They ain't gettin’ any smarter.

Their letters will be in blue while mine are in black and white.

One of my weekly routines now-a-days is finding stores and keeping them supplied with my Jesus Dress Up magnets.

This involves trapsing around New York with a 15 pound bag of magnets and going door to door from store to store. Often the reaction from store owners is no different than if I were showing them a dead baby in a shoebox.

Magnets in the window display at Bowery Tattoo, 334 Bowery NYC

However, I've found many wonderful stores who are not only willing to carry them on their shelves, but defend the product when customers complain or make a scene.

Window displays are a total score. Bowery Tattoo is one of the best stores, selling more, quicker than most any other store in the city. I'm sure this is due to them having a wonderful shop in a prime location, along with the magnets in the front window display.

I was told by the fellow who works there that customers have complained, and most recently a lady who demanded they stop selling the "offensive product" immediately. Then, when he defended them she said she was just going to buy the rest of their stock! I guess she figured that if she bought them there wouldn't be any more to sell ever? They were restocked the following day.

Magnets on display at the coffee shop ALT in the East Village.

A guilty pleasure of mine is to go to my favorite coffee shop in the East Village and watch as people browse over them and the many differing responses they invoke. Yesterday a lady came in and stared for a long while before getting her coffee. Then, over the course of an hour or so she must've gone back up to look at them at least 5 times. Staring at them, and smiling. Very self indulgent of me, but so inspiring when I'm there answering hate mail.

My brother snapped a picture of these two guys laughing at them back when they were for sale in Urban Outfitters.

Knowing that my dress up game is staring out at shoppers in malls and on public sidewalks has been my latest thrill.

I've just recently compiled a list of stores where they're already for sale if you've been wanting a set for yourself but would prefer to avoid getting them via USPS.

If you know of a store near you that might be interested in carrying them please don't hesitate to contact me with the information. It's one of the only ways I've been able to successfully get them on shelves outside of New York. My best hook-ups have been through you people. So, thanks!

“ you fag how could you do a dress up doll of Jesus why would you put a devil suit ????????????”

Subject: you are the...

dear normal bob,
I am only a kid and some things are very hurt full to my religion you fag how could you do a dress up doll of Jesus why would you put a devil suit ????????????

why would Jesus be a devil he's trying to help you follow the father and your dressing him up as a fuckin devil

Ashley Fletcher

“Special Ed”

You should be embarrassed and ashamed of your self. I have never seen anything as blasphemous in my entire life. You need to realize that Jesus Christ died as an atonement for your sins so that you would be forgiven by his father, Almighty God. I pray that your eyes will be open to the truth before it is to late. God will forgive you, if you just ask.

In Christ,
Special Ed
Soldiers for Jesus M.C.
Lee Cty Chapter

Ed Neelly

You've got to be kidding me. Your nickname is "Special Ed?" And you use the nickname when you're scolding people via email? And you expect me to pay attention to what Special Ed has to complain about?

Do you even know what special ed is? It's education for the mentally challenged! Did you know that? Oh Christ, I love it that your nickname is so ignorant! It fits in so perfect with your beliefs!

Wait. Uh oh. Are you mentally challenged? If you are then I take it all back, and I apoligize. Ak, now I feel bad.


“god aint fake, you's fake bitch”


Heyy motherfuckah, god aint fake, you's fake bitch have u seen the psychiatrist yet u need srious help for real u need one imma doctor i can tell, i thinh u need help. i wanna talk to u one on one so i wanna kno where u live am gonna meet u and we will discuss. god is real and something is gonna happen take it or leave it maybe not now but something real bad is gonna happen to u. u cursed god on your site so u think u were gonna get away with it??????// u r gonna die, god iz gon strike you down if you dun apologise now. I will pray for you. GOD BLESS YOUR POOR SOUL.

Darren Williams

Darren Williams,
Thank you for contacting Jesus Dress Up Productions. Your email has been forwarded to the appropriate party and will be addressed in the order which it was received.

If your letter is a letter of praise, complimenting us for the wonderful service we provide then you can expect a polite and cheerful response within 4 working days.

If, however, your letter was a poorly written, marble-mouthed "mutha fuka god iz gon dun u down" regurgitation of what you heard while you were being passed around between your uncles, then you can expect to have your letter posted on the internet and laughed at by the public.

In either case, we appriciate your selfless contribution to our site and we hope that you come back again very soon, making your home away from home on the net!

This email was automatically generated and has been pre approved personally by the President of Jesus Dress Up Productions Int.

You'll be pleased to know that for every email sent a donation of 2.3 cents is pledged towards
Thank you for your contribution.


“Please learn to have respect, even if you do not believe.”

Your site is a dishonor to Christ your Savior. Please learn to have respect, even if you do not believe.

In Christ,
Kathleen Prosdocimo
Bryant Signs

Respect something I don't believe is correct? Is that really your motto?

Personally I feel that when something is found to be foolish, wrong, lies, or mistaken it shouldn't be respected. In fact I believe that it should be scrutinized, corrected, denounced and in the end (after it's gotten out of hand), ridiculed and disrespected.

I would go so far as to say that if you respect beliefs you think are wrong then you must be pretty unsure of your own beliefs on the matter.

I can't believe that you respect ideas you think are incorrect.
People are so backwards!

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