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You may or may not already know about normalbobsmith.ORG and .NET (they are twin sites), but if you don't, you should.

The host of these sites goes by the email address- Flames@normalbobsmith.net, so I will be referring to this person as Flames. Clear enough, right?
Upon entering the site you'll notice a picture of me pleading for your prayers, declaring to be lost. These are not my words! The word balloon has been doctored and made to look like something I actually said, but I assure you that I did not (even though it clearly looks like I am saying them). I guarantee you Flames is the one who altered this picture somehow!

On this first page of lies you'll also notice that Flames claims that God is not bothered by my "childish temper tantrums," but we all know perfectly well that this is just reverse psychology attempting to get me to believe that my shots fired are missing their target. I see right through this tactic, and I assure you that God HATES what I'm doing and we got Him on the run! FOOLl!

If I were God this is the exact same tactic I'd use. I'd tell one of my loyal followers (telepathically) and tell them to make contact with the host of the site and inform him that I (God) am not mocked and that I (God) am not affected by the name calling (even though it was killing me inside).

So anyhow, I went to the NEWS section of the site to read some of the latest news on me and my present status with Flames' God. Unfortunately you'll see that the last important news item is back at the launch date almost a year ago, and it basically says that he couldn't shut me down so instead, now he believes I'm promoting God by stirring up controversy, kinda like how when there's a horrible review of a movie people race out see it. Kinda like that.

From here I went onto the FAQ section thinking how much I'd love to see all the questions people are asking about me, and the answers Flames has for them! But, alas, this is not what the section is about. Basically the page explains how there's no pictures of Jesus or Satan, somehow trying to use this argument for why the same excuse doesn't work for the Mohammed Dress Up page I never built. This is a very good point, and his idea of taking a pig and putting the word "Mohammed" above it sounds like a brilliant idea. I'm sure Urban Outfitters would snatch up such a toy in an instant. Flames is a wonderful debater. Great argument Flames. How will I keep up with you?

He really gets me good with all of the inaccuracies he points out in my illustration of Jesus. The blue text at the bottom of the FAQ page gives many details about how Jesus really looked and what He really wore. I totally missed all these things! Looking back, I don't even understand how anyone recognized anything I've drawn. Your time wasn't wasted making this point, Flames. You're scoring big with Jesus. I can feel it!

Finally, I end up on the Theology section where Flames dissects me, and reveals to the world my true self. And as it turns out, the reason I don't believe is because of all the awful "Christians" that drove me into thinking religion sucks. Of course we all know that this is NOT the reason, and the real reason I became an atheist is because I had an aunt who choked to death on a crucifix.

Also on this page Flames claims that Christians cannot pray for Satan's salvation and he gives us all a detailed explanation as to why this idea of mine is so foolish and why I am a fool for saying such prayers. To you Flames I say, "Do you not believe in miracles? Because I do!"

And this concludes the site created to discredit me.
Have I been debunked? Perhaps.
Or maybe, just maybe, these pages against me only make me bigger, because, as we all know, "Nothing draws a crowd like a heckler."

Overall, I rate this site a D+. Many of the major issues on Normal Bob's site were addressed, but it seems that the energy was misdirected. The author appears to be unable to understand that Normal Bob is being sarcastic, and issues the author takes so seriously are in fact nothing more than a joke to Normal Bob. In turn, the author seems to have fallen into the very trap he was attempting to disarm.

My young daughter was looking through a search list and found this site.  Hoping for something that she could share with her friends...

I am ashamed for you Bob.  The clothing that you have created for this "Jesus" dressup is an abomination. 
My young daughter was looking through a search list and found this site.  Hoping for something that she could share with her friends and even she discerned the inappropriatness of your site.
I will put this at the top of my prayer list.  I truly pray that God will convict your spirit for this disrespect.  You have the opportunity and power to reach millions of people with the truth of Jesus sacrifice.  Please reconsider the impact that you are currently having on mankind.

M. Plumley

Dear Mrs. Plumley,
Upon finishing your letter I felt an enormous pride swell inside me at the suggestion that I am currently having an impact on mankind. Although I think that most people are still simple minded enough to continue believing in rainbow promises and red devils, I couldn't help but have some sense of accomplishment following your words.

Now, as for your daughter, if you don't want her to come across new ideas and different opinions (or hard core mustard porn for that matter) you should really keep her away from the internet. It is full of people with different beliefs, many of which do not believe that Jesus was God. I know that this might be quite shocking to hear but not even your telepathic thoughts to your God will change this.

It also amuses me that you'd think telling me I'm having an impact on millions of people would discourage me, as if I don't agree with what I'm doing, and having an impact on people is something I want to avoid. Mrs, Plumley, hold onto your bra straps, I'm hoping to have an impact on people! I would love it if I somehow had something to do with a person (or persons) stopping worshipping the voice in their brain they call God, and instead direct that energy to other people (family, friends, the needy, yadda yadda yadda), and the truth! Wasting it all on storybook characters is a far greater abomination than my delinquent little dress up page.

In conclusion, your God exists only in the confines of your imagination which does not grant him enough authority to censer me and my web site, so stick an egg in it.



I'm sure you've heard this before, but I mean it....repent for your sins

Hi Bob...I just wanted to tell ya, I'm sure you've heard this before, but I mean it....repent for your sins before it's too late

Raechel Isales

No I've never heard that before!
You're the first! Honest!
How does one go about this "repenting of ones sins"?
Please give the name of who I should bow down to and worship.
I will do it immediately without question or scrutiny.



I decided to look on the internet for any useful study material on Jesus... top of the list for matches was your disturbing idea of a website.

In my break at work, I decided to look on the internet for any useful study material on Jesus, or the Alpha course, so searched for "Jesus" and top of the list for matches was your disturbing idea of a website.
I'm really sorry that the only way you can spend your time, as what you must think is constructive, is to blaspheme and provide a moments apparent relief from the monotony for people that stumble across it.
Remember, Jesus died for you. He was nailed to a cross because of all the things that we have done wrong, so we could be reconciled to God.
You obviously have great artistic ability and an apptitude for web design, but please find a better channel for your skills, as one day you will have to answer before God what you have done and why.
Jesus loves you

Wow! I'm at the top of the search list now! I am so stoked on that shit! It's been four years now I can't believe how my popularity only seems to be growing! Top of the list! :)

I have to admit, it still baffles me how many adults there are who still believe in ghosts, demons and supreme beings. I guess that's what happens when it's all drilled into the head at a young age, but you'd think more people would have sense enough to lay all their superstitions on the table, admit to them and pursue a truth more complex than "God made it that way."

But apparently we've still got a lot more heads to fill with common sense and logic. I'm very proud to be somewhere on that list of people trying to do so.



I bet you don't go to church

This website is desturbing it is NOT funny, & I bet you don't go to church & I bet that your NOT saved,WELL,I BET YOUR NOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARE YOU?


What?!?! How dare you assume such things! Of all the.... horrible! How can you think such awful thoughts about me?!?!? NOT go to church?!? What?? Do you think I'm, crazy?!?! Of course I go to church!! And I am most absolutely saved!!! I want to go to heaven! Uh duh! Who doesn't want to go to heaven?!?!? What are you thinking, that I want to go to hell?!? Who wants that? Maybe a moron, that's who! Ha ha ha ha!! Yeah, um, Becky, I'm saved. What a dumb question. God, I can't believe you asked me such dumb questions.



r u a jew?

Subject: grrrrrrrrr!!!!!!

I don’t like that u makin fun of jesus, if it werent for him and god u wouldn’t be here right now, so I think u need to get rid of this game. what r u a jew? us catholics think this is offensive, fuck u asshole jesus don’t deserve this kind of stuff. go to hell

David S. Hardiman

Fuck all you Catholics! All us Jews think you Catholics are fags and you want to sleep with Jesus like homos do! God loves us most, not your NAMBLA priests!



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