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Hate mail regarding other parts of my site! Sort of.
Complaint letters that all somehow have something else to do with my site other than just Jesus Dress Up.
Their letters are in yellow, whilst mine are in black & white.

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have you ever heard about faith? it can not be explained. we just can feel. you don´t need to bow down to Jesus, you just have to follow his steps for been saved.

Jesus doesn't want a slave, he wants people that real love him and the others. if you tell me the religion is shit, I agree with you. religion was born from men's mind. and men's mind is bullshit. but Jesus is not religion, he is the truth. everything that a priest says, will only be true if it's wrotten in the Bible. you can ask me: "but how can you be sure the bible is true?". so I answer to you: "just faith". one thing I tell you: as religion, philosofy and cience, are from men's mind too. but the faith lives in your heart. if you give a chance to the faith born from your heart, you won't regret. because the faith none shows you, but you can feel by yourselve.

Dude, I wonder that you live the same love that I'm living. I would like to challenge you: let's talk about these things. so you'll have two options: 1) descover your faith - or - 2) descover how to put down even more the christians arguments. so you won't lose anything. please write to me by e-mail. let's talk friendly. and nobody will know about our e-mails. it-s our secret. see you soon dude!

Murilo Jorge


Wow, this is quite an opportunity you're offering up here, Murilo. To be my friendly, secret email friend? Just you and me writing back and forth about the faith that lives in my heart, and how philosofy and cience are only in men's minds? I'd be a fool to pass on this offer.

But Murilo, I have a question, and it's important, because in the past I have fallen for liars who have also claimed to have the truth. They claimed that if I just had faith in THEIR god that I'd go to paradise too. And they claimed that I'd know they had the real God because I'd feel it in my heart. Now, you're not gonna believe this, but every single time I accepted one of these fake gods into my heart to save me I felt an overwhelming swell of joy and relief in my heart! I had the faith, and the love and the belief and everything, then it turned out that the God wasn't the real one. Then I noticed that everyone in every belief feels it in their heart and believes with 100% faith. So, it kinda struck me, "Hey, people's feelings can be completely unreliable when it comes to finding what's true!"
It was quite a revelation.

So, Murilo, I assure you that I want to worship your god, and I want to go to heaven and feel all that love all the time, but I need to know what you're basing everything on. I just don't want to make the same mistake a 5th time. It wastes all of our time, and I always feel like such a sucker afterwards. I'm sure you know what I mean.

But I can't tell you how happy I am that you contacted me. I've been wanting to find the right god for awhile now. It's something I really need to get worked out before I die. And I'm talking about the god that made the universe and me and everything. *Sigh* I'm sure you can see the predicament I'm in. Hopefully you can help me out, but remember, these emails are our little secret. Nobody needs to know about these.
See ya new buddy! >[:)] < Robot head!



Since there's no god to bless you, then I'd like to bless you, Bob, for creating the Hollywood version of Jesus Dress Up.  Putting Jesus in the Mr. Peanut costume was surreal, and seeing Big Bird crucified... oh, how something so wrong...could feel so right.  The Charlie Brown shirt was somehow wonderfully redundant.
all the best,
ps - I also enjoyed hearing about your trip to the Hayden planetarium.   If you were'nt familiar with her, I think you might enjoy reading about Koko -- something else wonderfully, scientifically, humanistically fascinating.  She represents the hopes of the "normal" half this country (the promise of global, inter- and intra-species understanding).... and the fears of the other half (an ape is just like humans?! that seems like a threat to my narrow world-view! DON'T fund THAT, whatever you do!!!!!)
(She IS just like humans, but with a lot fewer hang-ups). 

You need to find Jesus!

I think it is very wrong that you made a site that humiliates Jesus.  You need to find Jesus!


You're absolutely right, Holly. Here you go...

Sorry we were so friendly to you, It won't happen again

Subject: Citylight Church

I'm a bit insulted in your address to Citylight Church.

We let you in our home, treated you with nothing but respect, we never said anything derogatory to you as you claim all christians have done, we carried on conversations with you, and accepted you as you are, and not once did we say the nasty things we were 'supposed' to say, simply because we believe that all that 'typical' chriatian behavior is wrong.

Your insults regarding your second visit to Citylight church, are swayed simply by your hatred of God and christians.

I don"t believe in your 'non-belief' of God, although I believe that God has allowed you to believe whatever you want and I accept you for that and have said nothing about it - accepted you for who you are.
Whether I roll on the floor, speak in tongues, or just stand at church as a believer, or curious observer are rights I have as you have yours.

Sorry we were so friendly to you, It won't happen again


Whoa whoa whoa! I never said you don't have the right to roll around and crazy-talk. Hell, everything I stand for and work towards is about your right to behave and believe what you want and think is true. It's just as I have the right to disagree of it whether you're friendly or not.

You creeped me out. You guys really creeped me out, and that's what I wrote about. I didn't lie, or fabricate, or exaggerate anything. It all went down as I said it did and I'm not about to pretend that I approved, or regard it as any kind of healthy behavior.

The place was a madhouse, Darryn! Children were there watching their parent(s) convulsing on the floor! Men were using the whole thing as an excuse to touch and pick up on teenage girls! The Prophet you PAID to be there was telling people he'd eliminate all their troubles if they believed hard enough, while his wife pretended to be psychic! I think any reasonable person would back me up on my right to criticize.

I asked my friend to read your email so he could give me his opinion if you really think I believe in God, or if you're just saying that because you think it'll irritate me. He thinks it's a little of both. I really don't believe in God at all AND I don't hate Christians. I really don't! I like Amy and I look forward to hanging out with her again. What's amusing to me is that you can't see your own behavior as a more reasonable explanation for why I wrote what I did. I decide whether or not I like someone by the way they behave, not their beliefs. That's why your behavior in public places matters so much. It's got nothing to do with what your rights are, everything to do with being respected, or not.

And I'm sorry to say, Darryn, that I have zero respect for what I saw Friday evening. And it takes more than "friendly" to earn my respect.

That's just how the world works, and for some reason you haven't figured that out yet.


I will pray for you. In His name, at elizhigdon@aol.com

Subject: Letters to Scott Morris

I just wanted to clarify some of your comments concerning what you said about what Jesus should be afraid of.

1. When Jesus overturned the money tables and the animal cages being sold in the courtyard, it was at the Temple not a church. After all it was His house. If you would like further explaination on why Jesus was so angry, e-mail me and I would be happy to explain it for you.

2. Jesus was crucified for our sins, not His. He had no sin. He was the only sacrifice that God would accept because He was perfect.

3. Jesus didn't betray Judas with a kiss. It was the other way around. Judas identified Jesus in the garden by kissing His cheek so the Roman Guards would know who He was.

 I hope you will see that THESE are the facts. I don't agree with the live and let live attitude. I as a Christian was commissioned to go unto all the ends of the Earth to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ. So that is what I will do. Remember that there is hope for you and I will pray for you. In His name, Danny Higdon at elizhigdon@aol.com.

PS. When the conviction from the Holy Spirit becomes too much for you to resist, e-mail me and I will lead you in the sinners prayer. I'll also give you scripture reference for anything I have written to clarify you on. 

No, that stuff doesn't sound right to me. I'm pretty well versed on the Bible so I think I know what I'm talkin' about. Why would they crucify Jesus for everyone else's sins?!?! That doesn't make any sense! What do the Romans gain by doing that?!?

And I'm sorry, but NO MATTER WHAT no one is allowed to vandalize a church! I'm sorry, that's just how I feel! And NOTHING you say can make me change my mind on that! Destroying churches is WRONG!!!!!!!

And I have a question for you, Danny. If Judas betrayed Jesus then why would Jesus hire him to be a disciple? That doesn't make any sense to me. Does it to you? I don't think so. Sorry. Sell that to your sucker friends, because I ain't buyin' it. I'm fully aware that the word gullible has NOT been taken out of the dictionary, so don't even try that one on me. I wasn't born yesterday, like your mama!


Jesus CHOSE His apostles and not hire them...

Dear Bob,
  I'm afraid you may want to break out your copy of the Holy Scriptures and re-read them because you may not be as well versed as you think.

  1.The Romans crucified Jesus because they were part of God's plan for salvation for mankind. If you look at 2 Corinthians 5:21 you will read and I quote " God made Him sin who had no sin to be sin for us, so that in Him we might become the righteousness of God.

  2. I'll tell you again but with scripture to back it up. It was not a church that Jesus,as you put it, vandalized.( He didn't vandalize anything! ) It was the Temple area. Look in Mark 11:15-19 and you will see what I mean. You will also see that it was the chief priests and the teachers of the law who were looking for a way to kill Him.

  3. Last but not least, if you turn to Luke 6:12-15, you can read how Jesus CHOSE His apostles and not hire them as you think that He did. Pay particular attention to verse 16 of this same chapter and you will see that it says that Judas became a traitor.

  Now I know this doesn't make sense to you. The Bible tells us why in 1 Corinthians 2:14, and I quote," The man without the Spirit does not accept the things that come from the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him, and he cannot understand them, because they are spiritually discerned.

  I hope that this will help you some. I will keep you in my prayers and I want you to know that God does love you and I do too. Please send any questions or any e-mails to my other e-mail address. It is dannyhigdon@bbtel.com. My trial membership on AOL is about up. I look forward to hearing what you think about what I have given you to read.

  When you are able to handle more truth, I will tell you more of the mysteries revealed to us in the Word.

Danny Higdon

Oh... my... god...
I must look like such a JERK! And this whole time I figured Jesus to be such an asshole! Somebody you'd never leave alone with your children! Oh Christ, I feel like such a douchebag! I always wondered about that shit! I always thought, "How stupid are these people worshipping a Guy who'd trash a church and betray His best friend!" Now it makes sense!

I suppose now you're gonna tell me that it wasn't Jesus who was trying to kill David and got shot down with a slingshot? Or it wasn't Jesus who was sleeping with all those prostitutes and makin' them all kiss His feet?!?

Well, you just take a wild guess who's gonna start prayin' some major apologies to Jesus this Sunday! *blush* That's right! Mr. Normal Bob "Bonehead" Smith, that's who!

Thank you Danny! You sure set me straight! And you may have just saved me from one looong stay in the Hell Fire Hotel! Yeeeeouch!! And for that I tip my hat to ya!



your sick

your sick


It's "You're sick" not "Your sick!" The way you said it makes it sound like I own a sick. You see? Doesn't make any sense. Owning a sick? You may have well just emailed me a letter saying "You own a sick!" I mean, that's what you basically said. I own a sick?!?!

I read that and was like, "My sick? What? That doesn't make any sense!" And I just about deleted your email when I started thinking, "You know what? I bet this guy is tryin' to say 'You're sick' and just isn't that smart at spelling."

So I figured maybe I could give you a hand with that so next time you wouldn't look like a wiener when you're trying to insult strangers. Oh! See that? I just used "you're" in that sentence the right way. Now you can see how what it's supposed to look like in a sentence. And ya don't gotta thank me. Just tryin' to help!



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