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Still more neat responses to the question: If the Bible and Christianity were untrue, and everything you believe about God, Jesus, Hell and Satan were false, would you want to know the truth?
Their letters are in yellow, whilst mine are in black & white.

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Hey! It's Venessa!

Hi Kyle
My name is Venessa, I'm 20 years old and I visit normalbobsmith.com regularly. I saw for his 200th page of hate mail he emailed you with a question. I was wondering why you didn't want to answer bob's question. Also, if you thought about it and do have an answer. No pressure. I'm just curious. If you want I'd love to chat about it.
AIM : FiveFootMohawk
Venessa Nina

Hi Venessa. I didn't want to answer Bob's question because he is in no position to ask it. He assumes he knows the truth, that's why he posed the question. He is an arrogant atheist who smugly believes Christianity is a bunch of bunk and that God does not exist.

What if the question was, "If you could know that God does exist and Christianity is true, would you want to know this truth, or would you still cling to atheism?

Since nothing, absolutely nothing, can be proven with 100% certainty (scientists admit this) we all must rely on a degree of faith. My faith is with God, Bob's faith is with atheism. And I personally think faith in God is a better world-view than hopeless atheism.

I'm open to chatting more. Thanks for writing.


Hey Kyle,
Thank you so much for your speedy reply. I really appreciate your response.

Just to make one comment on what you said about Bob being a smug Atheist, couldn't the same be said of any Christian preaching the word of God? I mean Christians are assuming that they know the truth too aren't they? The same way you said Bob is assuming he's right?

About the "what if" on rephrasing the question: that may be how you (a Christian) would ask the question to an Atheist and that's totally fine. So why do you have a problem with how an Atheist would ask the same question of a Christian? Personally I think the question should be asked: "If God exists do you want to know." so as not to offend either side. But see most people are not like me. Most people can't see both sides, and most people can't see how the way you rephrased it would be demeaning or offensive to an Atheist.

That's me, I'm not Bob. I'm not running a website, so I don't have to get super specific and break it down so as not to confuse a prospective reader. If you took offense to how he phrased it, my understanding was he was just trying to be as clear as possible.

Now about this word "faith" you keep using so much. I looked it up in the dictionary and these are the definitions I got: "belief that does not rest on logical proof or material evidence." definition number two:" Loyalty to a person or thing; allegiance"

I'm not speaking for all Atheists, but as one I believe the biggest difference between us and you guys, is that we're right! Haha just kidding. But seriously the difference is as you've previously stated Christians have faith in God and Atheists have rationale.

What is this "nothing can be proven" bungle?! The world is round... wasn't that proven? How about Dinosaurs... don't their bones prove even the tiniest, meekest existence? Haven't you heard of cave men? People evolving to be smarter, faster, and stronger... aren't these all things that have been proven? Oh and relativity, didn't Einstein prove that one?

Sure, Christianity is a GREAT "world-view" (by worldview I'm assuming you mean-view you think the whole world should have) the only problem is getting grown adults that use their brains to buy it. You think it was easy the day I realized I had been taken to school and taught nothing but lies? Taking me to a daycare and reading little red riding hood would have been a lot more productive and probably more true to life. I know the bible. I've read, and read, and been read to. It makes sense if you want it to, if you need it to, and if you reject those ideas that challenge it.

I'm sorry this was so long but you made some points that I really wanted to address. Also did you read Bob's 200th page of hatemail. I'm curious to know what you thought of his other responses. Also since Bob asked you the question based on having received mail from you, could you direct me to the page (if one exists) where you originally corresponded with him.

Thanks again for your reply
Much Respect

John 3:16
For GOD so loved the WORLD (you) and I that he gave his only begotten SON (Jesus Christ) that whosoever believeth in him should not perish(in hell) but have everlasting life(in Heaven)

Well it isn't untrue the Bible, Heaven, Hell, Jesus, God, Satan all of it is true. We see this everyday, miracles workings of God and we see the devil trying to take our salvation away from us. If you only knew just what he did for you and how wonderful he is you'd want to be a child of his too...i'll pray for you and i hope that you will one day see just what God has sent his Son to do for you....

John 3:16
For GOD so loved the WORLD (you) and I that he gave his only begotten SON (Jesus Christ) that whosoever believeth in him should not perish(in hell) but have everlasting life(in Heaven)

Thank You,
Amanda Jenkins

If this isn't an example of somebody in complete denial then I don't know what is.

Yes Amanda, John 3:16 answers the question brilliantly.

I = Impossible!


Please answer this question Why do so many people have a problem believing JESUS really exists?

Dear Sir,
If you could 100% give me the answers to every question i have ever had then I could give you an answer to your question.

So far in my life the only one to ever reveal all the truths i need to know has been JESUS CHRIST through answered prayers!!!!

Please answer this question Why do so many people have a problem believing JESUS really exists? The one thing we all need 100% in order to breathe to merely exist is air right? But to tell you the truth i have never seen any . How do I know THERE IS SUCH A THING? ahah I GUESS I JUST HAVE TO BELIEVE!!!!!I WALK BY FAITH NOT BY SIGHT!!!!!

Misty Turner

So many times I feel like people respond to emails like the one I sent, or Jesus Dress Up, like they're trying to impress Jesus. This response is beyond defensive and well into the "I'm lookin' to get the best seat in Heaven" type of ass kissing.
This is clearly an "I"


well of course i would want to know if Jesus didn't exist but he does.

well i was wondering if you ever were going to get back with me.
Hope you had a good new year's.

on to the discussion--well of course i would want to know if Jesus didn't exist but he does. If you look at everything around you it all relates. Where do you think we got the year in which we live? Because 2005 years ago Jesus died on the cross and rose from the dead. That's why we call it 2005 A.D. Also, there were hundreds of witnesses that saw Jesus walk the earth after he was crucified. This was stated in the Bible and also other historical literature. Google search it, see for yourself.

You don't have to be a religious freak to believe. I'm not, I do alot of things that
fall short of the full glory of God but life is a practice and trust me Jesus was one of the most badass teachers to ever walk the planet. I'm proud to have him on my side, it damn sure don't hurt. Sinning does not mean you are going to live in eternal darkness or damnation but rather it keeps you from receiving the full blessings that God intended for you. Jesus spoke poetry, in parables, simply and to people that the religious chiefs of the time thought that they were to good to approach like poor people or children or prostitutes and sick people. Hell man they murdered him for it. That just goes to show you that the devil is at war with all of us and i don't mean a red guy with horns. The war is in all of us sometimes the most religious people around are the most evil people ever!. Look at the radical muslims in Iraq, I mean they want us completely destroyed. It goes on and on you know?

We as a human race were created by the same God, whatever you want to call
him is up to you. But we all want the same things, love, peace, family, respect. that's it for now.

Tanya Pelt

I love it when they say "Of course I'd want to know, but He does exist!"

Yes, I know you think that Tanya, that's why I'm asking you the question.

Tanya Pelt, thank you for your "Y." You've answered it AND kept your promise to Jesus in doing so. We're all way impressed over here.


I'm can't assume what is impossible.

Thank you for answering me, I don't any advice about my belifes in christianity and God Jesus, my answer to your question is not a yes or no
because I'm believing and I'm can't assume what is impossible.

My belifes are strong enough I always try to increase it and I know who can
i take the advice from.

Dida Mata

Here Dida just comes right out and admits she's in denial, saying "I'm can't assume what is impossible." I wish she would just say: "Rhetorical questions in and of themselves are an impossibility," except in her broken, baby talk.


A: no

Q: If the Bible and Christianity were untrue, and everything you believe
about God, Jesus, Hell and Satan were false, would you want to know the

A: no

Now a question for you.

Q: If the Bible and Christianity were true,and everything i've believed in my whole life including the second coming of Jesus ,satan, and the Fact that know one goes to heaven without accepting Jesus Christ as your personal savior,if all this is true.

Wouldnt you want to know the truth?

Its not to late..................


Well, ah-duh! Of course I'd want to know... but only if it's the truth!
Ya see, the question doesn't work when you guys ask it.


Oh my God! What a brilliant reversal! That question never even crossed my mind!

What do I do? Where do I go now? I've been defeated by my own words!

This was my favorite "N" of them all!


there are only two possible ways for us human beings to find the truth

Hi Bob
You asked: If the Bible and Christianity were untrue, and everything you believe about God, Jesus, Hell and Satan were false, would you want to know the truth?

I´ll try to explain this in english, even though english is not my mother tongue, - norwegian is.

How do we find the truth, Bob? You might not agree of course, but there are only two possible ways for us human beings to find the truth; through science, or through faith. That´s it! So if we devide reality in two dimensions; a physical and a spiritual, then you can find out for yourself whether to go the way of science or faith. Have you figured it out already?
Well, let´s move on then.

Through scientific methods we can find the "truth" about the part of reality which can be detected with our five senses; seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and feeling. It must be concrete and meassurable to be verified scientifically. Some people are content with this worldview, and live only physical lives. But the physical realm is only a peace of the puzzle. These people are fooling themselves.

The second way goes through faith. Through faith we can find out about the part of reality which is beyond scientific methods to discover, - the spiritual realm. Since God, satan, heaven and hell, are spiritual terms, and not part of our physical world, then we can forget about scentific methods in our quest to find the truth. There´s only one way to go; through faith. So, Bob, I will answer your question with another question: How would I know that christianity is untrue, and what could ever convince me? Science or faith? Sertainly not science, because science has no autohrity in these matter. So it must be faith then, and faith is something that is totally personal, and can be obtained only personally. No one can question your faith, because only you experience it as real.

So, in other words, your question is impossible to answer, because christianity, as well as other faiths, cannot be judged as untrue or false. What we choose to believe is up to each one of us, and no one can take it away from us. No science, no theories, no methods, no techniques, no jury, no judge,...only you and God. You have to settle your case with Him alone,....all by yourself.

Good luck, and may God bless you, Bob!


You're so dumb for thinking that truth can come from faith.
I have faith that you can fly. Stand on a very high ledge and fall forward.
Witness first hand how useless faith is when seeking truth.

Does that translate to Norwegian?


My favorite part about this letter is he sees faith and science as equals. One for the real world and one for the spiritual realm. It's the Peter Pan logic, if you believe, then it will become true!

This is my favorite explanation to why my question is impossible.

I = Impossible


50% Yes, but God is real, FOOL!
15% No! This isn't about truth!
14% Impossible! The question can't exist!
21% Avoids the question at all cost.



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