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Hey Bob
Just wondering, how can you scientifically prove that the bible is incorrect? 
I am a christian, and have various reasons for being one.  not the least is that I believe Jesus to be a real person, not the made up person you think he is. 
I looked at your site, and I must admit I am impressed, using hate mail to improve your website is very clever, Im surprised that alot of the Christians that have sent hate mail to you have not realized that you are doing this.  Also, how many of these "christians" have used swear words?  Quite alot, which leads me to believe that they are not really sure of themselves and are lowering themselves to accusations to defend thier faith.  I also noticed that they didnt reply after you did.  Quite interesting.
May I ask something though...  Why did you choose Atheism as a religion?
Also, would you like some proof that God really does exist?
I hope to hear from ya!!


Hello Kaff!
Thank you for the questions regarding what I believe. Funny enough, they are some of the most common questions asked of me by Christians, and I couldn't be happier to have the opportunity to address them again! So let's have at 'em, shall we?

First of all, proving the bible wrong is a piece of cake. You know this as well as I do. For instance, dinosaurs have been scientifically proven to've walked the earth long before the bible claims the earth even existed! It's true! Okay, so I just scientifically proved the bible wrong. Now onto your next question.

Why did I choose atheism? Well, let me begin by saying I didn't choose it. It was the last thing I wanted, but I had no choice but to believe it. No choice at all. It's what I knew to be true whether I liked it or not. I wish I could choose what to believe! That'd be so much easier! Then I'd be able to ignore the dinosaur/Adam & Eve contradictions and choose eternal life in heaven, God watching over me, prayer, the works! But I have no doubt in my mind that all that B.S. is made up and believed by people who want it to be true. I had to believe atheism because it's the ugly truth.

And finally, you have proof that God really exists?!? Yes I want to hear it! I can't believe it! Finally solid proof! I can't wait! This is all I've been waiting for all my life! Proof God exists! COOL! Lay it on me Kaff! You're about to make HISTORY!


• No, Kaff never emailed me back with that "solid proof."

Jesus is waiting for you to ask Him into your life!

You can always be forgiven, it is never too late, Jesus is waiting for you to ask Him into your life! I know it sounds trite, but i realllly mean it. He is our Lord and Savior and loves all His children. I had a lot to ask forgiveness for - so go ahead - He will change your life.

Sincerely -
Molly .E.Hunt


what is the deal...

What is this site? what is the deal with pokin fun at the cross...


Hey Howey!
I'd be happy to hip ya to my scene! It's all about pointin' the finger at Jesus and calling Him make-believe! Yup! That's right Howey! I think that the whole Jesus/Bible myth is just that! A big giant made up story!

Howey say "Whaaa!?!?!"


Every minute your site is up there, he gets more pissed off.

Subject: Somebody's Going to Hell for This One

concerning your web page at


if you won't believe Jesus loves you, he will torture you for eternity! Every minute your site is up there, he gets more pissed off.




I am so desquested at your profanity to my father!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is an evil thing to do to a person that has saved your life and it is not funny that you want people to dress him up because he was hanging on that cross YOUR FREEDOM not for some childish game. Have you enev read the bible? I can not believe that you would even think about putting him there on that cross for weird people to dress him up. You know how would you feel if your son was crucifyed on a cross and then put on some stupid web site for people to dress him up. Did u ever think about it that way? I am so desquested at your profanity to my father!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Jeff Moore

"Hello! My name is Jeff Moore, and here's the reason I spell the word "disgusted" the way that I do. First of all I think "Q's" look great in ANY word! "Desquested!" Doesn't that word look grand? It's like the ultimate form of disgust! Blah! Hack! Puke! You know what I mean? And there's already a "U" in the word, so for me that's like an open invitation for a "Q" to be thrown in there. And the "E," well, I put that in there because of the word "Quest," obviously! Again, another grand word. Full of adventure and mystery! And all of this together is what makes up the word "Desquested!" Christ! See what I mean?!? Looks like a freakin' genius invented it! Sigh!"

Jeffery Moore


love, matt

my lord and savior died on the cross for you and i so that we may be free and through him you and i can have everlasting life. Jesus loves you !


please close this site.

Very bad taste of humor I think!

I appreciate if you can make changes to this site of our savior Jesus Christ.

If you can´t, then please close this site.


Jaakko Haukka from Finland

Christ! You people have the craziest names!



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