonderful the water beautiful, the flowers magnificent, the seasons glorious, do you not notice that all seasons, all animals all insects have a purpose. Hello! do you not no that in all things there is order. All things exept man, man has no order, man is all chaotic.

About god being what I need, there was a time when i thought i didnt need god. so needing god is the truth, not what i think not my iea. Do you no what truth is. What is the truth bob. Bob, god is god, and we were created sorry to break it to ya.But yes we were made to love god, and exist with him. and it really isnt thatbad, i used feel the same way. I didnt like the factthati was made to praise, buthey god is worthy, god gave me life man. and gos died for me, and god delivered me form the lies that you arenow believing.

Thank god for that, because i am starting to get out of where you are now. That pride ful mindset, that hard unbeliving heart. i am begining to hate fear and depression. Hey i can make my own decisons, but i all mydecisionc thati haveever made have been bad, and when god started guiding me,i began making better choices, becasue my lovong father does no best

Hey can you see the wind? Can you feel it? can a blind man see the sun? can he feel its warmth.? I cant see god, but i can feel him, his warmth. amen .


“thanks for the fake harry hardwick rebuke”

wwow bob, thanks for the fake harry hardwick rebuke...reaaal mature..man how old are you and how much do you hate god?


“YOU no I prayed that jennifer lopez would break up with ben afleck... she did, maybe 5 or 6 months later. God led me to pray that.”

listen bob,

I really dont appreciate you putting my thoughts on your web sight.I know that the things I am saying to you are getting throught to you. I notice how you didnt put some of the most recent things i said on your site, why not how about you share with you "fans" some of the truths i have shared with you.

YOu are sick, and evil and immoral.sick. I am sure you will putthis on your web site.

How dare you try and make the good christians look like idiots. Its ok though, you are of the heathen world. YOu are like the jew that crucified Jesus, YOu have little girl fans, all of them whcih are sick like you. demented. Just so you no, the devil is weak. and fame is an illusion. YOu and all the people you to will be judged,and you no it. thats why you are so demented. why didnt you put my story about how god saved me on your web site. Let these poor souls hear the truth.

YOur truth is not the truth, you are not a god. YOu ar an uglky man, i saw your picture.. I pray god brings you down form you pedistool. Why dont you let your fans see how much of a fake you are. go ahead and try and say i have a make believe friend, but you messed with the wrong christian.

I pray that your web site wil get shut down , and you will loose all you revenew, i pray that you would see what you are worshipping. I pray god will humble yuor spirit and transform you whether you like it or not, god is able to bring you low. I pray the lord will show himself to the likes of you,that you may see him for yourself.

In the mane of jesus devil i command you to to leave this man alone and take your hands off his mind and off his art work and off his fans. in the name of jesus bob, you will not do this any more, you will be conformed to the image of god whether you like it or not.

Because the name of jesus is above the name"bob" jesus is lord of lords. You are justa human, a bald, skinny man. So you cover yourslef with your pride, its your friend, you coward i dare you to take your mask off. But you cant, it is glued there. plasttered to your face.

I read your hatemail, and you have a very different persnality towards me.Thats good, you are trying to block gods word. YOU dont like what i have to say, well your time is short, tragedy will happen in your life in the name of jesus, god will judge you today and lead you in his mercy and truth, in the name of jesus and you WILL NOT BE ABLE TO STOP HIM, BECASUE GOD ANSWERS MY PRAYERS. i cant wait to see what god does in your life. Oh he will make you his holy child.Praise god.

YOU no I prayed that jennifer lopez would break up with ben afleck... she did, maybe 5 or 6 months later. God led me to pray that. I prayed that eminem would stop rapping bad stuff and turn christian, today i found out that he just became christian, and i read a rap he wrote, it was about god, he'll improve of course. god led me to pray that to.about eminem.

But boy does god like to bring down people like you, it gives him so much glory. I praise god right now for bringing you low, for taking away your money and your fame, for destroying your little web site that you built, for taking away your sense of humor and sense of logic, in the name of jesus.I pray that all your talents would be taken away from you, for later use for gods glory. In the name of jesus i loose a calling on your life, that you will answer god willing. I loose angels over you, in the name of jesus tominister truth into your heart in the name of jesus.

I praise god for filling you with the fear of the lord, and for giving you the mind of christ in the name of jesus. bob, you will be changed. i praise god, bless you lord jesus be magnified.

put this letter in you hatemail bob. for i pray all who read it will be brought low humbled and delivered form the bondage of darkness. I pray all who read this will be saved by jesus. That the holy ghost will enter there lives today. Bob if you dont put this letter on your site, il no you believed it, hahaha. will you give me the satifaction...hahaha oooh what!


Wow Rena, you really do write a priceless email. For some reason your letters shine above all others.

You prayed for J-Lo and Ben's relationship to end? That was you? Are you allowed to do that? And Eminem is a Christian now on account of your prayers? This is quite a resume you're building, Rena. You're really giving Satan a run for his money.

For the first time I now realize how important it is for me to see myself as repulsive, ugly, filthy, stupid and unable to think for myself. And to think, all this time I've been working hard to think just the opposite thoughts! You know, society needs more revolutionary thinkers like yourself. No greater progress could be made than if we as humans would simply stop believing in ourselves and admit to being worthless.

It's so hard to believe that you, Rena, who has all of these wonderful theories was once in rehab for your inability to think for yourself. It's clear that now however you're making really intelligent decisions and making great progress. The Lopez/Afleck breakup proves it!

But Rena, I have to admit it hurt me that you also prayed for my talents to be taken away and tragedy to happen to me in Jesus' name. My personal feeling is that last request probably annoyed Jesus a little.

Thank you for putting me in your prayers.

PS. I'm posting your letters, at your request, to prove that I don't believe them. That proves it, right?

More MORE MORE Rena! I can't get enough!
I can't take it anymore! I want a new hate mailer!