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"The time between hate pages seems to be getting longer and longer. Listen you lazy dickhead, get off your bony ass and start answering your hate mail! You once said you answer about half of it, well, answer the other half you dog-fucker, fuck!!!!!! can't get enough hate mail..."
Kev Spence
As requested, More Hate Mail.

Their letters are in yellow, whilst mine are in black & white.

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Email from a fan in Scotland...

Before I went to New York, I joked with my brother that I would be "chillin' in Union Square with Normal Bob Smith." I never expected it to be true... Nor, if it did happen, for it to happen for more than a few minutes.

I have been a fan of the site for quite a few years, ever since I was researching the topic of religion online. For my own interest, none-the-less. I found dressing up Jesus fun, but the arguments against and for God was the entertaining bit for me.

After reading the Amazing Strangers, I found that Bob's hang-out was Union Square. And it looked great!

So, one day during my short trip in the city, I was going to Wall Street (typical tourist, yes), and heard the subway driver announce "14th Street, Union Square". I decided to get off to see if I could meet Bob. I knew I wouldn't be able to meet him, but it seemed funny to me to act like a stalker, if only for half an hour.

I got off and instantly recognized the Foot Locker sign. I knew this was the scene of the Amazing Strangers. It was like a film set... of sorts.

It was a sunny day, so the square was buzzing and I realised what a cool place this was to hang about. I decided to walk about and start the head hunt swiftly. After two rounds of the square, there was no sighting. Slightly disappointed, I went to get some pizza.

I came out of the deli, just off Union Square, and went to finish my soda whilst sitting on the steps and observing. Maybe there would be an Amazing Stranger, and my trip to Union Square wouldn't be a waste of time?

I was watching the people walking by, when I saw someone on the right with a shaven head, about 10-15 meters away. I quickly looked away knowing that it wasn't going to be him. And then I looked again and noticed a tatoo at the back of his arms, in the correct place Bob has his.

At that point I instantly picked up my soda, jumped up and raced over to where he was. Why I was in such a hurry I dont know! I found myself standing, looking at him. I then asked "Are you Normal Bob Smith?". At which point I saw the T-Shirt he was wearing which says "bob" on it. Jackpot. "Yeah" was the reply. Followed swiftly by a cool, calm and collected "Holy shit! No way! I'm a fan, I'm on your hate-mail... eh fan-mail". "Oh really".

And so it went from there. It wasn't for a minute or two that I noticed Bob's cute friend Colyn, and was introduced to her. Thankfully, I was invited to hang out with them. Like a groupie back stage and being invited to the after-party.

Bob wasn't too different that I had imagined. Very laid back. Perhaps observing things? But surprisingly receptive towards me; a spooky, stalker-fan who he didn't know. I don't know if I honestly believed he would say something like: "Damn! Spotted again!!"

He spoke differently than I had imagined. Certainly lighter than the other americans I had encountered in the few days before and noticably without the New Yorker accent.

What was most surreal was that Bob was telling me about when he first visited NYC. I realised that I knew some of the story before. Some other stories that he told me, I also knew! I was shown the drawing he had done of Colyn and I instantly recognized it. At which point, I totally felt like a stalker. Writing this, I feel like a stalker!

The day was spent going to Colyn's flat, Bob & Colyn showing me East Village, China Town and Little Italy. We ate some ice cream and hung out at their local coffee shop. How many psycho-fans get to do this? I feel lucky to have seen some real New York and also to have spent time with two nice people (I had travelled alone).

My favourite part was when eating ice cream, we got (inevitably) onto the subject of religion. Bob told me that he TRUELY believed in God, heaven and hell when he was younger. This surprised me quite a lot.

I met up with Bob and Colyn randomly over the next few days of my trip. Bob loaded me up with some paraphernalia for the site and I went back to Scotland - where the Amazing Strangers just aren't as amazing, and where the freedom of speach laws just ain't that great!

[Bob, I totally have no idea how to end this, haha!]
But, thanks!

...if you should decide to keep it please post a comment of not meaning to insult people.

Hello sir
I just found your website in the first 10 while searching the key word "Jesus". I have but one question to ask you, have you no shame this is man who gave up his life to save your soul and mine and everyone on this world. This is a man who cast down judaism proclaimed us free from the High Priests Tyranny. I am sinserely asking you to reconsider your web page and if you should decide to keep it please post a comment of not meaning to insult people.
Thank you


Please give me your approval on this sign:


April 7, 2005 10:14:38 PM EDT
fucken asshole

you fucken asshole

rima aoun

April 7, 2005 10:14:38 PM EDT
fucken goner die

your fucken goner die

rima aoun

April 7, 2005 10:14:38 PM EDT
i will make shore youdie bitc

delete the site your goning to die (i will make shore youdie bitch)

rima aoun

I'd rarely do something as crazy as what I'm about to do now, but Mr./Mrs. Rima Aoun, I am calling your bluff. Come get me. Come get me now, with all of the forces of Jesus Christ at your back.

Make me wish I'd never even considered questioning the bible. Stand true to your promise and show me what all you've got. Prove to me your love for your Saviour. Gather up your balls and defend what you believe to be a crime against God.

Show the world that emailed threats are to be respected and feared, and not something which are only mocked and made fun of, like a ninja dwarf.

I apologize for not being in the least bit scared of your empty threats. Maybe perhaps you could change all that for me?



we are suppose to be a FREE country and yet you cant pray in public and it isnt ok to do or say anything with God or Jesus...

First off I would like to say that that is the worst web site I have ever seen in my life... I dont know what you were thinking or if you even was thinking but what the hell was going on in your head... I am not a religious person but when I saw that I coudlnt even do it, that was sad... Of all things to do with your time you decided to make a dress up Jesus website, and to top it all of you have him hanging from the cross.. What kind of sick minded freak are you?  Then to make matters worse you have a devils outfit to dress him in and a sign that says Hang in there?? I hope you realize what damage you can do with that webside... You put dress up in the search web  and up pops DRESS UP JESUS..

Do you realize that any kid can go to that website and do that, but yet everyone says that it is our fault that kids dont go to church and do good bc of what we teach them and you decided to be stupid and put a dress up Jesus web site... I am already mad because we are suppose to be a FREE country and yet you cant pray in public and it isnt ok to do or say anything with God or Jesus in it, but in the other hand it is perfectly ok for people like you to go and destroy everything children are taught about there religion... Well i dont have anymore time to waste on people like you, so I just hope you burn in hell where you belong...

Thank you....
Rita David

Hello Rita,
Yes, I see where you're coming from. It has been way too easy for me here, destroying everything children are taught about religion. The cherry on top was when America passed that new law you mentioned that makes it illegal for people to pray in public. I forget if they just give a ticket to people who do that or if they've actually been hauling people away to jail, but whichever it is, I'm proud to say I'm on the cusp of this new revolution!

Now that I have successfully destroyed religion, and praying in public is a crime I'm not sure what to do next. I'm still trying to figure out a way to enslave people who believe in a higher power. Like, separate them from normal people and make them into servants without pay for the rest of us or something. Know what I mean? That seems like it'd really work out nicely for us all, right?

Oh, excuse me. I suppose you're not the right person to ask that question to. Forget what I said.
Thank you for your email.


take it off or i will get it banned

This is reall a bad site please take it off or i will get it banned

Kelli Reed

I really don't think it is possible for you to get my site banned.
Keep in mind I've had it up for almost 5 years now, and you're not the first person who's come to it that loves Christ.

take it off the internet by April 29,2005 then it will be of the 30th of april. got it?

Hide and watch if you don't take it off the internet by April 29,2005 then it will be of the 30th of april. got it?

Kelli Reed

So you're telling me that if I don't take the site down by the 29th then the 30th of April will be the next day? Hell, I could have told you that!
Hey, I got another prediction for you. If I don't take the site down by October 9th, then the next day will be October 10th!
You just watch!


Drag the "I love you" and paste it to the top of the cross.

Dear Bob,
I dragged the "I love you" to the top of the cross.  I thought it was interesting that you included that particular one because it is so appropriate, so true.  Try it yourself.  Drag the "I love you" and paste it to the top of the cross.  Then read it.  It's true.  He loves you, Bob, so very much.  That's why He did it.  Website and all, still, He loves you, He always will . 
You've got a whole lot of people praying for you.  I'll be one of them. 

Wow, that is a very powerful message you've sent to me. "He loves me." *goosebumps* He loves me from beyond the grave! Really no way of telling if it's true or not, and I'd really have to stretch my imagination to very extreme lengths to even consider the idea, but a special message you've sent none the less.

You (and others) may continue to pray to yourselves for me if that's all it takes to soothe that troubled place in your mind. I sort out my thoughts that way too, but I don't email the strangers telling them about it in hopes that they'll feel somehow more special that they're in my thoughts. That's weird.

Thank you anyhow,


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