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The Karen Cairone files
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Her letters will be in blue while mine are in black and white.

Hi Normal Bob,
I feel an uncharacteristic urge to apologise for one of my countrymen coming on.
Please don't think all South Africans are like yonder Willie-he's a relic of our Apartheid, Calvinist past, the dregs of which just will not die.Gaah, they make me ill.
At the same time I must acknowledge the truth of a lot of what you said about our stupid peasantry .They certainly do think that sex with a virgin will cure aids, many of them, and those that don't believe it just seem to like expressing their frustrations by dominating, raping and killing relatively helpless people, like women and children. Sigh.
I don't think my country is a marvelous, flawless place-but some of us are really trying.
We have an above-average quota of atheists, for instance. I've spent the morning trying to find the reference and failing, but if I recall correctly, our last census returned well over 20% of Godless citizens. Something to Praise God for, after all.
Lastly, I must congratulate you on an excellent site and venture-we (my partner and I and many of our atheist co-conspirators) have downloaded your 'Is God Real?' tract, and never miss an opportunity to hand them out at traffic lights, especially in return for the religious flyers. We like to keep the sods on their toes.
Don't stop what you're doing, please-it brings a good deal of joy to many people.
Yours in Sincerity,

All Hail the IPU
Terri Moore,

Yo Bob,
Just writing to say that technically Willie was right in her mail, when she said theres no rainforests in South Africa, if she was talking about the Republic Of South Africa, which is only a small part of Southern Africa. Of course ther are rainforests in the Congo and stuff which are also South Africa. So that might explain her confusion... Either that, or she read it in the bible, and of course, to her, that'd mean that theres no doubt South Africa has NO rainforests.

Aside from that, your site is awesometastic, and i check it every couple of days for updates to Satans Sal. i actually made a wishing hat, but it looked to stupid for me to wear it, sorry :P I did actually wish that the network of prayer would fail though.

Hope you have good luck in life, and continuing to update the site and keep me amused.


“...this is definitely not hate-mail.

Dear Bob:
First of all, let me start out by saying that this is definitely not hate-mail. I am an atheist, and have been a big fan of your site for years.  I love the Dress-ups, Satan's Salvation, the Movie Reviews, and especially the Hate Mail section and your replies.

However, your replies to Willie Louw made me uncomfortable. To me they came off as racist in tone.  For example, "Here in civilization we've found ways to scientifically explain solar eclipses..."  and   "In fact, from what I hear you're still running from witch doctors, voodoo dolls and angry looking tikis."

I am hoping that wasn't your intent, and that you were as usual, just giving a sanctimonious twit  the "respect" that he deserved.  I am not South African, but like many African-Americans, I am sensitive to people's perceptions of Africa. Many people in the various nations do follow religions/superstitions that are primitive and senseless (though really, if you think about it, no more primitive or senseless than Christian beliefs.), but there is great sophistication and cultural richness to be found as well.

Yours very truly,
Karen Cairone

I think what you're asking me is if it was my intent to sound racist in those replies? My reply had nothing to do with whether or not Willie was black or white. It had everything to do with South Africa and how it's the last place we should be looking when it comes to seeking advise on... well, most everything.

Karen, do you know how horrible things are in South Africa right now? It's madness! I just finished reading an article that paints the country in a less than flattering light. These statistics are from a nongovernmental organization called CIET which conducted a survey into sexual violence among South Africans, 10-19 years of age. The study carried out among 270,000 white and black school children showed that 60% of boys and girls think it's not violent to force sex with somebody they know. 66% of those boys and 71% of girls had themselves been involved in forced sex. Do you want to hear something even more disturbing? In that same survey, 13% of South African youth believe that "sex with a virgin cures AIDS." Yeah, I know. Jesus fucking Christ.

This same article spoke of the security devises people now buy for their homes and automobiles because of how out of hand crime has gotten in South Africa. Flame-throwers that'll turn a carjacker into ash, electrically charged car handles and smoke screens... just for their fucking cars! The police are corrupt, the AIDS epidemic is reaching new heights, and if you saw that letter from Arthur Sungitsa (on page 167) you read that canibalism, the occult and witchcraft are still common practice in the country of Africa. This is not about race and we're not talking about cultural richness. Save that shit for the tourists. This is all about examining why.

You can't ignore a gargantuan problem like the one going on in South Africa just because it may strike you as a tad politically incorrect. It's a nightmare over there, and in my opinion that's well worth taking into consideration when someone is telling you why God is so desperately needed.

And besides, some of my best friends are black.

PS. Thank you for the compliments and I would love to have a picture of you to post with your letter.

“I was truly and personally disturbed by your comments, not mouthing some insincere rhetoric.”

Dear Bob:
Your reply has certainly taught me a lesson. Not about South Africa; I already knew about the situation there. What it has taught me is to be careful about whom I choose to respect.  I have always admired your "in their face" tactics in dealing with people.  That is because I thought those tactics had their basis in integrity. I now see in your response to me that they do not.

You did not mention anything about the social depravity in South Africa in your responses to Willie Louw, let alone suggest to him that because of that depravity, South Africans have no right to set themselves up as moral examples.  All of that came after the fact, in response to my letter. Had you actually said those things to Mr. Louw, I never would have called what you said into question, as your remarks would have had context. Without the context, they sound like cheap shots, and unfortunately make use of the same sort of language that racists have been using for years.

I am not a particular fan of political correctness, Bob--if I were I wouldn't have been a fan of your site, now would I?  I prefer to be forthright in dealing with others, and appreciate it when others do the same. I was truly and personally disturbed by your comments, not mouthing some insincere rhetoric.

Very truly yours,
Karen Cairone

Karen, if you already knew about the situation there in South Africa why would you second guess my replies and assume that there was a racist hostility behind them? Jesus Christ! If this isn't workin' hard to be politically correct then I don't know what is.

If you want to consider yourself one who does not lean towards being politically correct then you're going to have to be more careful about throwing that word "racist" around. I don't even use the word. It's been rendered completely useless by anyone who can pronounce it. Have you seen the letters from Darren Williams on 183?

As everyone who's on the hating-political-correctness side of that fence knows, one should ALWAYS assume the "racist in question" is not a racist until you have solid evidence to back it up, because the second you make the accusation you are at great risk of looking like a politically correct alarmist annoyance, and nobody likes those.

There's a reason why I make a mockery of that knee-jerk reaction my hate mailers are so infamous for. It's because that's the virus! That's the simpleton's reaction! That's the easy way out! Those examples you presented are me making fun of beliefs. Calling me a racist for what I've said to Willie is no different than saying I hate Christians because of what I say about their beliefs.



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