Going out of my way to destroy all things love.
Their letters will be in blue while mine are in black and white.


Subject: Brother Swaggart Sings His Love For Christ

Hi Bob;
After all the outrage over Jimmy Swaggart's recent comments, I just had to check out his website. I'd never realized that he was a "singer" and that he'd put out more that thirty Christian albums.

Upon reviewing some of the song titles, I think I've uncovered a hidden agenda. Brotha Swaggart really LOVES Jesus. When he's done pontificating about the evils of the world, he's singing about "kneeling before the cross," if you know what I mean. Take a look at a number of songs proclaiming his very personal love for his lord and savior:

- Lord, You're Beautiful
- Let's Go Up To The Upper Room
- Have Thine Own Way, Lord

Brother Jimmy really likes to touch Jesus:

- Precious Lord, Take My Hand
- When My Saviour Reached Down For Me
- Reach Out And Touch The Lord
- Touching Jesus
- He Touched Me
- Let Me Touch Jesus
- Touch Through Me

Some of his songs are merely suggestive:

- I'd Rather Have Jesus
- Let Your Love Flow Through Me
- Jesus Be Jesus In Me
- Jesus On The Inside

Other songs are downright explicit:
- Come, Holy Spirit
- Come Unto Me
- Then Jesus Came

Yes... I know it's juvenile. But I thought it might at least make you giggle.

Keep up the work!
Jason Snyder from Orlando

Hey Bob,

I've written to you a couple times before to tell you how wonderful you are and thought you were due for another praising email from me.

The first thing I do in the morning is check my email and then go directly to your site to see if there is anything new for the day. The days between new hate mail pages are painful sometimes. Those always make my day. I've also become a huge fan of amazing strangers. I've always thought that people watching was facinating. It seems that you have the best place to do that there in NY.

I wanted to share with you that I've gotten my mom hooked on your site. I think I found you about a year ago and I've always told her about it. She laughs at me cause at least once in every converstation I tell her about something new from your site. She's gone off and on occasionally and read your hate mail and tells me how funny it is. It always sparks some really fun conversations.

Anyway, just this last weekend I saw The Passion of the Christ. I went back and re-read your review cause I couldn't remember what you had said about it. Other than someone had threw a Coke at your head. :) So I told my mom she had to go read your review cause I forgot how funny it was. She called me back that night and said she couldn't stop laughing while reading that. She thought it was great. Then she went and read some more hate mail and before she finished she went to your revenge page. She told me she had a lot of fun giving you the bible and spraying you with holy water. I think she was trying to convert you. hahaha

Oh and by the way we both thought it was wonderful that you helped to convert one of your hate mailers to the dark site. I think his name was Steven.

So keep up the good work. You make my day on a regular basis.

Shannon Planer


Subject: Shannon Planer's email

Hi Bob,
I am Shannon's mother... ;-) I know you requested a picture of Shannon and me to post with her email. I just want you to know the picture she sent to you is of her and a dog. I may be getting old and going to the dogs but I don't look like a dog. Also, I enjoy your website, it's very refreshing from the daily bombardment of christianity I receive on a regular basis.

Sometimes I think they (Christians) have built in sensors that tell them this woman needs saved, lets save her....UGH. Do you have business cards? Maybe I could hand them out to people who try to push their insanity on me. Keep us the good work.

Shannon's Mother

“i think it is a deskrace”

i think it is a deskrace of what you did to jesus he is not uses for that it a horrible thing

Berkeley Donnelly


“what dose this mean”

what dose this mean

Berkeley Donnelly

You said "desk race!" So I drew you a Desk Race! It was fun!
But I think you meant "disgrace." Right?

“this is a disgrace...”

this is a disgrace what you did to jesus i think you should remove it

Berkeley Donnelly

There you go! Now you got it! "Dis-grace."
I'm a disgrace, not a deskrace. Hahaha, do you understand my little drawing now?

Thank you Berkeley.

“piece of crap”

piece of crap you please take jesus off

Berkeley Donnelly

Why? Because it's a desk race?

“When my body dies, and my body closes its eyes for the final time, I will awaken in Heaven.”

Subject: Know Jesus

Hi Bob,
I found your website accidentally while looking for some Christian information (I just typed in "Jesus Christ"). I suspect that happens to a lot of people, hence all the hits and hate e-mail from Christians. When I first saw the dress-up thing, I scrolled down to see who could have made something so thoughtless and awful, and I visited your website. At first glance I was horrified, thinking this was some kind of satanic website; but then I started reading the mail and your responses and my initial disgust for you has turned into HOPE.

God obviously blessed you with a talent for writing, humor, and art. He gave you those gifts so that you could use them for His glory - strangely, you *are* doing just that. While reading the "hate" letters people wrote to you (NOT the ones filled with expletives or threats, but those that simply state the Good News), I felt such calmness and relief, knowing that there are so many others like myself who know and love Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I am glad to see that other caring Christians have emailed you, to reach out to you. They send you those emails (such as the one from Bettie: "This Jesus gave his life for YOU and the world...paid the price of your sin and my sin so we could have eternal life by just believing in Him. 'For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son, that whosoever believeth in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.' John 3:16") not to admonish, terrify or persecute but because they actually CARE about your eternal salvation. I know I do. I care about your eternal salvation because Jesus said that the most important commandment of all is to love each other as we love ourselves ... and if we can love other people that much, all of the other commandments will fall into place.

I think Pastor Bob hit the nail on the head when he remarked that you protest too much. I think your website is actually your own search for Jesus, and that's why you pay so much attention to Him. You stated in your response to Pastor Bob, "I am doing this for the comedy, self expression and chicks." Clearly there are a lot of topics you can broach in a humorous manner for self-expression, as it is obvious that you're an intelligent and opinionated person with a flair for comedy writing. And yet ... you have chosen to concentrate specifically on the Lord, Jesus Christ. You could merely include the Lord in your vast list of topics, but no - you have centered your entire website on JESUS.

You know at first glance, I thought you were one of those atheists that had committed the one unpardonable sin (Read more about it at christiananswers.net if you don't already know) - but after reading your responses to people, I don't think you have. As you may or may not know, once you commit the unpardonable sin, God shuts your eyes to Him forever. Bob, I think if your eyes were truly shut to Jesus your responses would be much more angry and filled with hate ... I see you mocking Him and questioning Him, but I don't see the hate (Unfortunately, I *did* see it in one or two of the "fan letters" you've received.) Even you yourself acknowledge that you have no anger towards God: "I took a moment today to imagine what it'd be like to be angry, angry at God, and then 'bloody angry'. If I were any of these things it would show itself in the form of unreasonable dialogue, humorless rants, and violent/ vulgar drawings. Jesus Dress Up could easily be worse... but it's humor, not revenge."

That's why I have hope for you Bob. I believe that one of these days you *will* turn towards the Lord, because your heart is already softened towards Him and (despite your protests) open to His existence.

Another reason I have hope for you is because ... well, I used to be just like you. I, too have a flair for comedy writing, art, web design, etc. I used to have a website that people hated and would send me hate mail because of my opinions and the topics I discussed. I used to post parodies of Chick Comic tracts (you probably know what those are, www.chick.com if you don't) on my website, merely clearing the talk-bubbles and replacing the words Chick wrote with my own blasphemous remarks. A lot of people found them funny; I feel badly now that I may have turned anyone away from Christ, but I know that the Lord forgives me for that.

Anyway, at the time when I was writing all of those things, I was almost an atheist. I thought the bible was a bunch of garbage written by bigoted, sexist men who just wanted to keep people "in line". I was getting to the point where I was starting to believe that the legend of Jesus Christ was nothing but a myth. I would scoff at Christians, particularly the ones that typed "He" and "Him" and spouted verses - their presence made me feel awkard, for some reason. I thought they were crazy zealots, bigoted, and closed-minded; I felt that I was so much more intelligent than they were because I was so open-minded.

What changed me to become a Christian and what Saved me was a long process, years in the making. It took the prayer of many people in my life, mostly friends and family ... and probably some people that I don't even know. I'd like to think that people who didn't even know me, true Christians, saw my website, took pity on me, and said a prayer that I would move closer to God. Well, I don't know for sure if any strangers prayed for me, but I know for certain that my loved ones did. They helped bring me to Jesus, and they helped to bring me eternal life. For that I will be forever thankful to them.

All of our bodies will die someday, Bob. The YOU that's reading this letter is not going to "fall asleep" or cease to exist ... YOU will live on, forever - where you choose to spend eternity is up to you. When my body dies, and my body closes its eyes for the final time, I will awaken in Heaven.

I hope to see you there someday. =)
God bless,

Emily, Emily, Emily,
What you seem to have missed (at least in your letter to me) is that I have already found the Jesus you want me to find, and upon further examination of the evidence provided, my own feelings, and a better understanding of human nature I came to the conclusion that Jesus, Heaven, God and everlasting life aren't real. They are all make-believe.

The reason I have no anger towards God is because I truly believe He is imaginary, and it'd be as foolish for me to be angry at Fred Flintstone, Superman or even the Devil himself. I am not angry at Christians because I believe that they are good people with only the best intentions behind what they believe. I've never been mistreated or abused by Christians around me, in fact, my atheism is despite the good Christians I know and love. My problem with God and religion is, and will always be, the lack of sense it makes, the fears and insecurities it feeds off of, and the false understanding of life it teaches.

I understand why people want to live forever. We all want that. The trick to life, and living a happy one, is being able to separate fantasy from reality. The mind will always prefer fantasy and it takes effort to keep fantasy in check. Without the effort your brain will leap at any opportunities to fantasize. It wants to believe! But believing in fantasy separates you from reality, and in the end that's just avoiding life.

God did not give me the talent to draw and be funny. If He had then I wouldn't have had to've spent the better part of my life sucking at both, learning from my failures and the grueling amount of lonely hours in my room teaching myself how to draw and draw well. Does God also get credit for all the stupid jokes I told when I was a teenager that made nobody laugh, except at me? The reason I know how to be funny is because I had lots of practice. It's okay to be proud and to take credit for what I've accomplished.

I just think that you're wrong in what you believe and that the reasons you believe are wrong too. To me it is so entirely obvious that you are wrong and I am still shocked when I hear from people like you who don't see how obvious it is that they're wrong, with no valid reasons for believing except that it's a nice, fair idea with a book to back it up.


“How you chose to live your life is between your god and you, which ever god you choose.”

I was browsing the web and I found your site. Just some random thoughts:
So your Jesus in JesusDressUp.com had to a white guy? In tighty-whities? How Western European! But it doesn't matter to me. I'm a Christian, but please do not bother me about the way I worship, and I won't bother you. How you chose to live your life is between your god and you, which ever god you choose. As I understand it, it is not my place to judge, but I simply do not understand the "Christians" who hate so much that they wish you harm. Sorta like the anti-abortionists who feel it's ok to kill the abortion clinic workers-it doesn't make sense. I did get a good laugh at your replies to the hate mail. That's all I have, just some random thoughts.


"Choose a God?" Is that what you just said? Do we seriously live in a world where people think the concept of "choosing there own god" makes sense? What the fuck?!?! Doesn't that defeat the purpose of a god entirely? God isn't chosen! He fucking chooses you, whether you like it or not, and rules every thing that you do... without choice!

I've made this point because I think it reveals much about where "God" comes from and how an idea so crazy is considered the norm. People amaze me.



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